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  1. Is it possible to get ***tower view**like it was in FSX? I think it would be very handy when replay option will be available..
  3. About GA planes not taking off- make your settings to MODERN.
  4. EDDB2020 Thank you so much!!!My bad, have to make reading manuals a habbit))))
  5. Hi there! I`m trying to plan a way to get from north of India to Black Sea. I fly c172 classic, and I`d like to find shortest way there, so don`t have to go higher then 12.000 ft.I use LittleNavMap, but I couldn`t find any data about min altitude (maybe I looked at the wrong places) and visually it`s very hard to understand what is the lowest hight of all those mountains ...Can someone point me in the right direction? Should I use google maps?Thanks)
  6. Hi there!I can`t find flight_model.cfg. for c172 classic. Does it use flight_model.cfg from c172 g1000, or from generic single engine aircraft? I`m on Steam.
  7. Is it possible to remove all or just part of entries from logbook? It`s getting so cluttered..
  8. Hi there!I fly c172 classic with modded gns 530. When I select ILS approach it gives me for example runway 16 ils approach X and Y. What the difference between them and which one I have to choose? I used to a2a c172 gns 400 in FSX-SE, and it was so much simpler and different..
  9. I DON`T UNDERSTAND!!!!!Sorry for caps lock....I really don`t understand. I was torturing MSFS and myself for a few hours, gave up and had some beer, thinking- better wait til tomorrow...Then I thought- I ll start it one more time. And everything is back to normal. All works-joystick, mouse...What was that????
  10. I wrote before I can`t take off...now my mouse zoom doesn`t work...Checked all the settings million times, going crazy already((((Some ** focus** mode with mouse right button that never been there before....what`s happening...
  11. Republic3D maybe we can edit sensitivity somehow? I remember couple of days after release someone did it...
  12. wthomas33065--- ---But it's definitely the Thrustmaster HOTAS X causing the CTD. That's been verified. ------ I have HOTAS X, no CTD, Steam, 6600k, GTX 1160, never had any problems (until today)) and was very happy, fly only c172 classic. I can`t take off now. Pulling joystick up all the way, flaps full, trim -whatever. After fighting with it managed to get up 10-15 metres, put AP on and all good...went around for touch and go, AP off on approach, landed normal, accelerated , joystick up...started again . Checked calibration= all good...what to do ..((
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