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  1. Good evening ! I installed the preset in PTA as it´s described in the readme but is it possible to disable the "dynamic bloom" or how it is named ? I mean this effect here: If I move the view up in the sky or down to the water the bloom/lighting goes up and glares to much.
  2. Good Day ! After reading nearly the full thread am I right that ReShade doesn't work with P3D V. 3.3.5 ? Always having these black clouds and ReShade just looks better than PTA.
  3. Good evening ! Just a small question about the paintkit. Is it able that the two winglets can be painted different from each other ? I don´t talk about the big base part of the winglet, I mean the curve on the lower side. Actually I´m painting Air Berlin/TUIfly´s 'D-ABMU' which has the red Air Berlin winglet on the right and the yellow TUI winglet on the left side. The lower side can be painted in the "pmdg_737NGX_fuselage_3" texture but is only available one time. Actually it looks so: I think you all know what I´m talking about Help would be nice
  4. 192handycap

    Next Aircraft?

    Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: QualityWings Aircraft: 787 Collection (when released) Comment: To complete the dream while flying the Dreamliner ------------------------------------------- Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: PMDG Aircraft: 747 v2 Comment: All in all, you need this effects to enjoy this bird completely. ------------------------------------------ Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: Carenado | A2A Simulations Aircraft: SR22 / PA34 Seneca V / PC12 | C172 Comment: Would like to see some effects on VFR Birds
  5. Just saw some "737 Immersion" in vids about FlyTampa's Toronto Will be awesome !!
  6. 192handycap

    like a kaleidescope

    Could you post a picture which shows the problem ?
  7. 192handycap

    Effects not showing on Ai aircraft?

    No, it should be installed on every AI plane. Did you installed your AI Traffic after PrecipitFX ? About what effects do we talk here ? I actually see only the brake smoke on my AI.
  8. 192handycap

    Strange effects

    Great to hear that ! Now you can lean back and enjoy PrecipitFX ! Nice flights !
  9. 192handycap

    Strange effects

    Then stay with HDR turned off HDR is this 'ENB' effect in P3D right ?
  10. 192handycap

    Strange effects

    Is it the whole time when it rains ? Which other Add-On's you use ?
  11. 192handycap


    You use the NVidia Inspector ? If yes, what is your Antialiasing-Setting ? Months ago I had 8xSQ and it caused a big FPS-hit when was above dense clouds from 30 to 5 FPS. Now i´m on 8xS and it runs well. Wing condensation should also not affect the FPS. I meant the spray behind the plane if you give full thrust on takeoff.
  12. 192handycap


    Is the FPS-impact only noticeable when an effect runs or about the whole flight ? Actually i have a FPS-drop when the spray-effect runs on takeoff. All others are running fine.
  13. 192handycap

    Raindrops from fuselage

    You have to zoom in. The drops which fall from the fuselage are even smaller than the raindrops from PrecipitFX. I actually found them on the inner wing.
  14. 192handycap

    Strange effects

    Did you try to reinstall PrecipitFX ?