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  1. DeltaWho

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    It's a bit broad of a brush to be painting all X-Plane users under the same attribute... no? It might be better if this thread was in fact closed, as there is less discussion on PMDGs commitment to alternative platforms, and more of commentary on simmer's limited understanding or experience for other products (on all sides of the fence.) As someone who multi-sims, but predominantly spends most of his time in X-Plane, I think the reputation for a PMDG is wildly known, and there is obviously a great enthusiasm for PMDG to bring that experience and experience over to other platforms. I'm sure there are various development reasons we have not seen any activity from them regarding XPL (as stated by Randazzo countless times...) and I hope they remain as enthusiastic for future possibilities as the community is.
  2. DeltaWho


    Whilst I'm sure Aerofly is drop dead pretty, I think a matter of perspective is required here. For instance, - How deep is the flight model of both systems? - How deep is the ai of both sims? - Do both sims have to draw out the whole world? -- Alternatively, how much autogen textures and models does each sim need to handle? - Does each sim have particle effects - How extensive is the night lighting for each sim? - How deep are the systems for each aircraft? Clearly, both sims have their strengths and weaknesses in terms of the depth of their simulation and graphical fidelity.
  3. In regards to the current state of weather engines in X-Plane (Disclaimer : I own X-Enviro 1.08 beta...take from what what you will) ActiveSky : Have not seen or heard a thing about them for a while, so I can't really comment if they are inferior or superior because there is nothing there atm. Perhaps some inferences can be made in regards to cloud systems and the level of integration with third-party add-ons. SkyMaxx : I've had mixed relationships with. I started v3, which was definetly an improvement over stock. However... cloud systems seem very limited, textures are poor, colours often seem wrong, FPS and draw distance is poor...and I have not really seen any evidence to see that SkyMaxx is actually volumnetric. Perhaps our terminology is different, but I've only ever seen rotating billboard clouds. But again...perhaps I've had a bad experience with the software. X-Enviro : This to me, is where the current interest lies. Having beta-tested 1.08, I can say it is an almost night-day transition from 1.07. Clouds are built up with voxels...though not visually rendered. However, this does mean that 1.08 blocks out city lighting (in answer to @Tonywob ). The sky is physically rendered and is much more accurate to the real thing. The cloud textures are created dynamically, so no two clouds are the same, and cummulus does build up under certain conditions (although the algorythms are not fully there yet.) There is also alot of work to try and get the weather radar implemented (called openwxr) and is going to be adopted by the Flightfactor 320 and other future add-ons. On a closing remark, yes it's painful now, but I believe we're going to see alot of interesting developments with weather coming over the years, with or without Laminars assisstance. Just a little patience needs to be excercised
  4. DeltaWho

    PMDG and X-PLANE

    Hi, X-Planer here :D I feel this is going to devolute into another 'my sim is better than yours thread,' which isn't the goal of this thread (or any other similar thread that gets created.) I may have my opnions about P3D, but I do respect its 10+ years of commitment from third-parties. To PMDG... my position is adamant that I respect their buisness decisions. But, a friendly reminder that contrary to any opnions or data, there is a community here ready to support any advancements made into the platform. I think objectively, it is a sim with so much untapped potential that the company really is misisng out from. Developers are getting more creative, Laminar are being more responsive, and the community is thirsty (even just taking a walk along your Facebook comments ) Here is hoping to a prosperous future for all major platforms!
  5. I forgot this thread was about the 737 Max Tease and reflectanace on 2017! Anyway, here's to 2018 and to a promising PMDG future! Can't wait to see what Randazzo is cooking!
  6. Image only appears to those who are worthy ;) All hail the Max!
  7. Respectfully I have to disagree. There is data out there to support the notion that X-Plane has more than doubled in growth since XP10 and gaining quite a bit of traction. But that's besides the point, it's PMDGs decision which platforms they support. Realistically, doing a new revision of the 737 (NG and Max) is a chance to update the model and align all the systems code and modelling to be compatible with all platforms (as many developers seem to be doing these days.) The market is there and waiting for high-quality add-ons ;)
  8. DeltaWho

    FlightSimExpo Attendance

    Mother comes first ;) If I may have my two cents, PMDG is not my company, but their presence at an expo is somewhat of a major marketing benefit. I still remember watching the old (I believe it was the old Aerosoft Conference) and seeing the PMDG lineup for the next 3-5 years was a rather exciting prospect. Not only is this a major influence on PMDGs customers, but an oppurtunity to create connections and set standards with other people in the industry. (Just look at what TFDi and FSFX are doing!) But I'll respect the company's wishes. I just enjoy a bit of that Randazzo magic every now and then!
  9. DeltaWho

    New Planes Prediction

    It's clear that their next aircraft will be a study level Wright Flyer, complete with realistic bird effects.
  10. DeltaWho

    Please PMDG 747 in X-Plane 11 !!!!!

    I kinda disagree, I think it's good to see people being vocal about their desires for support from a very respectable company in the flightsim world. Unfortunetly it seems like similar posts always devolve into the classic *p3d v x-plane debate* without conducting themselves in a mature and reasonable manner. To that I say, play what you want to play. Fly what you want to fly. The aim of the day is to have the best experience possible, and there is a variety of methods to attain the best of flight-simming. Be passionate but don't be word not allowed. I'm an X-Plane fan, and I would love to see PMDG come join us!
  11. DeltaWho

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    The x-plane platform is capable, however it's more like dipping your toes into lukewarm water. PMDG would need to tackle a slightly different approach around x-plane such as lack of 3DS exporter documentation, lack of vertex animation, different coding language, different lighting environment. There are products to prove it can be done and more. [Speculation] I think PMDG may be assessing all the sims, and will try and target an aircraft which... a) they know will sell [Like a 737 Max] b) is not present on any platform yet c) is proven capable on both platforms Like I've said in previous posts, x-plane is still a smaller portion of the market (albeit growing fairly well) and the future for now will probably be multi-platform releases for all developers.
  12. DeltaWho

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    Pause at the beginning few seconds and look at the bottom of Randazzos post.
  13. DeltaWho

    [20JUL17] Update thread for XPL users

    I created an account specifically to join in on this conversation. I don't really understand where this behavior where x-plane fans are whiny and shouty. (Of course, there will be a few vocal bad eggs in any group.) I'm sure the release of X-Plane 11 has invoked more "uncivillised" hostility from a few bad eggs (there's always a few in every group.) However, from having joined several community channels, it is clear to me that there is a high demand for a developer such as PMDG or any of the ESP devs to make the push into X-Plane. Whilst the platform does have certain limitations (such as the lack of sound 3ds max exporter,) there is a large untapped potential waiting to be achieved from the platform. You only need to look at some of the latest add-ons such as Flightfactor, IXEG, Zibo, Betterpushback etc. Is there a market for X-Plane? Potentially... I do not have the data to be fully conclusive. But it is undeniable that X-Plane has received a rather significant interest since v11. The fact that I can see x-plane footage compete on platforms such as Avsim, reddit, you tube and twitch is rather remarkable. It's a level of investment that is starting to pay off, and not just for X-Plane. Consider what alternative platforms likes Aerofly and FSW will be in 5-10 years time? Whether or not Randazzo decides to step in is completely his buisness decision which we fully respect. However, we are also here and waiting in anticipation to see something exciting from PMDG. Best of luck to the entire PMDG team in their future endeavors!