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  1. Hey 13ifs40, Not a problem, When and if you are ready and you still are unable to get activesky working then let me know and I will try and help with a teamviewer session. 2 foot of snow, we are lucky to get 2mm of snow here, although I am in London, UK so very rare these days. Enjoy your week. Brian
  2. I think your issue is with activesky, as you say you updated to the beta version, which should also be compatible with V5.1 HF1, screwed it up then uninstalled, now have all these issues. It could be an issue with your activation details, it could be a number of things. I could tomorrow maybe do a team viewer session tomorrow, I am in the Uk and it is now 11:30pm here. Uninstall asp3d, do your uninstall of p3d and re-install as per my earlier instructions (make sure you back up all your p3d folders) Check on the activesky forum as there maybe someone else who has had the same issue in the past, which may give you a sollution. Cheers Brian
  3. Sorry, I am trying to help, but I don't have the time tonight to do a teamviewer session. If my instructions that I gave earlier do not work I may be able to do a teamviewer session with him tomorrow. Cheers Brian
  4. Ray, did you read my posts. that was exactly what I suggested - backup the folders first. Brian
  5. hi Ray, I did not suggest he goes into the registry. I think he did not install p3d as admin, and this is where the problem may lay. Brian
  6. ok, when you go into p3d can you check that your 3rd party airports are above all the standard default scenery. It sounds like there all mixed up. There is a great program called lorby's p3daddonorganiser. it free you will be able to check and move scenery up or down the scenery list Downloads - Lorby-SI heres the link to the website. Brian
  7. forgot to mention, temporarily disable your antivirus
  8. well it won't make it worse. Did you also restart the pc after the install? Brian
  9. ok, before you go looking in the registry, Can I make a suggestion. You could try repairing p3d, but run as administrator using the p3d setup program or Why not uninstall p3d and then reinstall as admin. You can do that without losing any 3rd party addon that you have, they should all remain, you can also uninstall without deactivating p3d. You can also backup the folders as a safeguard. So go windows settings, then apps (windows 10) uninstall client 1st, when asked do you want to de-activate, say no, then you can un-install content and scenery, then uninstall the main p3d file. When you re-install, make sure you right click on the setup folder and run as administrator and choose the same location you have p3d installed now. Brian
  10. it shouldn't do, but you could always backup the folders first. There are 6 folders in total scattered around the drives. Brian
  11. OK, And did you install p3d as administrator? The p3d icon on the desktop should have a little blue and yellow shield on it. Apart from that, I am at a loss, you may need to contact activesky support
  12. did you also uninstall scenery and reinstall v5.3 scenery? clear shaders folder and delete generated files? cheers Brian
  13. ? and you absolutely sure that prepar3d.exe is in the folder >>Prepar3dV5 and not inside another folder? Have you uninstalled and re-installed p3d recently? if so was on a different drive? Can you check that there is not another p3d folder anywhere else like on the C drive, which is the default location unless you tell it where to install. It sounds like windows is reporting the wrong location of p3d.
  14. ??? You need to download the setup program to your PC, dont try to run install directly from flight1 website
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