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  1. Ohh 😅. I searched for "livery" and not "liveries". Sorry
  2. Hi, with the 747-8 release coming soon is there a current livery list for the -8? I looked in the forum but did´nt found one. It would be nice if one of the devs or beta testers dan provide such a list so I can begin to plan my first flight. 😁 Regards
  3. Hi, the fmc calculates everything for you. You simply have to insert it. To do so just open the "APPROACH REF"-Page in your FMC by clicking the init-button when in cruise or by going to the "Index"-page by pressing LSK6-Left and then again LSK6-Left to go to the "APPROACH REF"-Page. There you select the desired speed in the scratchpad by clicking the LSK to the right of the speed and flap-setting you want and insert it in your fmc by pressing LSK4-Right to "FLAP/SPEED". I am currently talking about the 777 but in the other Boeing models it is basicially the same. Hope I helped.
  4. I got baited until i checked the calendar. 😅
  5. Is this the FSX-Version or why is the lightning so strange?
  6. Hello, I read some time ago that after the 747-8 is released some of the new features will make it to older aircraft such as the 744v3 and the 777. I read that Rainmaker and the EFB will possibly find their way into the 777 but I wondered if the ground-services introduced with the QOTSII will make it to the 777. I hope you can give me an answer and I am sorry if this had been asked/answered before, if so i missed it. Thanks for your answers. Dennis G.
  7. Will it have a time-compression feature like the T7?
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