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  1. I will. Thanks. But i really like chewwy's preset so i rather sticking with him and figuring what the problem is. But i will try your preset to confirm that pta is the problem.
  2. Hi hi have a grey cloud problem i tried contacting support for a few times during 2 or 3 months and got nothing back... i use p3d v4 with asca clouds using chewyy's Pta profile... i can upload it if needed. i use ultimate realisem for the sky textuers. here is a video showing my problem: the problem starts showing after 15 seconds. Thanks in Advance
  3. I just used the gtn mod that can be found on this post and added the svs line now i have the gtn mod and svs. im trying to do the same with bert's gtn mod but when i do the alt select dosent work.. without svs it wokrs fine but if it works in the caravan i dont see a reason that it wont work in the tbm so if someone can do anything with the tbm...
  4. Ok. got it i will start chacking. how about nvidia drivers? after starting to fly v4 i had this freeze then after installing an older nvidia driver it helped for a few months. witch driver is the most reccomended / you are using? Thanks Eytan
  5. Ok thanks for the tips. could you explain to me the thing about the 8 terra bytes VAS? i know what vas is from the 32 bits sim's but i tought v4 is 64 bit... means no restrection. could you explain to me about that limitation beacuse if thats the case i can just minimize the sim for the time that im surffing in chrome.. then vram and cpu will go down a lot
  6. I do not know if i have the same problem as you but i would apprichate you taking a look at my post and if you could help me.. tried installing 100 nvidia drviers...
  7. Well my settings are not even close to the max... im in flight simulation for the past 6 years.. so i know "some stuff" and thrust me before i posted here i've chaked everything.. Dll exe cfg everything tried to changce settings diffrent planes.. happends with all of them. and i never had a problem running chrome and even stean games in the backround this is a v4 thing and happends at cruise with no reason again if i do not touch the pc it dosent happen. and i belive that with my system i can allow myself surff on chrome.
  8. before every flight... anyways its wierd i have two screens its seems that when i watch youtube videos on the sim screen on top of it for a long time it happends. i try to watch youtube things and do internet stuff on the other screens seems like i can getawey with it it was never a problem for me in v3 or fsx...
  9. I would love to have a pfpx profile for the C208 does someone has one?
  10. Can you do a merge of this with svs? beacuse when using this mod svs dosent work for me
  11. So ussely after 3 hours somtimes more somtimes less i have this freeze. so the SIM DOES NOT CRASH!!! the flight continous i can turn sound off and on and go to outside view and i hear everything but! the sim is frozen means that i hear everything moves but i dont see anything i see the plane frozen and nothing moves. i have this problem from the moment i got p3d v4 4 months ago. im not finding this problem nowhere and im getting so frustetad i just cannot fix it if i will go on a 12 hour flight and leave the sim i will come back after 11 hours and everything is fine... but when im doing a 8 hour flight and im staying on the computer and watch youtube videos and do things it will freeze after 2-4 hours. When it happends i Press the ; key and save the sim and restart the sim but thats not a solotion I dont know what to do anymore.. please help Add ons: ORBX GLOBAL, VECTOR, OPENLC EUROPE NA AND SA FsRealTime FsLinda ASV4 OC4BA SIOC Drivers for open cockpits MCP Vpilot AI Ultimate Traffic live. PMDG 777-747-737 happends with all planes! Using Fiberframetimefraction=0.18 tweak PLEASE HELP!
  12. I have bert's GTN mod could that be it?
  13. I bought the tbm a week ago how is it possible i do not have the updated version
  14. No and in the tbm the sys vis button dosent even show up
  15. When i do it says syntetic vision started but still dosent work and when i try to run the RunProcess-x64 thats what i get: http://prntscr.com/hoprwq
  16. SVS dosent work on tbm and c208 ex what can i do??? no one answers at the forums!!!!!!
  17. Hi i have the same problem in V4 dosent work in the tbm and the c208 did you fix it couse carenado dosent anwer....
  18. Hi i just bought the SVS. i have the TBM and the C208.. i do not understand the holl thing with the server it dosent work on both airplanes... The meteo thing and web sim server exists in both of the dll xml do i need to delete it? thanks
  19. It dosent work for me... any chance you can send me your PANEL CFG in private messege... i tried to make it work for like two hours
  20. Sorry i toght he asked if it worked didnt rea it well lol
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