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  1. awreaper

    Trade Wars: Round One to Boeing

    Kind of off topic but they usually plea to something because the prosecutors will charge them with more than they can ever get a guilty conviction on and then start coming at them prior to the trial and even up to day 1 with lesser and lesser charges if they plea. If you are looking at 15 years if you are found guilty or 1 year if you plea, a lot of people take the plea just to avoid the 'what if'. It's been that way for years.
  2. Lets check back in 5 years and see if your prediction comes true.
  3. I received an email from Oculus describing how to download a small patch to fix the issue. Will do that tonight. Run the patch and select repair. Then start up Oculus desktop app and continue the update process.
  4. srmJ71, If it is a towered airport they might bring you in on a left or right pattern or even straight in. You won't necessarily fly the full rectangle. They might instruct you to enter from downwind, base or straight in but the tower always tells you what they want you to do. They usually use one runway at a time but could switch from one to the other depending on type of aircraft or the direction you were coming from. Lets say they are using a smaller runway more angled to the wind but a larger aircraft is taking off or landing. They might switch to another runway for that aircraft and then back to the other smaller for others. They obviously wouldn't be landing and departing on both runways at the same time or they would have collisions.
  5. I haven't used it in the last two versions. I can't get over the flickering in FI and it doesn't appear they are going to fix it. It looks like all their resources are being used on the new flight sim.
  6. It is unusual to see a young man of your age already know exactly what he wants to do and has a plan. When I was a young man I dreamed of flying fighter jets in the military. My eyes were bad and I couldn't pass the test to do so. I ended up going in the military but as another specialty. I was upset of course, but life doesn't always take you exactly where you want to go. I did end up getting my PPL some years later and really don't fly much except on the sim. Life is funny like that. Good luck with your dreams but always have a plan B and never stop trying, no matter how many times you may get knocked down. :)
  7. The pilot would have to wear a pair of coveralls with no shirt on under them and some boots. Maybe a Bass Pro Shops hat. A mullet and a weeks worth of facial hair would round out the official look. I am thinking something like Daisy off The Dukes of Hazard for the stewardess. Either that or some woman in a housecoat, slippers, hair in rollers and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. 😭. Ground support equipment would be an old rusted out pickup with a couple 55 gallon drums of fuel in the back and a siphon hose.
  8. awreaper

    Real airports

    Thanks. This is a journey learning how to make airports. I just flew all of them that I have made and I can see them progressively getting better, which is what I want. I try to incorporate something new I learned in each.
  9. awreaper

    Real airports

    These airports will work fine the v3 and v4. I actually design them using the v3 SDK and then fly them on my flight sim using v4.
  10. Oh and tons of empty beer cans scattered about. 😀
  11. You get someone to make the aircraft and I will create the home base if you will, complete with mobile home terminal, outhouses, broken down cars everywhere, and of course a Wal Mart just outside the airport! 😁
  12. awreaper

    VR Honeymoon?

    I have been flying with VR for about a year now and love it just as much if not more than the day I got it. If I had to go back to 2D, even with the Track IR that I was using before, I would probably quit flying sims. There are limitations such as the reduced graphics quality, etc. but to me they are secondary by a lot shot to the added realism of 3D.
  13. awreaper

    Real airports

    Uploaded M34 today. Should be in the library sometime this weekend. Enjoy! Flown in and out of this airport a lot in real life. I didn't replicate the Canadian geese and deer that always seem to be around or the Bald Eagles nest that is just off runway 28. That's beyond my skill set right now.
  14. Take a look at this guys website. He has lots of stuff that plugs in to his boards he sells and those in turn are USB and can be calibrated using Windows calibration.