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  1. Quite true. However, the effect would not be seen everywhere. It could be tied to clear skies and only to the GPS position of the aircraft relative to the real world Aurora oval. Here is the Aurora forecast map. https://www.swpc.noaa.gov/products/aurora-30-minute-forecast
  2. I used video editing to incorporate real world Northern Lights into the sim. This is an evening flight over Greenland from Nuuk to Maniitsoq. Twenty five minute flight covering 82 nm.
  3. With video editing I incorporated real world Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis into a flight over Greenland. The lights are from 15:05 to 18:55. Would be great to have this feature in the sim for those Northern Flights!
  4. Nice shots! Good luck with the new build!
  5. Great story line! I second @MartinRex007 idea!
  6. Beautiful editing! Just makes me think of all the wonderful aircraft that we wish for in MSFS2020!
  7. Sweet! Perfect picture for the vignette!
  8. Crazy impressive shot and crazy impressive aircraft!
  9. As a cellular/molecular neuroscientist it is very cool to read these ideas. Quite the scope of knowledge revealed in this topic. Very true about the reference to cognitive neuroscience. Yes, wouldn’t it be cool to have artificial intelligence solve the programming language problems discussed in this thread for the aircraft we desire in FS2020. I can tell you that we have some individuals in this forum with very impressive neural networks exciting new pathways. With the release of neurotransmitters and the formation of new synaptic connections, the modelling problems become solved. New ideas emerge and what seemed distant is eventually viewed possible. Continued success!
  10. Wicked read guys! Truly insightful and one of the most knowledgeable threads I’ve read on what makes the foundation of this hobby tick.
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