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  1. srce

    GSX: Open Door 2

    Have you run a GSX update recently? I was having that problem before, but support for the -8 should now be included in GSX
  2. srce

    GSX v2 and 748i

    Settings > Timings > Passengers Density slider? Set to Insane.
  3. srce

    GSX v2 and 748i

    Will probably need to wait for an official update:,19003.0.html
  4. It seems the wingspan of the -8 is a bit bigger than the -400, and so is a category F plane rather than E, which seems to limit the stands that can be used. It the stand is too small, GSX will not give you ground services. Gates listed as HEAVY in the starting location dropdown in P3D aren't always big enough. Navigraph parking charts don't list the aircraft supported, as far as I can see. (Although there are special taxi charts for cat F aircraft). So how can you find suitable stand numbers? (I've just googled for stands the a380 uses which seem to work ok for GSK - KSFO: G101 EGKK: 110)
  5. Ahh, I didn't realise you had to zoom in - I was expecting a different display mode. Makes sense though, thanks. 😀
  6. I don't think it's a GSX bug - just the wing span is bigger. Found a sport where a380's usually go and that is fine. One GSX issue seems to be that it says "Open Exit 2", even though all doors are open and then the baggage doesn't seem to load. How to I display the airport map? The Introduction PDF says see the EFB, but I can't find it in there.
  7. Tricky to find a gate big enough for this as far as GSX is concerned!
  8. Performance looks good 🙂 The -8 documentation (FCOM & QRH) doesn't appear in the operations center for me - but it is in the flight manuals folder
  9. srce

    HT on P3d v4.3

    6 would only use 2 cores. For 3 cores with HT disabled, you'd want 14 or 7.
  10. Aerosoft Split X to be updated to work with v4. Biggin Hill
  11. srce

    4.2 And GSX

    Works for me.
  12. srce

    Flying over London

    Switch to Prepar3d v4.
  13. I have Navigraph installed as well as the updates and Aerosoft Frankfurt. When trying to do an ILS to 26R, the frequency on FSLabs A320 ND matches Navigraph's charts, but the centre line appears to be somewhere else other than 26R. Any idea which bit is wrong (including me)?
  14. srce

    Blurries and more BLURRRRRIES

    If you have HT disabled, then the affinitymasks you mentioned don't make sense, as they are for when HT is enabled. If you have HT off, don't set it (or set it to 15, which is the same result). If it's on, try 253 or 244. 15 = 1111 253 = 1111 1101 244 = 1111 0100 You need 1 bit per CPU. 1 = use that CPU, 0 = don't use it. The '01' part of the above should prevent hyperthreading conflicts for the main thread. The '00' is to reserve Core 0 for non-P3D programs.