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  1. I really don't mean to bash Carenado/Alabeo, I don't blame the developers, it's the guys in suits who are pulling the strings for more profits, I get it. It's better to be honest & open, like going to a restaurant and finding the service or food terrible, not saying a word to them. And they are left wondering why they went out of business...
  2. *Warning, small rant ahead :) </rant> I wish I would have read this post before buying the C441. I'm a moderate to hardcore simmer. Although, i don't know why anyone would be into sims and not want accuracy & realism (I can recommend some cheap Nintendo flying games :P) I mean the money we spend to 'Simulate' Reality should speak for itself ! Leads me into why I've bought a few Carenado/Alabeo planes already at $35 to $50 a piece, with the numerous Avionics issues, you'd think i'd learn my lesson. But i bought into the pretty airplane models & hype like most do. 'Rocket' taxiing doesn't really bother me as much as they can't seem to simulate a good FMS or autopilot system without a ton of bugs that never get fixed. It leads to so much frustration i just leave them in the hangar. They've grown lax and left it up to the flight1 GTN addons to take the load of having a 'Usable' frustration free navigation experience. I'd be thrilled with 2 great solid aircraft a year from them, if only that were the case. I see they are cranking out assembly line aircraft for X-Plane now, but is the quality any better due to different code? Anyone have experience with them? I think eventually people will grow wise to their 'Quantity over Quality' approach, and it will catch up to them. </endrant>
  3. I've tried to fix this too many times to count, always happens. Just have to learn to live with it I guess.
  4. lol, yes, i knew 90% of the features, that one went under my radar So it's community based sharing, no presets built in.
  5. Maybe this has already been discussed. Will there be Presets for camera postions, proper turbulence settings, for certain types of aircraft, etc. ?
  6. I've been using Pro ATC X for over a year, after a lot of research it was the best for IFR. Glad I chose it, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  7. it's been a while since I installed it, but I remember having to do that. I always install all the sim connects from the redist folder, it's needed for some things. You should be fine
  8. Do you get crashing with MT6 or AirTrafficManager ?
  9. Yeah, it kind of bums me out, i'd like to have it enabled. I read on a post on their site about trying this and the crashes went away. Maybe it's conflicting with another one of my addons, I never really pursued it more after it resolved the crashing. It's not a huge deal, just rename the military bgl file and problem solved for good. You may not even experience this issue, as Jim does not, just something to point your finger at if you start to get crashes after using it.
  10. I use traffic levels between 20 & 30, closer to 20 though. I don't notice any huge fps loss, you will get some, but nothing show stopping. I honestly haven't measured the exact frame rate hit, but for me it's negligible. I also use freeware 'AirTrafficManager' to optimize traffic to however many simultaneous aircraft you want (i set between 75 &100) which will help with your frame rates, adjust it to what your hardware can handle. *On a side Note, i always have to disable military aircraft in MT6 or my sim crashes almost every flight at random times.
  11. Hey Gregg, I use Pro ATC X with My Traffic 6 and P3D v3.2. It works really well, i'm very happy with it. just my two cents !
  12. yeah, it gives the same altitude for everything SID/Waypoints/STAR. I had to revert back to 1.1, too cumbersome to tweak all of them. I hope they don't abandon this airplane and move on to the next one.
  13. What about the navigraph v1.2 Altitude issues? Do they still remain? If so, i'm keeping 1.1 until the next patch.
  14. This is great news, I really like this Jet, but it sure is hard to get a complete flight in with the quirkyness. I'm actually running it in P3Dv3 pretty well. Not sure if its normal but I can never add in an arrival after putting in way points, I always have to insert the waypoints after entering in the arrival. If I don't it mixes the two together, pretty annoying having to keep starting over with the flight plan. Update: I spoke too soon. It CTD after about 40 minutes into my flight :( guess it's not quite ready for P3Dv3 yet. Just have to wait for the update.
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