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  1. The bleed air sources for engine start are: APU, Ground cart or the other engine. Using APU, normal start sequence is 2 and then 1 (Boeing recommendation). As you can see from the diagram (http://www.b737studyguide.com/B737NGiPad/AirSystemsSGR/PneumaticSystem_800_iPad.html ) APU is connected to the left side of the bleed air system, so you must set isolation valve to open position. Be sure to follow the right steps for engine start. The ground air cart is connected to the right side of the airplane and the right side of the bleed air system. Although it is connected to the right side of the air bleed system, engine number 1 must be started first, (boeing recommendation) for safety reasons because ground personnel and equipment are in the area of engine number 2. The APU bleed air switch must be off. After starting number 1 and the engine is stabilized disconnect the external power equipment. Then use crossbleed air to start number 2. Follow the procedures for crossbleed air start.
  2. https://aviation4all.wordpress.com/jeppesen/ Jeppesen chart clinic is still amazing altthough some info is outdated after so many years.
  3. http://www.rocketroute.com/airports/europe-eu/greece-gr/weather-eleftheriosvenizelos-lgav.html
  4. This is best valid answer you will ever find. Emmanuel Argiropoulos
  5. I opened a ticket to PMDG and someone from the support team replied: "Hi Emmanuel Thanks for the information. I have passed it along to team to look into for any future updates to the NGX. " Emmanuel Argiropoulos
  6. When you look for information about Vnav path and Vnav spd , keep in mind that many thinks changed since version 10.6 of FMC Now boeing has the "Common Vnav option". Have a look here it may help : http://documents.mx/education/b737-fmc-u106-changes.html Emmanuel Argiropoulos LGMT
  7. Matthew I agree with you that it is "highly unusual for a pilot to not accept vectors". That is what I also said. I also agree with you that the most common reason to decline vectors and ask for SID/STAR is for training purposes. I also agree that you can file No SID/STAR/DP but nowhere says that you can decline vectors.(except for PRM ASR and PAR approaches which is not the case of our discussion) But.. The only rule that overcomes all others is the general rule of safety.(of course not in Vatsim :smile: ) As a pilot you have the responsibility to request an amendment to a clearance if it is unacceptable from a safety perspective. (This is good to be done ahead of time.) You can imagine a lot of scenarios that from a safety perspective you will ask for an SID and not vectors. If you explain it to the controller I am sure that he will understand. He will also think that if he refuses to do so and you have an accident he will also be in troubles. This can also be simulated in Vatsim. Emmanuel Argiropoulos LGMT
  8. As in real life, you have the right to ask for an SID or a STAR and not accept vectors. If traffic flow permits the controller has no reason to deny that. But If he has a lot of traffic he may delay your departure or arrival (hold). You may also try smaller airports with no radar environment in the real life. If the Vatsim controllers want to simulate this accurately they must not give you vectors. In real life usually the pilot preferes vectors to expedite his arrival or departure. Less time means less fuel, less operating hours for the aircraft (lower maintenance cost) and for the crew and more money.
  9. Dan thank you for your answer. I agree with your recommendation, but before submitting a bug I think that it is a good practice to hear some other opposite documented opinions (if there are any). Many times we think that something is a bug when it is not. So for the next few days the question remains. Is it a bug or not? Emmanuel Argiropoulos LGMT
  10. Flying an IAN approach with 737NGX, (Integrated Approach Navigation) the scale ID annunciation indicates FMS. The Scale ID should be FMC not FMS. The possible scale ID annunciations are in FCOM 10.11.14 and there is not such an indication(FMS). The manual says: FMC - (IAN approach) Also here is a picture from Boeing: http://www.boeing.com/commercial/aeromagazine/aero_22/approach_fig3.html It is only a typical error in the implementation of 737ngx, (If I am right) which does not affect the operation of the aircraft but it would be nice to be corrected some time. I would appreciate a comment especially from PMDG support. Thank you for your attention. Emmanuel Argiropoulos LGMT
  11. Some more info here: http://www.avsim.com/topic/493808-fatal-error-when-starting/ Emmanuel Argiropoulos
  12. I had the same problem some days ago. I just uninstalled ASN and p3d started again. Emmanuel Argiropoulos
  13. 1. Don't confuse ground speed with any other speeds. I am sure you have seen seagulls in the air with TAS 20knots and Ground speed zero. 2. IAS is not exactly a speed. Its is more a pressure than a speed. 3. Mach is not exactly a speed. It is more a ratio than a speed. 4. TAS. At last. Yes it is a speed relative to the air not to the ground. 5. Mach , IAS when and why? You have to understand what crossover altitude is. When the aicraft climbs to the crossover altidute at a constant IAS , Mach increases. When the aicraft descents to the crossover altidute at a constant MACH the IAS increases. Some more details here: https://www.quora.com/What-is-a-crossover-altitude Emmanuel Argiropoulos
  14. I have i7 6700k, ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming http://www.corsair.com/en/carbide-series-200r-compact-atx-case and http://www.corsair.com/en/hydro-series-h75-liquid-cpu-cooler I use this configuration for about 3 months. So far so good. Emmanuel Argiropoulos LGMT
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