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  1. glenecho3

    KORD- United heavy / international ops

    the international terminal is "M" and the gates with start with that letter I believe.
  2. glenecho3

    Airports out of date the risk of being "that guy" I do have state that Flight Sim World features updated airports. P3D is still superior by miles at this point, but I agree that still being stuck with the 2006 FSX airport database is disappointing.
  3. glenecho3

    FSW kinda grows on you

    I'm not sure even I understand why, but the inability to start from a gate or parking is absolutely killing any possible positivity I would like to muster on FSW. And to me the flight planner is unacceptable. Makes me not even want to launch FSW and so I don't. Really wish they'd address this...I don't consider myself a very picky or stubborn simmer and I know it's Early Access, but I'm about to forget about this sim entirely if this doesn't get addressed soon.
  4. glenecho3

    [Resolved] MyTraffic Pro 6.0a crashes P3D v4

    Should just be able to set the MyTraffic scenery to Enabled=False in your scenery.cfg. That way if it doesn't help you only have to set it back to True.
  5. glenecho3

    Weather add on or p3d v4

    FSRealWX is working with P3Dv4 when set on the "Simconnect" interface mode. Working pretty well too from what I've seen so far.
  6. glenecho3

    Fed Up

    All of a sudden now we're playing dumb to VAS and OOMs. OK. You're right. FSX is perfect in every way.
  7. glenecho3

    Fed Up

    Exactly. We also have people in this forum going "who cares about 64 bit? All that does is improve VAS". Do I need to remind everyone exactly what a huge problem VAS is in FSX? Really? Now it's just this "little issue"? Stop. What frustrates me so much about the "community" is it's general crankiness and how resistant to any form of change so many are. I think a huge portion of the demographic come across like angry old men who yell at the sky, to overuse a cliche.
  8. glenecho3

    Fed Up

    I honestly believe that people on this and other flight simming boards think that developers can just put software in a magical 64 bit conversion machine and all will be well. I'm not crazy about FSW as it stands right now either...but it was $25 bucks and I've probably already gotten my money's worth out of it just to try a few new planes and see some updated airports. I do agree with popular sentiment that if it remains a closed platform it will never succeed, however.
  9. glenecho3

    VERY Bad Reviews so far on Steam

    I just saw someone in a Steam review griping that FSUIPC didn't work and neither do any addon aircraft. I had to remind him that FSUIPC didn't work when FSX came out either. Really? I should have to remind people of this? Ridiculous. If the thing fails it fails...but nobody knows anything after 3 hours in an alpha test. Amazed at the vitriol I see, particularly in the Steam reviews.
  10. I have the MSI QE72 Apache with the i7-4720HQ. It does a good job but still struggles when trying to attempt too much (all ORBX layers...traffic....big cities). But it still does a great job for a laptop.
  11. glenecho3

    Dovetail publicity lets my FSX crash

    If you don't want FSX-SE displaying the ads you can always add the following to your Windows "hosts" file: This fools your computer into thinking the address is unresolvable and you'll get a much more generic startup screen. I have no idea whether or not that tweak would effect multiplayer as I don't use it.
  12. Very possibly (side by side with the AirTrafficManagerFSX-P3D Radar) the best piece of freeware ever made for FSX. Many many thanks. I really enjoy converting my SIDS/STARS and watching the AI fly them. Very fun.... Would love to see both pieces of software incorporated for simplicity sake but knowing that will probably never happen...I have no issue running both side by side.
  13. glenecho3

    Dovetail publicity lets my FSX crash

    This. This. and This. It's going to be important for FSX-SE people to remember that as IE goes the splash screen. I did an FSX-SE install on a Vanilla Windows 7 machine a couple of weeks ago and got tons of javascript errors because the ancient version of IE didn't understand the syntax. MS is going to be getting away from IE...wonder what they'll do next. Regardless of the 'best answer' at the top of the page, while FSXinsider's site doesn't have malware, if a PC was already infected with malware or became that way it certainly could change the behavior of the start up screen. If IE has been compromised by malware...all bets are off.
  14. MS FS is a lot like Windows isn't it? They really seemed to do a good job of making every *other* version a dud. FS95 (hated). FS98 (loved). Fs2000 awful (installed it the other day for grins...still only runs at 30fps). FS2002/2004 I have a tendency to lump together and thought both were great releases (they really are nearly the same sim). Then (and here comes...please don't get UPSET for's just an opinion) FSX. Honestly...had FSX only been out 2-4 years followed by the next version I FIRMLY believe it would reside in the "Absolute Dud" category. People still struggling with the graphic engine (just like FS2000). Only the fact that FSX is what we're all basically stuck with has made it the uber-success that it is. Again IMO only...anyone who gets offended about this really needs to can still love whatever you love.
  15. The idea of building a sandbox engine to sim within is a great idea and one that much of the industry is already going towards. Sometimes I find it upsetting how afraid of change my fellow flight simmers are. I would absolutely ADORE to fly coast to coast, then jump in a truck...AND go fishing. I don't think that's silly at all. may be a goldmine waiting to happen. I also think that people are underestimating the possible financial feasibility of flight simulation and simulation in general. Might want to take a look at Steam once in a while (which is hard when you've already decided to bury your head in the sand and label Steam as "evil" without even knowing what it is). There are simulations all over the place...some poor and some great. Somebody out there is buying this stuff. Many of MS's Flight Sim released did GREAT monetarily. I still hold the minority belief that Microsoft gave up on Flight Simulation because almost nobody could actually use FSX when it came out. Computers then could barely run it and it is quite telling that years later a lot of computers today can still barely run it (in many situations...). I can only imagine how many people returned (or attempted to return) FSX when it came out. many issues MS support took on when it was released. And that leads me to my last point....whatever you do, Dovetail, either dump the FSX graphics engine entirely or fix it to be efficient. While we all think it looks oh so beautiful, it's because we haven't known anything different or better for a VERY long time. I don't buy it...I think the graphics world that an efficient flightsim could take on nowadays should not only meet FSX expectations and blow it away. It really makes me nervous to see so many other posters that want to see that awful FSX engine be continued. I think Dovetail should run SCREAMING away from it...unless it can be very quickly and easily optimized.