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  1. I just reinstalled Win 10 Pro and am having the following problem. I am using Go-Flight GFRP-2, TQ6 and the Precision Flight Controller. After opening Xplane I get the error message that my controllers need calibrating. I calibrate the different controls. When I open up the flight sims none of the controls work. I have tried many times without any success. Tom Johnson
  2. I am looking for a throttle control that will control anything from a cub to a 747. I am not worried about the cost for just one item as long as it is the best that I can buy and will control all the aircraft that I mentioned. Thanking all you great Sim Flyers in advance. Tom Johnson
  3. I ordered from Cockpit PhD and did not receive my p[product or any email returns. I emailed four times and went back to Paypal for a return of my money.
  4. 0310

    pedestal sim yoke

    Thanks, I just ordered the Saab yoke sold by PFC. I have a i9-9900K CPU and the Nvidia 2080ti OC card. 16 gigs of ram and three 31.5 inch BENQ curved monitors. If you have any suggestions for anything else let me know. I also have the GoFlight Airliner modules Tom Johnson
  5. I am ready to buy a new yoke. I would like to get a pedestal yoke as they are easier to adapt to a sim. This is my personal opinion. Has anyone bought, used or know of anyone that has one. Also what is the best one to buy. I know that they are overpriced but I am tired of the way my Goflight feels. It has too much drag and does not give me the feel that I have with the real airplane that I fly when landing. Tom Johnson I9-9900 Nvidia 2080 TI OC
  6. 0310

    Track Hat

    Has anyone used, bought or know some one that has used Track hat? Tom Johnson
  7. If your program is not opening but says it's running, open Task manager, you will see the icon, expanded it and left click on the icon. Tom Johnson
  8. I am interested in running P3D on a network. I just tried Sim-Avionics using thier software in conjunction with P3D and their 737-800. With everything maxed out to the right and all the boxes check marked, was getting 40 to 60 FPS. This was great but to buy the software was $900.00 US Dollars. Sim-Avionics was a Demo which would allow you to fly for 50 minutes at the Manchester, England airport as long as you didn't get more than 20 miles away. They will let you use the software quite a few times which was great with all the eye candy turned up. I have iFly and PMDG planes and I am not able to run them on two computers. Please inform me of any other software or planes that I am able to use and not have to spend $800 to $1,000.00 US Dollars for. I am also thinking of buying the Airliner X cockpit from SimSamurai. Has anyone got any thoughts or suggestions on this, good or bad? Tom Johnson
  9. Add a little Petroleum jelly to the yoke shaft that can be bought at Walmart's and it will greatly improve the elevator smoothness.
  10. Using 1.031 and having the same problem. Tom Johnson
  11. In regards to the Go Flight Yoke, I applied petroleum jelly I bought at Walmart's to the yoke shaft and this corrected the sticking problem.
  12. Thanks for the info. Tom Johnson
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