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  1. Just to add another data point to the discussion, I have a GTX1070 running three 27" monitors in a 5853 x 1080 setup. I have a number of Orbx products installed (FTX Global Base & Vector, openLC Europe and North America, FTX Global Trees, EU England) and a handful of Flightbeam airports. I use Active Sky for P3DV4 and also use Ezdok, FSUPIC and Spad.next. I fly almost exclusively PMDG (737, 777 and planning on getting the 747...) With one exception - more on this below - my FPS is consistently in the high teens/low 20's with most of the settings in P3D maxed out. And everything looks fantastic. Even flying at dawn / dusk no problems. Someone mentioned something a long these lines already, but: P3D v4 with FPS in the high teens looks much better than FSX or even P3D V3 looked with double the FPS. Everything looks and feels very smooth, to the point that I don't feel the need to obsess over squeezing out a few more FPS. The exception, however is if AS for P3DV4 gives me heavy clouds or rain. When that happens, if my view includes a significant view of the sky/clouds etc, FPS falls like a stone to low single digits. Basically it's a slide show. I've tried turning down some of the settings in Active Sky, but so far haven't found any group of settings that will give back some FPS.
  2. I love Ezdok,it's literally the only add-on I will not fly without (or, for you English teachers out there - the only add-on without which I will not fly). So I am slightly bummed to report that I appear to be having problems with it in P3D v4 and PMDG's 737. Usually about 3-4 hours in to a flight when changing views, the sim freezes up and I get an Ezdok 'handle is invalid' warning. The sim crashes and needs to be manually shut down. I don't know if the sim freeze is causing the Ezdok error or vice versa. I was using Ezdok, thanks to this thread I saw an update was available so have updated to v2.5.0.22. I'll do some more testing. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this? Other add-ons I use: Orbx, Active Sky for PD3v4
  3. I'm having two rather weird problems with FS2Crew in the PMDG 777 1) FS2Crew doesn't recognize the word 'please'. The 737 NGX Reboot recognizes it just fine (the previous 737 version also had no problems). I say: 'Yes please' Green bar: Yes clear "Please" - Clear "Please!" - Clean up Arrgggh 2) The flight attendant doesn't understand a word I say when she asks if its OK to start boarding. None of the accepted responses register - 'yes' 'yes please' 'go for it' etc. It's not a deal breaker by any means, and the rest of the program appears to be working flawlessly, but kinda annoying nonetheless. Any ideas / suggestions? I'm on Windows 10 64-bit, FSX:Steam and have the usual add-ons installed.
  4. Txs again for the response. Yes, I should have noted; I do indeed have the .rte files as well. Both aircraft are up to date. In general, I never save flights 'on purpose' - in other words, when I do have to load up a saved flights, it's not by choice, it's because of some crash etc. in the middle of a flight. I start every flight 'fresh', from cold 'n' dark, so I don't think I should be seeing any problems due to repeated saving of a panel state. I'll do some testing to see how FSX handles saving and loading saved flights (including for non-PMDG aircraft). txs.,
  5. Hi Mike, thanks for the suggestions. Should have noted this earlier, but I'm on FSX:Steam, Windows 10 64-bit (although had the same problem with Win7 64), and unless there's been an update of FSUIPC in the last week or so, I have the latest version. I have Steam etc. saved to a folder on the C: drive, not under the Programs or Programs (x86) folder. The panel states are being saved correctly; as noted I have both the .fmc and .sav files. And yes, lots and lots of autosave files. I hadn't thought about trying to manually re-load the panel state, I think I might try that next time. I have a pretty beefy computer, so I don't think I've ever had a memory error-related CTD, more often it's an accidental PC shutdown by one of the kids etc. LOL.
  6. FSUIPC: I'm not 'saving' flights, I'm specifically talking about the autosave feature in FSUPIC; the only time I use it is after a crash-to-desktop etc. The saved flights from FSUIPC don't 'freeze or stutter' - they fly fine - it's just the route info & FMC etc. is blown all to heck. I'll try saving a flight through FSX and see if that works better. If so I might just have to manually save every so often.
  7. In general I almost never load saved flights, mainly because I usually fly for a VA, so flights have to be done in one sitting. However, I do use FSUIPC to save flights for any (thankfully rare) CTDs and such. I have PMDG's 737 NGX and the 777. When I do have to load a saved flight after a crash, the flight is never started from the correct 'saved' condition, other than being at roughly the same altitude (but starting to dive), in the same area. Whatever route I had saved in the FMC is gone. Most times I'm not able to load a new flight route, trying to put the destination in the 'Dep/Arr' page comes up with 'invalid entry'. On the 777 I'm able to get something from the Rte2 page, but still get 'Perf/VNAV not available' errors. Any suggestions? TIA!
  8. Quick update on this: AFAIK, if you were hoping to use Cortana, the MS equivalent of Apple's Siri, only (apparently) even more robust, you need to have all language settings consistent. In other words, you can't have 'current system local' set to UK English and have 'speech set to US English. I'm in the UK, and while I (accidentally) had been using FS2Crew with UK English in the speech settings, at some point a while back I set it to US English just to be on the safe side. Cortana wouldn't work when I first installed Windows 10 because system local and default language were UK English, and speech was US English. Just a heads-up. Many people are a bit skivved out at the level to which Cortana 'spies' on you, so many people won't mind about not being able to use it, but if you were going to use it, note you'll need to tweak some things.
  9. In many respects it could be considered 'entirely new'. Go do SOP 3 and tell me how familiar it was versus the previous version....
  10. Uh, no, I didn't say I had it sorted - I said perhaps doing a full reinstall for the third time would work ('third time lucky'). Alas - no go; doing a reinstall didn't fix it. This is a fairly new PC and I'm not getting any other errors in any other program that I can think of. For now, I'm going to wait to see if moving to Windows 10 (over the weekend, I suspect) solves anything. If not, I'll open a ticket. Thanks, -S
  11. ha, I've re-installed FSX-SE, NGX and FS2Crew twice already - third time's the charm perhaps? :-) Scott
  12. Thanks for the response - unfortunately no, I never use saved situation files, and my antivirus software is not the problem. Txs, Scott
  13. Thanks for the response - unfortunately it didn't work. I tried both the _x86 version and the _64 version, uninstalled/reinstalled everything, etc - nothing, nada, zilch. Still get the same install error I got originally, still get the same 'all-black' panels. I'm able to use the previous version of the program with no problems, however, so that's what I'm using now. Bummed less at the having wasted the cash than I am at not being able to use the shiny new toy everyone is drooling over!! If anyone else has any other suggestions, I'm all ears! thanks, Scott
  14. Hi guys, I love love love the product, long-time user of the 777 and 737 products. However, I'm having some trouble with the Reboot installation. First, near the end of the installation I get an 'unsupported 16-bit application' error referring ti vcredist_x86.exe' - but I still get a 'successfully installed' message. When firing up FSX and the PMDG 737, FS2Crew panels (Main and Secondary are only options) show up as all black, nothing clickable. I'm on FSX-Steam, new install of FS2Crew, 64-bit Windows 7 (Ultimate) and new install of PMDG 737NGX. I did not have any problems with the previous version of FS2Crew 737NGX, and of course no problems with the 777 version. Thanks in advance for your help. I've added links to screen shots of the error message and all-black FS2Crew panels. Scott Unsupported 16-bit application error: http://s24.postimg.org/4v1xzcg3p/FS2_Crew_16bit.png FSX-Steam http://s28.postimg.org/h8wnic8hp/FS2_Crew_capture.png
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