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  1. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to increase the resolution of only the cockpit screens (PFD,MFD,ECAM) A320 FBW?
  2. Hi, AMD has released a form in which we can suggest games for them to apply the new Fidelity FX technology, and they say it will suit both amd and nvidia cards. https://www.amd.com/pt/technologies/radeon-software-fidelityfx-super-resolution
  3. Whenever I receive the simbrief data, the zfw on the mcdu is always below the zfw generated in the simbrief. This is normal?
  4. @Ianrivaldosmith Thanks for this suggestion, it was very useful, it gave a good result!
  5. Hello I still have micro stuttering when making curves in flight or taxiing on the ground. Does this keep happening to someone else?
  6. I had this problem, so I removed the joystick and made a flight only from the keyboard, everything was perfect without any tendencies. Then I connected the joystick again and increased the dead zone to 17. Since then, I've been flying normally.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the initiative! Could you correct: SBKP and SBSP Thank you very much
  8. My A / P problem is when I am flying with the A320 during the approach and close to capturing the ILS the A / P leaves the route and goes to the last waypoint that is the selected runway. Is anyone having this problem too?
  9. Revolt, that problem still remains! When starting the approach appears in the flight plan "user" and the aircraft diverts the route to the runway.
  10. Here at the SBCG airport with the aircraft at the gate, the temperature and pressure are never correct, only when you start traveling the runway to take off that the temperature and pressure become correct with METAR. I have the latest version installed.
  11. Hi, I downloaded the installer but when clicking to run nothing happens, no installation window opens. Has it happened to anyone else?
  12. example of what happens to me. When activating the autopilot the aircraft leaves the course and goes to the next waypoint (KP024). This type of deviation occurs a lot in other approaches.
  13. I like the plane but the LNAV autopilot is not very faithful to RNP/RNAV navigation during SID/STAR curves.
  14. I was having this same problem. So I went into settings, menu profile, the fields were blank, I entered the data again and clicked on update after that he did not ask for more data when starting the program.
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