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  1. I followed the procedure.. also with the fslabs i get flashes when changing freq and the qnh dosent work.. i really dont want to deal with all of this. how can i make linda completely ignore the radio panel? i tried disabling it in the joystick and put the dashes in the editor but nothing worked
  2. Hi. using the 737 NGXU when trying to change the qnh on my radio panel it changed for a second then returns to whats in the sim. its like its stuck or somthing.. is there a way to solve this issue? thanks
  3. i tried deleting it but it did not solve the issue. i reinstalled everything again but still the fo does not open the checklist.. it was working well for a year before
  4. Hi 🙂 for some reason the FO is not operating the ECL. i have not changed anything and it was working fine.. he does clicks buttons on the overhead and lower flaps down but he will not open the checklist and even if i open it he is not ticking anything. however he is closing it tried reinstalling both (cleaned all files) any solution to this problem? thank you very much
  5. Hi thank you for your response. i have tried reinstalling fs2crew for the 787 and enabling it again (on the left DU of course) but i have tried all of them just to make sure for some reason it stays deactivated. is there any chance you could send me a panel cfg where it is enabled? i could edit it manually
  6. Hi wanted to ask if the 787 version works with the new service pack thank you
  7. thank you very much for responding. i found another topic and now im thinking that maybe the comms are disabled and thats why they all show 100. i will have to check if thats correct in the aircraft.cfg thanks again
  8. so my problem is a bit weird but i would love to get some help I am taking care of tech stuff for a full piper archer simulator at an aviation school its the archer RTD from Frasca and its using 2 430's by RXP the one problem we have is there is no DME in the sim... so i decided to try some stuff. i added a pop up 2d DME panel to the panel.cfg and this way i thought that when i will tune a nav freq on the 430 the dme will show but it didn't work. after adding the radio panels to try to see if the freq is tuning only in the GPS or in the sim too i sew that all of the nav radios and freq in the sim are stuck at 100.0 (picture attached-http://prntscr.com/y9fu2f) and that's why i am not getting a reading from the pop up dme (witch works with other aircrafts) is there any way of syncing the rxp 430's freqs with the sim? if not do you guys know why are all the freqs stuck on 100? i cant move them at all i know its frasca's problem that we don't have a DME but they said they cannot do nothing about it.. intresting how they are selling an rtd for instrument practice with no dme i thought maybe you guys can help us find a solution thank you very much Eytan
  9. i tried everything.. all security options and still it dosent let me delete or rename them.. also tried the "take ownership" command
  10. Is there no way to pan the way you do in p3d and x plane?
  11. i think this shows the problem.. both the fps counter and the visuals
  12. Yep i agree. I just use eicas on the right side beacuse im flying from fo side..
  13. And i dont understand why you keep mentioning navigraph charts. i dont even use them. im saying that if the fs2crew window is visible i am loosing about 15 frames and when i hide it i get the 15 fps back. NOT using navigraph charts at all!
  14. i understood from the qw messege that the engien page reflects on that lower display command... i have the eng page on the right side and so im asking if having it on the left would fix this but for the more improtent question i asked 🙂 is there a fix?
  15. im sorry for being dumb what does it mean? were stuck like that? we should have the eng page on the cpt side?
  16. Again. The fo is using the checklist on the right cdu right? If using the checklist on the cdu screen and you want the fo to return to the cdu screen he should press cdu not nd! If he presses nd it will appear in the cdu screen Why navigraph charts? It only happends when fs2crew windiw is visible.. if i press C to hide it the fps goes up again
  17. hi. i the last change log and in the fs2crew settings it says that the fo will press nd once checklist is complete... why nd?? my fo opens the checklist on the right cdu and should press "CDU" when checklist is done. its not happening... plus after i open fs2crew window. the sim is laggy.. i have done various tests and when i close the window the sim is gaining back 10-15 fps.. bringing the window back takes these 10-15 fps away. never happend before with fs2crew products. thanks
  18. Amazing Thank you so much. It really brings the 787 to life 🙂
  19. Hi. for some reason the fo finishes the checklist but dosent return to the cdu.. so after every checklist i need to return to the cdu... is that normal? also maybe im just used to the other voices.. but for some reason the uk voice set dosent sound very clear and nice like the other products.. thanks
  20. Yes. Everything is happening as it should. But no traffic is shown Btw no need to install v4 again.. just change the diractory in regedit..
  21. Not in the air.. not in the ground and not in default airports
  22. I copied the file over the V5 UTlive starts of fine and it even says ul live initializing.. but no traffic is showing at all. simobjects.cfg is fine. so as the addon.cfg any ideas?
  23. simple fix 🙂 now you will be able to open the dispatcher
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