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  1. Actually your answer is on the p3d website. And no need for the sarcasm. But since you asked. You need to pay separately for each license
  2. I think you need to read this post:
  3. A lot of fixes too. Taxi routes to the runway, for instance, has now been fixed, which was one of my on going issues.
  4. Oh Ladbound, it was not me that could not access the videos, I was just commenting about the lack of support for that OP and the fact that Ben has gone very quiet. This not the first time this has happened. I do hope he is ok and nothing untoward has happened as I do like his products and the way they are presented.
  5. Yes Kevin, That maybe true, however there have been a few posts here asking for support, one asking why they can't see the video's after buying the product. It has been 2 months since there has been any posts from Ben. I do know that he was recalled back to work in Saudi Arabia, but an acknowledgement of some kind would be great. I do appreciate that work and real world issues can get in the way of peoples passion sometimes, but still these are paid for products and the lack of support makes people nervous about buying their products. Brian
  6. except he's disappeared without completing A320 cadet training program. I wanted to buy some other stuff, but if the support is lacking i won't buy.
  7. HI Ben, I am enjoying the 320 cadet training, and was looking forward to the remaining episodes. I understand that your not happy with the quality, this shows that you are committed to quality of your work. Thank you. Is it possible that you could, in the mean time release the checklist you use and the settings (weather, time of day, weights) that you use that way users could follow and experience what you did in the videos? I did read somewhere on this forum that you were planning to do just that. Could you not release those items now while we wait for the final episodes to be released? Keep up the good work Brian
  8. I have installed several of the carenado planes to P3D V5 HF2 and the landing lights/taxi lights on any of the aircraft are not illuminating the ground. Is there an update or a user fix for this issue? Thanks Brian
  9. HI J, I just wanted to let you know that I have now fixed the issue. I read in another post about the same error, albeit for p3d V4, that it was possibly the visual c++ runtime distributables, So I installed all C++ resdists. Not sure which one fixed the issue, but installed 2010, 2012, and 2013 86x & 64 versions. Already had the 2015 - 2019 redists. As the was a new installation of the OS and P3dV5 the c++ files where never installed, which is why I never hjad the issue with P3d V4. Anyway, I am babbling (as an old man does). Hopefully, this will help any potential new users if they have the same issue. Thanks for your help Brian
  10. I have now sent a zipped log dropbox link on the main vox website, as per instructions Can't see anywhere to upload the err.log file on here. Tried your suggestions, repair, uninstall and re-install, still no text in the recent comms window. Thanks for your help so far
  11. Not correct, The Main ATC window is fine, all text displaying, sounds ok. Its the other window - Recent comms, (text windows showing what the atc have just said), that is the issue. Its just a plain white box. Going to try your suggestions, then send link to the logs, thanks
  12. HI, Just installed the updated Vox atc for p3dv5, however the recent comms message box is not working. The gauge is there in the menu, but when you activate it, it is just a white box, no text ever appears in the box. I tried unlocking it from the main screen and dragging it to my other monitor, but still no go, plain white box. Any suggestions on how to fix, or what I may not have done correctly. Do you need logs? if so which ones? Thanks for updating program to P3dV5. 🙂 Brian
  13. Simbol, Thank you for the full explanation. Much appreciated. I wish more devs were as thorough as you. Regards Brian
  14. Dear Simbol, I have been having an issue with the landing lights and nav lights of the default and 3rd party aircraft that seems to be related to the option "use FSrebord landing lights instead of P3D defaults". I am using the latest version of your software V1.20.5 and P3D V5 HF2. Now I am not sure if it is a Prepa3d issue or AILRP. So this is what happens, When I use the fsreborn landing lights option, the landing lights and nav lights of 3rd party aircraft become very dim and do not luminate the ground or very slightly luminate, when I use a default aircraft, such as the F35A lighting II the landing lights become a spotlight and luminate the ground but just in one place and nav lights become very dim . When I do not use the "use fsreborn landing lights" option the lights on the aircraft become normal both on default and 3rd party. Could you check if this is a Prepar3d issue or your program? I thought your program was only supposed to adjust AI not normal planes. If you need to see screenshots, please let me know. Thanks Brian
  15. Make sure the following folders are shared: Prepar3dV4 or V5, Prepar3dV4 files or V5 (this folder is your my documents folder). Also make sure when you share the folders you enable access for everyone. I take it you know how to share folders? if not I can send a file showing how to do it.
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