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  1. rafaelrodriguez


    Fellows: Simply I love PMDG. 737 and 777 are my ladies. I am using PRO-ATC/X Version This is the newest one. If I fly stock P3D airplanes I can save the situation in mid flight using via PRO-ATC/X However, when I fly PMDG and try to save the situation, I don't have the option to save after I click on 5- Other requests. First I press key 1, when the PRO-ATC/X menu appears on the screen I click on 5-Other requests. Next menu appears but it has only 4 options. There is no option so save flight. Any suggestion? Thank you, Rafael Rodriguez NC
  2. rafaelrodriguez

    PMDG customer forum deserve a better forum platform

    Ladies and Gentlemen: Please before complaining about this site, realize the terrible situation that we the customers are when we need support from, for example: Asus or TP-Link. They are supposed to help, it is part of the deal. However there is no way we could contact a human being in Asus or TP-Link and if we are lucky enough to get a person then that person has no idea about anything plus he or she speaks with an ununderstandable accent from the other side of the world. That is bad and that is a Chinese reality. Rafael Rodriguez
  3. This is just an advice. Please don't kill me. Instead of purchasing from PMDG you could order directly from Boeing and let them know all your preferences. I am not sure if they accept Paypal. Rafael Rodriguez
  4. rafaelrodriguez

    Maik Korolczuk RIP

    Steve: Not everybody speaks or writes often. I am sure whoever read your post is very sad and saying prayers for the families of those victims, including the airman who put the airplane in that situation, if the media is telling the truth. Many of us are still in shock and can't express well. Sincerely and sad, Rafael Rodriguez
  5. rafaelrodriguez

    [03MAR15] PMDG 737NGX Release Timelines - This week...

    Thank you for the good news! Can't wait!
  6. rafaelrodriguez

    [03MAR15] PMDG 737NGX Release Timelines - This week...

    Captains: I am waiting for 737 but I decided to purchase 777 before she goes up in price. I have a question: I have Prepar3d 2.5 with Hotfix 2.5.12944.0 performing very well, better than 2.4 My question is: Do 777 and 737 function on Prepar3d with that Hotfix? I appreciate very much your information. Rafael Rodriguez
  7. rafaelrodriguez

    [27FEB15] Latest News/Release Planning Notes, etc

    After being analyzing SE for several days in a raw and noticing more and more "majestically screwed up", my personal opinion is, finally after making some bucks for Dovetail, SE will be dead and we will be enjoying PMDG's on Prepar3d. I know some people want to toss me from the moving train for saying this, but a reality is a reality. PMDG has spent many hours trying to please SE fans whereas the foundation of the SE building is a botched job. Rafael Rodriguez
  8. rafaelrodriguez

    Extra Activations Exceeded for PMDG 777

    Thank you for your quick answer Kyle. I understand and I will try to be a good boy. I have to put together another computer for the messy job. Probably that helps. Not every other day but sometimes I reformat. Thank you again for your hard work! Have an excellent weekend! Rafael Rodriguez
  9. rafaelrodriguez

    Extra Activations Exceeded for PMDG 777

    Hello Pankaj, I am just waiting for 737 rolls out the hangar to purchase and fly her. I am the guy who reformat the computer more than normal due to the fact that I test programs and then the computer gets too dirty. The only way is to reformat. I am thinking I am going to be in trouble if every time we install PMDG then we have to activate. I have had problem with Microsoft Windows after reformating several times with the same Serial Number. In fact the software is only on one computer but to them it looks like I am installing it on more than one. You mention the solution is on the FMC itself. Is it possible to free the license by a crazy computer boy who reformats every other day? Thank you very much, Rafael Rodriguez
  10. rafaelrodriguez

    [27FEB15] Latest News/Release Planning Notes, etc

    PMDG Captains: Take your time and don't forget to take breaks. I appreciate very much everything you are doing for us. Words are not enough but I try to express my feelings. I am not a programmer but I have done some very simple tasks. You are not doing a piece of cake but in my opinion I am sure you love what you do. If not you could not do it so perfectly. Happy Dreams! Rafael Rodriguez (finally I remember to sign my name).
  11. Oooops! You are right. Rafael Rodriguez
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen: I don't have any doubt that PMDG is the first on the list wanting the new "toys" already in the market. They put beans on their tables by selling these treasures. However they are very responsible in respect to quality control. I am sure PMDG will release our beloved airplanes when they are sure they are not selling lemons. We all are checking the website every minute but... Let's PMDG do the job. They do things well! Rafael
  13. rafaelrodriguez

    PMDG777X P3DV2.5 video

    Spectacular! Would you please mention your addons? Thank You!
  14. rafaelrodriguez

    [07FEB15] PMDG 777-200LR/F & 300ER for P3D Released!

    Thank you very very very much Kyle. I scratch my head every minute thinking how you have created such a spectacular series of airplanes. I am a veteran of Eastern Airlines. The newest bird I enjoyed those days is 757. These 737s of yours are real airplanes. You are unique! Thank you for keeping me flying almost for free! Rafael
  15. rafaelrodriguez

    [07FEB15] PMDG 777-200LR/F & 300ER for P3D Released!

    Would you please help me to get rid of my doubts? I am ready to purchase PMDG 777 for Prepar3d. In my opinion Lockheed is working much better than Dovetail. 1. Is SP1 included in the installer? 2. Is PMDG going to continue with the traditional download site for updates or Operation Center will be the system for this? I ask because I will be using the simulator sometimes for long weeks without any internet connection. Using the traditional way it is possible to download the updates and save in a memory to bring where the simulator is. Thank you in advance for any information. Rafael Rodriguez