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  1. Wow! Like Christmas every day here! So much fun! I don’t fly much of the big stuff, but you guys are reminding me of my time flying the MAAM C-47 in FSX. @Chock thanks for that 247D by Wing42. That one really pulls me in! They have only produced the Bleriot so far. Not meaning to side track the DC3, but just wondering about the quality from Wing42?
  2. The C337 has been excellent in my hands! Good enough for another video - special VFR flight rules over the Grand Canyon corridors. The GTN 750 integration is perfect. Flight plan entry into the 750 in complete harmony with ForeFlight on the iPad. No issues with the autopilot function. Flight dynamics very accurate when changing course or altitude with the autopilot function. Re the pilots, Carenado has the best looking pilots hands down! Same pilots have been around for years. They never age! How nice. But it would be nice to swap them out for a different look some time. Re the Bendix/King weather radar. Yes, it does work. Select rain in the weather menu and the precipitation profiles will show on the screen.
  3. And the winner of the 2022 “Most controversial and most widely opinionated” thread goes to “Twin Otter is Out Now” In all seriousness, it is a matter of expectations when we purchase an aircraft based on pre-release info from a Developer. There is a wide range of known facts and not so sure info on the Twin Otter that tells us to buy it or not buy it. From my take on all this, Aerosoft is clearly driven to sales geared towards the average mid-range detailed flight simmer that sees it somewhere on the internet and says “wow that airplane looks neat, I want to fly it” - likely the vast majority of people who purchased MSFS2020.
  4. Quite true! Sometimes it’s a matter of principle. Fortunately for Aerosoft, they are big enough to swallow those who decide not to purchase on the basis of your comment. Fortunately for us there are many airplanes available to fill our hangars and keep us happy in the sky!
  5. When in correspondence with him when I had the preview copy of the CRJ, he was always good about responding. His wording can be a little quick off the cuff though. Aerosoft has a pretty descent reputation and the reputation would be enhanced if problems with a product are recognized and admitted and properly addressed. I don’t have this aircraft, but it definitely appears that the sound files are not up to par with the quality of the other aircraft aspects. The technology is out there to make the sounds absolutely accurate so perhaps a new sound engineer is in the making at Aerosoft.
  6. The sounds were apparently recorded from the real aircraft. The basic undertones of the sounds are there. There is a C337 hangared beside me in Brantford so I have heard the sounds first hand. I would say the sounds are 75-80% accurate to my friends Skymaster. Keep in mind that not all Skymasters sound identical; they are similar but not identical. The sound in the video you posted is actually quite different from my friends Skymaster. My friends Skymaster has a much higher frequency sound on takeoff.
  7. FYI If you fly on the XPlane platform, a new updated Wright Flyer (1.1.0 version) was added to the FlightSim.com file library today for XPlane 11.50+
  8. Thanks for watching! I little humor to keep it different and perhaps continued interest! Always fun!
  9. I had the predecessor to this system a few years ago! One of the best systems I have ever owned. The sub is fantastic and brings realism to a new level! I am only using a pair of Bose external speakers now, but I just might re-invest to that Logitech system. Guaranteed to get complaints from your wife or partner when you crank the volume.
  10. Very nice! Actually, beautifully arranged setup! You have more info displayed in that sim setup than most aircraft will ever see in real life!
  11. January 16, 2022 – Removed the Carenado C337 Skymaster, now available. Updated info on the Avro Lancaster from Aeroplane Heaven and the FlySimWare Cessna 414. Added the freeware C-17 from Delta Simulations. Preview texture pics on the “Lanc” are pretty amazing!
  12. Yes, I realize you do and you can tell the really good sound quality. Others that think the sound is fine may not have the level of your setup and detect the quality that you are expecting.
  13. I think a lot depends on your sound card, settings and speakers (internal, external). The true fidelity and impact of the audio is like day and night with a good audio setup. The good sound setups will really showcase the audio experience. Just my 2 cents.
  14. Yes, I knew I was too high approaching the RWY. It was a "one take" show to get this video recorded, edited and uploaded in 24 hours. Funny you should mention the perfect parking spot, as I sometimes land long at my home airport as my hangar is at the end of RWY 23!
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