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  1. excellent job @holland786! the stutter is over. thank you so much for making this correction! Waiting only for the experimental version to receive this correction.
  2. hello, Any information on the progress of this fix?
  3. I'm flying with a version that I have saved, released on April 14th, FBW A32NX experimental version (5fd8a6a4). In this version of course it doesn't have the current features, but it doesn't have those stutters, the flight is totally fluid.
  4. I'm using SU 10 beta with DX12 and DX11 on both I'm having a little stutter on the ground and in flight after takeoff, I only use the experimental FBW A32NX and always updated. But I tested stable version 0.8.2 and development and continued to have little stutter. This has been going on since SU 9. So I did a test using the asobo standard A320 and the stutters disappeared. I have saved an FBW A32NX experimental version (5fd8a6a4) published on April 14, installed it again and to my delight the little stutters are gone. I know others have reported stuttering using other aircraft, but in my case installing an older version solved my problem.
  5. Hi, I have a ssd NVMe M.2 samsung 960 evo PCIe 3.0, Sequential Read Speed Up to 3,200 MB/sec. exclusive to msfs. And I was wondering if these new generation PCIe 4.0 with Read/Write Speeds 7000 MB/s would bring some noticeable improvement to msfs.
  6. I made this sequence of photos, I hope it can help you.
  7. I was having this same problem, but when I watched the Easyjetsimpilot video tutorial I noticed that removing the + sign before altitudes, on the mcdu flight plan page. example: +8000 and leaving only altitude 8000 without the + sign, the aircraft started to obey the restrictions. google translator translation. lol
  8. Sensational! What about the performance calculator any predictions?
  9. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to increase the resolution of only the cockpit screens (PFD,MFD,ECAM) A320 FBW?
  10. Hi, AMD has released a form in which we can suggest games for them to apply the new Fidelity FX technology, and they say it will suit both amd and nvidia cards. https://www.amd.com/pt/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution
  11. Whenever I receive the simbrief data, the zfw on the mcdu is always below the zfw generated in the simbrief. This is normal?
  12. @Ianrivaldosmith Thanks for this suggestion, it was very useful, it gave a good result!
  13. Hello I still have micro stuttering when making curves in flight or taxiing on the ground. Does this keep happening to someone else?
  14. I had this problem, so I removed the joystick and made a flight only from the keyboard, everything was perfect without any tendencies. Then I connected the joystick again and increased the dead zone to 17. Since then, I've been flying normally.
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