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  1. If you want to learn all about the EDM 830 Engine Monitor, follow the link on Youtube. 6 Learning Modules.
  2. You can use the Freeware JoinFS to record flights one over the next and so on and replay them. Development was stopped but it still works (except for the new M$FS Helicopters) Achim
  3. "Smoke on" for Aerobatics and Formation flying. Easy Replay after a Landing/Engine-crash incl. transfer of the plane to save Altitude afterwards (for second try). "intelligent" Modelmatching and manual override of a Model. (like JoinFS) Seasons . ....to be continued. Achim
  4. I mean, what I write "I am missing EGT/CHT for all 4 cylinders (for leaning) ", not one cylinder. Achim
  5. From my standpoint a a reallife RV6 Pilot: The RV14 should be 10-20 knots faster with 22/22 at 8000ft. The sound inside the cockpit is different to an original 4 cylinder 4 Stroke Lycoming plane. More like a rotax . I love the sound of the FSX RV7 from BayTower. Roll-rate is a little to fast. Stall is simulated very good. Drag with full Flaps is very good. I am missing EGT/CHT for all 4 cylinders (for leaning) Achim
  6. https://xmapsy.com/ I use it with Skydemon on an iPad. Achim
  7. I am a real Piston Engine Pilot and I can confirm, that it is sometime difficult to steer a starting Aircraft. Achim
  8. This is real Live at my Home-Airport Hildesheim Germany -EDVM. What is your Problem ? Achim
  9. Which MOD produce this Lines on G1000 (NXI and Standard) ? :( Thanks, Achim
  10. Start the game, wait for error (not connected) Window. LOG OUT from M$ Store. Wait, until game ask you to log in again. Do it. This helped me. Achim
  11. because the Sim produce an endless stream of Errors. From CDT's to "internet connection lost" to freezes. Achim
  12. I have connection lost since last "Hotfix" Update. New Problem or crashed System ?? Achim
  13. Nothing new. CDT after 15 Min flight. 😡 Achim
  14. Same here. Never had CDT before now 5 in 2 Hours 😢. Weird... Achim
  15. Does an XBOX have connectors for Joysticks and Pedals? Will all the expensions (community folder) work on XBOX? Achim
  16. Same Problem for month. I have to reload the whole simulator to get real weather. Achim
  17. Now I am missing my RV7 in M$FS2020 🤓 Achim
  18. Same here. A320 Flight from Gander to Heathrow. From the beginning of the STAR (in FMS and on Nav-Screen) it fly direct to Heathrow without following the path. A320 not usable any more. 😞 Achim
  19. With the help of Bert now the RV7 is my default plane again. I use a repaint from a friend of my own real RV6A. RV7A PH-CRJ Repaint. The RV6A has a smaller vertical stabilizer, rudder and wingspan than the RV7A.
  20. I speak about a clean P3D V5 with some A2A Planes and ORBX Europe. Do I need additional gauges from V4 or FSX ? I have installed the RV7 at an external Position and added it with add-on.cfg. No Manifold, Mixture Tooltip always show "rich". the I deinstalled ist and reinstalled in inside the P3D V5 Directory (like in FSX). Same Problems. Manifold allways 0, no (rich, lean) Mixture Tooltip. The Baytower RV7 is not usable for me in V5 😢 Achim
  21. Both show 0 inHG. 2nd Error: CHT Tooltip always show "Full Rich" 3rd Error: Lights are not working (Nav, Strobe, Landing) Panel light works Achim
  22. Redownload the Baytower RV7 from flight1 and installed it via add-on.cfg. Now not all but most is okay in P3D V5 1st Error: The Manifold pressure is not displayed. 😞 Achim
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