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  1. CMFA

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Soar high on the wings of an Angel. We all going to join you one day !
  2. CMFA

    How do you disable the red FPS line?

    I can't get mine to vanish... I used to do it, but now no matter how many times I press Shift Z nothing happens. I have not assigned any functions to Shift Z on Controls ?! Any help ? Cheers
  3. CMFA

    ACCU-Feel v2.1 migration....

    Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D is the future of MS Flight Sim. Why are these companies still "considering" updates for such software, it's a no brainer ?! All they do is leaving people pi***d off, stop giving them money, and get DL of their products on s**t torrents ! Flight Sim will always be an industry in development, people want software like NOW !!! It's hard to see a Carenado aircraft that hasn't been already optimised for P3D ! I don't need to search for any suppliers if I'm served on one place. PMDG are awesome, but at the same time they suck, I'm not a customer anymore, and I see a lot of anger in the community ! Not to mention the dude of EZdok... that v2.0 is a long way back yet. It's been years, there's a quick video on Youtube about v2.0, with a new flex wing camera effect on a glider, nice... ! A2A have awesome products, but they lack in listening to the customers and their requests, I have not bought any of their products for the last year, and have no intention to, unless they are P3D compatible, only 2 Accu-Sim ready Pipper and Cessna I think, with different software purchase options. What's wrong in making the wonderful AccuFeel P3D ready ? :-(
  4. CMFA

    My observation with V2.3

    Can't get the stupid thing to work on P3D v2.3 ! What was your process ?
  5. CMFA

    EZCA v2 news.

    Good to know Marniftarr is still behind EZdok. It would be the biggest loss on Flight Sim community if the project was abandoned. How can you improve on EZdok ? Serious ? The Program was awesome ! I have used EZdok v1.7 for years on FSX, however I have seen the future on Prepar3D. FSX is now a dying Sim. Mine is already burning in hell ! Prepar3D is still a baby, and already light years ahead of FSX, I know because I have it running with FTX OrbX Global, and REX Essentials plus Overdrive, and it takes my breath away, no frame drops, and no stutters, no CTD's I can't believe why didn't I moved Sim earlier, only one thing missing... Million dollar question: Is EZdok v2 compatible with Prepar3D v2 ???
  6. CMFA

    Hot To install/Setup EZdok Camera

    Spoke like a true believer... I too feel like sending Ezdok to hell, where FSX is already burning :-) Got to check out that Opus FSX.
  7. Hi guys ! What a nightmare... went to the toilet on a regional flight, on the Carenado Phenom 100 ( by the way it's an awesome bird to fly ), and took longer than I should, result, my controller went to sleep ( 4 minutes of inactivity ). Glad I wasn't on VATSIM ! Great I thought... How the heck am I going to land this thing without my careful assigned controller commands. I'm still learning the Garmin NAV on this bird and the keyboard was not enough. I had to abort the flight, reset FSX and restart the controller. It's easy to press any button on the controller to revive it, however all button settings are reset to FSX default when that happens, A is pause, X is God knows what, etc. Does anyone know how to sort this one ? I'm using an Xbox 360 controller with a wireless receiver on a USB port, it works good, I have a nice rumble with turbulence and landing, and also the wireless is awesome. 85% of the work load is on the keyboard and mouse. Please help.
  8. All checked OK. No idea... It does crash to desktop, therefore it's a major issue. I don't know what other tests I can run. The all system seems OK ! Thanks for the tips Jim ! :huh:
  9. ##### is going on ? It's impossible to join VATsim then. I don't want a load of stupid adds on my PC just want this Squawkbox thing ! WHERE is a clean download site/mirror ? Any one ?
  10. Same problem here ! Useless, no one knows nothing about a thing !
  11. CMFA

    FSX inGame Menu Bar Problem

    Sorry Daveo for the extra rich wording on above post ! Glad to know someone is moderating this topics. Awesome Joe. Will try that. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, Having the BAe 146-200 loaded and ready to Taxi... going to: Menu Bar - Views - Instrument Panel I have a load of panels and the Vox ATC is right down the bottom where I can't see it or click it. Is there a way to get rid of some of those panels and have Vox ATC to show up so I can click it and start the thing ?! Thank you guys. Carlos