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  1. No, the developer actually wrote that the CP pro version would be updated for the life of P3D V6.0 - V6.999 only, so only the lifetime of P3D V6. If/when there is a version 7 of P3D you will have to have a new licence for CP. As others have said, the camera api has not changed, all that has happened is old coding for FSX and P3D V1-5 have been removed and recompiled for compatibility for P3d V6 and then renamed Chaseplane Pro. Having said that the Pro part is probably for the commercial market, but even they can buy it with the discount.
  2. @CO2Neutral. Ok lets look at that again. Quote from //42 website: "BUT YOU SAID YOU WOULDN'T DO V6..." More specifically, we said, "There are no plans to develop for P3D v6." So what part of this is a 'misrepresentation and false news'?
  3. I'd like to see a changelog to see what has changed/been fixed/options added. From what I have seen so far, there are no added extras, even the screen looks the same as the v6 version. so it must only be compatibility fixes to make it work in V6, just as they did for V5.4 when that was released. Also this version will not be made compatible with future versions, new full price will be required.
  4. Hold on, they said (//42) they would not be supporting P3D V6. All of a sudden, in a matter of days they bring out CP Pro. So either they have been working on this for sometime or they have just made the previous version compatible with V6. So how much has the new version changed to warrant a full price? I can not believe they have changed that much coding to warrant this, especially as Lockheed Martin have always maintained backward compatability. I was always prepared to pay an upgrade fee (for any product) if the coding needed that much changing and work, but full price....... I am not sure it has. Next will be PMDG, FSLabs and others. I know I as well as others want the devs to come back and support V6, but I think we are being taken for a ride here.......
  5. Hi, One other note to add, the aerosoft busses, although ok, are not being supported or updated anymore, whereas the fsl busses are still being supported. I have both and only fly the FSL a320x & SL versions now. Youtube is great if you want to see reviews of both.
  6. HI, The aurasim app is not active anymore, and as ladbound has already said it also looks like airline2sim is also 'no more'.
  7. Hey 13ifs40, Not a problem, When and if you are ready and you still are unable to get activesky working then let me know and I will try and help with a teamviewer session. 2 foot of snow, we are lucky to get 2mm of snow here, although I am in London, UK so very rare these days. Enjoy your week. Brian
  8. I think your issue is with activesky, as you say you updated to the beta version, which should also be compatible with V5.1 HF1, screwed it up then uninstalled, now have all these issues. It could be an issue with your activation details, it could be a number of things. I could tomorrow maybe do a team viewer session tomorrow, I am in the Uk and it is now 11:30pm here. Uninstall asp3d, do your uninstall of p3d and re-install as per my earlier instructions (make sure you back up all your p3d folders) Check on the activesky forum as there maybe someone else who has had the same issue in the past, which may give you a sollution. Cheers Brian
  9. Sorry, I am trying to help, but I don't have the time tonight to do a teamviewer session. If my instructions that I gave earlier do not work I may be able to do a teamviewer session with him tomorrow. Cheers Brian
  10. Ray, did you read my posts. that was exactly what I suggested - backup the folders first. Brian
  11. hi Ray, I did not suggest he goes into the registry. I think he did not install p3d as admin, and this is where the problem may lay. Brian
  12. ok, when you go into p3d can you check that your 3rd party airports are above all the standard default scenery. It sounds like there all mixed up. There is a great program called lorby's p3daddonorganiser. it free you will be able to check and move scenery up or down the scenery list Downloads - Lorby-SI heres the link to the website. Brian
  13. forgot to mention, temporarily disable your antivirus
  14. well it won't make it worse. Did you also restart the pc after the install? Brian
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