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  1. @coastaldriver, Do you know of a way where i can reduce the brightness of the clouds at night? ive used TOGA Projects Envplus and Envshade, but it results in a lot of device hung, desipite having 16gb vram (6800xt) and a decent cpu, 5800x3d
  2. I don't think its worth the move for us as commercial users, probably whomever p3d was first made for (Lockheed's direct customers) might see a benefit in v6, but not us when none of the developers are serious with p3d anymore (I wish addon devs dropped their prices to reflect them dumping p3d development). Right now I'm on v5,4, and after a few thousand euros in investment into hardware and software, lots of time tweaking and the time taken to learn and make a few personal airports that aren't on the market, I see myself on 5.4 until MSFS reaches a point where I feel like it is mature enough of a platform to use. Its a shame we wont see some airliners in p3d anymore though, I think the last big one will be the MD11 by TFDI. I really wished Aerosoft released their a330 with more engine variants back in 2020, but looks like they're doing this in MSFS.
  3. I saw that post on the forums, was gonna post there initially, but i failed the security question answering "FSX". But that issue is completely different from mine. I seem to have an issue with flickering textures. as well as dissapearing textures. Ill send you a pm with some images, if too many images here may be an issue, but ill also add a short video showcasing the issue (hopefully its not an issue). Additionally, i did find the Dunedin post as well but i could not really relate with the issue as NZCH is the only product i have alongside with ORBX NZNI & SI NZQN, as well as FLightbeam NZAA, NZWN. So you do not have any flickering at all? My install is from TOGA projects website, "InstallRNZ_NZCVH110AirportOnly" if that helps provide more context
  4. For those that use NZCH in P3Dv5, do you have some texture flickering issues? Ive attached some pictures. Additionally, is ORBX NZ South required for this scenery?
  5. I still have this issue with RPLL, not found a way to fix it using inibuilds dynlight with a fresh download of the effects. So i am not too sure on what to do next with it. It shouldnt be too much of a problem if i do day flights there Here are some pictures of how it looks at RPLL, it seems like the dynamic lights work, but are on a different level? The 2 pictures are both from RPLL, one at a gate one out of the apron on the grass, you can see the interior of the cockpit is being illuminated by dyanmic lighting, but not the exterior. (Same behaviour/effect on all my aircraft) Here are some more pictures from the cockpit Lastly, i noticed these effects are showing behind the taxiway but over the aircraft, its kinda weird, because ive seen such "weird" perceptiosn before with the aerosoft a320 neo mod, where the interior of the engine renders behind the engine cowling and so on. Could this be related to the dynamic light issue i have at only RPLL?
  6. Ah its a shame for the test. I dont know why the iFly causes this issue, but with other aircraft i am safe.
  7. I have them at 1000, and also point it to the effects folder via addon xml as this worked with other airports (RCTP) The only 2 airports that dynamic lights just dont work for me are Tropicalsims SBGL and PacSim RPLL. Ill mess around more if i can find something regarding why. If you have the iFly max, perhaps you can try with this one, its the only one i have flickering issues with, my GPU has 16gb vram (RX6800XT), 32GB system ram and 5800X3D for the CPU
  8. I am indeed using this mod. in my case, i found out the flickering only occurs with the iFly 737 max8. Regarding the dynamic light mod, it doesnt work at 2 airports i have in v5 (Tropicalsim SBGL & Pacsim RPLL ) The flickering doesnt occur with other aircraft ive tested (F-35, aerosoft a330 and 330-200 mod)
  9. I forgot to add to the main post that im on P3Dv5, im not too sure on how the PacSim dev would respond gfven 3 yrs ago he mentioned porting over 4 more sceneries to v5 but hasnt done any of them since the current 5. But i shall test my luck with them. Ok, call me crazy but it seems like the iFly 737 Max 8 is the reason the ground is flickering...i loaded in with the aerosoft a330 and it has stopped flickering. This is kinda weird
  10. I got RCTP, RPLL and SBGL on sale recently and they are all fine during the day but during the night they are buggy, especially the ground textures. Ive added a clip to showcase what i mean, the clip is from RCTP at night and day. I am quite unsure of how to fix this, as this is the first time im seeing such an issue. Ill also attach some pictures of SBGL at night and day
  11. Do any of you get transparent engines while flying this mod? Its most notable when looking through tht front at the fan blades, as well as when flying into volumetric clouds/fog
  12. Do you perhaps have a link or source to AFLT? I cant seem to find a download for it, considiering the website seems to not be active anymore Nvm, i found the latest download on FSDeveloper https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/airfield-lights-toolbox.277/
  13. Thanks for looking into this. Im quite new to editing afcads and fixing terrain. I have manged to fix some airports I have, but this one seemed to be the hardest one, as i was not too sure why it was acting weird. As for the KQ livery, here is the link to it. https://forum.inibuilds.com/files/file/1726-kenya-airways-e190-v3-5y-ffa/ I have now tested the airport, it looks much better than my fix attempt. ive not seen any texture vanish like in my version. Though, the tower needs an exclude on your version. There is a default building there.
  14. Let me provide it to you. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dscen&DLID=217338 https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=p3dscen&DLID=217471 There are 2 versions. The second is to update the first. I did get somewhere with the flatten...but its a bit buggy In minute 0:51, you can see the texture of one runway section dissapear. Additionally, you can spot borders for each tile when taxing/moving
  15. So guys, i need some help. I followed the method and instructions, line for line, but i still cant get the airport fixed. https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=217471 i will drop this scenery here. I have tried to convert it but the best i got it was to the level in the following images. Its the best Kigali airport ive found out there, considering orientalsim dont have their products up anymore... If anyone could try and make this airport work in v5 i will be extremely grateful.
  16. I've done this the other day, but another problem I just noticed is that all exterior lights do not really appear on the ground. even before I used tomato shade to fix the reflection problem.
  17. The shaders file in this directory "C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders" I deleted it but still the same result, a glowing plane at night :(. I also realized the taxi/landing/strobe lights aren't that bright.
  18. I don't think I get what you mean, could you elaborate further?
  19. I have a problem with my TBM 850 glowing at night. I don't know how to fix this, I attempted to make a tomato shade reflection profile but it didn't go so well. I'm using dynamic reflections and dynamic light in p3d, disabling these didn't give me a different result.
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