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  1. There are other options that are not Eaglesoft. I wrote this company off years ago after having several problems and/or basic functionality questions with the v2 CitationX FMS/CDU. I never received anything but condescending and rude statements from one developer in particular. Maybe the lack of Navigraph support is because they still haven't figured out how to make a realistically functioning FMS. However, somebody is still buying this stuff. This feels like another money-grab to me, like so many other products out there.
  2. Yep, I saw the KABQ screenshots, that made me consider moving to XPlane. Amazing. KIAD is my home airport and love this scenery.
  3. No, just prepar3d.exe as hung app in Event Viewer. I've already gone to great lengths to rule out any other addons, including a completely clean reinstall of 4.1 with nothing added or running in the background and still had the problem when introducing only EZDok, and this only occurs while switching views using EZDok shortcuts. I've even tried a different keyboard all together. The only remaining thing to rule out would be my overclock, but this is a very modest overclock which has shown no issues otherwise. I did up my voltage a bit two days ago as I was running around 1.17v. Then again, this and hardware can be ruled out too, given that this gentleman (DragonAsh) is having the exact same symptoms on page 4 in the below thread. It could be related to the PMDG 737, however as this is what I'm using and have not seen the problem in any other aircraft.
  4. My entire sim will freeze completely with a message that the program "has stopped responding." I'll have to manually kill the program. When I'm back at the desktop, I see the other message box for EZCA, "the handle is invalid."
  5. Check out this place - Not a true VA but they are a great group of people that have created and organized a world for bush flying in the PNW, up to Alaska based on the Orbx regions plus some freeware that fits in with it all. They've been around since FS9. Very nice and helpful folks.
  6. You're the second person I've seen that might be having the same issue as me. I've been getting the freezing up when changing views in EZDok, with a "handle is invalid" message on most incidents. No other messages, errors or anything in the system logs. I'm curious to know what version of EZdok you're running. I had the freeze with 2.6.25 and 2.6.27. I've done several flights with 2.6.26 and have not had the problem.
  7. I've got one of the heat monster 7900X CPUs. I've overclocked to 4.6 on all 10 cores at 1.18v and I'm running under load in P3D around mid 70s C. I've never seen it get above 80C but I don't really want to push it any more than this. I may bump up the voltage a bit because I'm seeing a few weird issues from time to time. I idle around 30C. I've got it in a room that stays about 68F. I have the H115i AIO and two Noctua intake fans on it. To maintain the mid 70Cs I need to put the AIO fans on full blast. Opening the room windows when it's cold out really dropped my temps because the Noctuas can pull the cooler air in and not keep recycling the hot stuff that's being blown out by the case.
  8. I just have two at the moment since I'm just get back into the simming after a few years - PMDG 737NGX and the Just Flight P28R Arrow III. I'll probably add the PMDG J41 when that comes out.
  9. I meant to say I'm currently using EZDok version, down from version I did some testing on the ground today for a couple of hours and did not have any lockup or freeze. When this does happen, sometimes it will occur right away, sometimes after a couple of hours but always while changing views. Moving the EZCA2 folder out of C did not work and resulted in the same freeze when trying to quit P3D.
  10. Funny, I'm having the same issue and was researching it. I had this exact issue with, went to .26 and flew 7-8 hours, multiple legs without any issue. Then I updated to .27 and the issue came back but without the "handle is invalid" message, P3D just freezes in place and crashes. This is all with P3D v4.1 and the PMDG 737. I've gone back to build 26 and I'm going to try moving the EZCA folder onto another drive instead of C and setting the .exe to run as admin and see if it makes any difference.
  11. I'm doing something similar with the PFC airliner throttles with the additional reverse levers. Using FSUIPC, I've added a small range and assigned it to "throttle cut" to repeat, then as I move the levers through that position, the remaining range is set to "throttle decrease quickly". In the 737, I can deploy the reversers immediately upon touchdown with no issues.
  12. Is N9392R still available? I did not see this one in the library. I'd love to have that one if you have it up somewhere.
  13. I have basically the exact same setup. I can manage a consistent 30 FPS (vsync on), with unlimited I can range from 30 up to around 60 in most areas except for DD New York area, Orbx SoCal and the like. All with PMDG 737. However, I'm finding that I also get periodic stutters on the ground which I'm finding to be mostly related to Orbx Vector. You may want to test by disabling that or turning off some features. You can probably turn down the ASCA cloud quality to minimum. I don't see a difference in visual quality with that. In heavy clouds and weather my system certainly takes a beating.
  14. I can also confirm the BSOD is directly related to a recent Delta update (KB4041691) installing along with the cumulative update of the same KB number. At work, I had to deal with the fallout with several Windows 10 computers pulling these from our WSUS servers and then rebooting, before I realized the issue and revoked them. Make sure you do not have any pending or installed delta + cumulative of the same number or you will have this issue in Windows 10. As far as I know, this only affected build 1607 in my case.