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  1. Yay! Thank you! Installing all the updates as we speak! Been waiting to have the NGX back in my sim
  2. I think their next release will probably be the 747-8, new release at least. Would love to see an updated 737 as well, like a v2
  3. Same here, but I'm on the latest version. Seems to be acting a little weird atm
  4. Glad you got yours working. I'm still having the exact same problem :( EDIT: Finally working, havent changed a thing
  5. Thats cool and all but my AV isnt even running and I've had no problem installing updates before until now.
  6. I still cant even update the ops center haha
  7. All I've been waiting for it the NGX haha hopefully today is the day!
  8. Would love a PMDG 757 or 767. Yeah I know LDS makes them and is making a 757, but PMDG would be so much better
  9. Tutorial is outdated. The charts have updated
  10. Ahhhh cant wait! Unable to download the op center update at the moment though. It just says its unable to download, please try again...almost there boys! Casey Crebs
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