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  1. just so you know, Xbox One X can't run at 4k. It can upscale it to 4k from 1080p, but not true 4k. I prefer PCs for this, and other reasons, but if PS5 and XBS are going to be amazing, it may change my mind.
  2. I forgot to say in my previous post, that if the sim is supposed to run on xbox, then some serious optimization is under way 🙂 Boris
  3. It doesn't come from anywhere official, some guy started calling it MSFS 2020 and some other guy called it, and some other guy called it, etc. Boris 🙂
  4. I think they confirmed that it was "MID 2020", so like @ZLA Steve said, E3 is very possible. Boris
  5. What does "Lock final delivery schedule" mean? Boris
  6. Hey guys, I'm very interested in the alpha recruitment program for MSFS 2020. I've filled out the survey. We get more information tomorrow (October 10th). I'm very excited. Do any of you have any idea of when we get the confirmation on whether we made it? What's going to happen in the alpha testing process? Anything you'd like to share? Boris
  7. Interesting to know, at least in the USA where I live, my pc would be $200-$400 cheaper. Maybe prices do vary significantly in France. Boris
  8. Do you guys know a lot about building PCs? It's legitimately not that difficult. Watch a few tutorials on youtube on how to find parts, use PCPartpicker, and assemble the PC. Again, youtube has so many tutorials on PC building, and while it seems daunting to start doing it, it's honestly easy and fun. Not to mention that it is considerably cheaper to build than to buy an already prebuilt. Now, we know that lots of the objects are going to be streamed, or at least I heard. That is something like GeForce Now which uses the cloud to play games. Then, they will jump out of their socks to try to make the game optimized for mid-performance PCs, that's for sure (or at least I really hope). Yet still, we do not know about the specs we will need. We know that the demo machines at the preview event had 2080s, but the older graphics cards will still have plenty of juice left in them, so don't fret if you have a midline gaming rig. I would go as far to say that maybe decent gaming laptops will be able to run it. TL:DR Building a PC is cheaper and more fun and engaging than buying a prebuilt. Microsoft will try hard to optimize the sim as much as possible. There will be cloud streaming. We still don't know if we will need a beast PC to run the sim, which I am expecting we won't. Good day, Boris
  9. That really makes me want to get xplane. I just think that the MSFS looks really nice...
  10. Hi, I want to get Xp11 very much, but I don't know whether I should get it, or wait for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 which looks amazing. I really want to get xplane, but what do you guys think?
  11. So I was looking through those super realistic videos, and found this. Apart from the window, or whatever that is, it look really good. He must be using aerosoft eddf. But those trees look amazing! I want to know which add-on he used. I suspect it's the "enriched autogen" add-on but I'm not sure
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