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  1. During before start checklist my FO confirms that gears pins were stowed. But in fight I found out he forgot to stow it. My fault of not double checking. Is there settings that he will stow it for me? I found FMS to be immersion breaking. Thank you!
  2. Linda: 2.6.4 Q400 module: 1.3 FSUIPC4: 4.948 FS2Crew: 1.3 Befor purchase of MCP2B No problems After purcase sound problems. With MCP2B and commented out body of function Timer () NO PROBLEMS.
  3. Did not helped you commenting out body of function Timer () ? It seems to me it is more Majestic SDK problem, unless LINDA is using SDK wrongly.
  4. Great, I find work around! Comment out body of function Timer () in Modules\linda\aircrafts\Majestic Dash 8 Q-400\actions.lua There is something fundamentally wrong with the reading values from Q400. (May not be Lindas fault) If I comment out everything except ipc.writeLvar("MJC_VAR_READ_CODE", 31281) it still mutes the briefing for some time.
  5. No unfortunately I did not identified problem. Gregg_Seipp suggested to execute function ipc.writeLVar("L:RADIO1_SERV_INT_KNOB", 50) in InitVars function. I did that and it gives me error. That's all I wanted to say by my post. And The problem start exists once MCP2 is initialized, which occurs after this function is executed.
  6. [E] *** LUA Error: ...es\linda/aircrafts/Majestic Dash 8 Q-400/actions.lua:30: attempt to call field 'writeLVar' (a nil value) function InitVars () -- uncomment to disable display -- AutopilotDisplayBlocked () AutoDisplay = false ipc.sleep(100) --Q400_YOKE_VISIBILITY_off () MJCD8_VS_Show () MJCD8_ALT_Show () MJCD8_HDG_Show () MJCD8_SPD_Show () ExtPwrTxt = 0 ipc.set("CautAdvTest", 0) ipc.sleep(100) OnGround = ipc.readUW("0366") ipc.writeLVar("L:RADIO1_SERV_INT_KNOB", 50) end
  7. Just click on RIGHT button in FPL page. Then you can set altitude and how many miles before that point you want to be at that altitude.
  8. Is there way to step through filght plan leg by leg? Video shows stepping page by page, but espetialy arrival, if wrongly entered can give me trouble. Thanks
  9. Did you tried to complete reinstall?
  10. Tried today version 1014, I confirm I can reproduce WRONG behavior. It is bug introduced in 1014. Please report. Add me as cc in the report. Thank you!
  11. Tried today version 1014, I confirm I can reproduce WRONG behaviour. It is bug introduced in 1014. Please report. Add me as cc in the report. Thank you! Edit: Updating database to 1502 does not fixes the issue for me.
  12. Version 1013, Airport LKPR works as expected.
  13. I would bet it is plane out of trim. This plane needs to be retrimmed on speed or power change.
  14. Condition leveller - fuel off (Power leveller - DISC) - not sure if needed but should be in that position anyway. A/F Select - ON
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