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  1. Good evening ! I installed the preset in PTA as it´s described in the readme but is it possible to disable the "dynamic bloom" or how it is named ? I mean this effect here: If I move the view up in the sky or down to the water the bloom/lighting goes up and glares to much.
  2. Good Day ! After reading nearly the full thread am I right that ReShade doesn't work with P3D V. 3.3.5 ? Always having these black clouds and ReShade just looks better than PTA.
  3. Good evening ! Just a small question about the paintkit. Is it able that the two winglets can be painted different from each other ? I don´t talk about the big base part of the winglet, I mean the curve on the lower side. Actually I´m painting Air Berlin/TUIfly´s 'D-ABMU' which has the red Air Berlin winglet on the right and the yellow TUI winglet on the left side. The lower side can be painted in the "pmdg_737NGX_fuselage_3" texture but is only available one time. Actually it looks so: I think you all know what I´m talking about Help would be nice
  4. Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: QualityWings Aircraft: 787 Collection (when released) Comment: To complete the dream while flying the Dreamliner ------------------------------------------- Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: PMDG Aircraft: 747 v2 Comment: All in all, you need this effects to enjoy this bird completely. ------------------------------------------ Platform: FSX/P3D Developer: Carenado | A2A Simulations Aircraft: SR22 / PA34 Seneca V / PC12 | C172 Comment: Would like to see some effects on VFR Birds
  5. Just saw some "737 Immersion" in vids about FlyTampa's Toronto Will be awesome !!
  6. Could you post a picture which shows the problem ?
  7. No, it should be installed on every AI plane. Did you installed your AI Traffic after PrecipitFX ? About what effects do we talk here ? I actually see only the brake smoke on my AI.
  8. Great to hear that ! Now you can lean back and enjoy PrecipitFX ! Nice flights !
  9. Then stay with HDR turned off HDR is this 'ENB' effect in P3D right ?
  10. Is it the whole time when it rains ? Which other Add-On's you use ?
  11. You use the NVidia Inspector ? If yes, what is your Antialiasing-Setting ? Months ago I had 8xSQ and it caused a big FPS-hit when was above dense clouds from 30 to 5 FPS. Now i´m on 8xS and it runs well. Wing condensation should also not affect the FPS. I meant the spray behind the plane if you give full thrust on takeoff.
  12. Is the FPS-impact only noticeable when an effect runs or about the whole flight ? Actually i have a FPS-drop when the spray-effect runs on takeoff. All others are running fine.
  13. You have to zoom in. The drops which fall from the fuselage are even smaller than the raindrops from PrecipitFX. I actually found them on the inner wing.
  14. Did you try to reinstall PrecipitFX ?
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