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  1. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    If you already have it, you can use it beside Time Zone Fixer but if you don't have it, Time Zone Fixer will take care of everything.😉
  2. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    Lockheed Martin announced, UTC Movement problem has been fixed in their Prepar3D V4 so I think there won't be a major problem in your flights.😉
  3. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    Dear Richard, FS Real Time was made to fix UTC movement problem in FSX. It checks real world's UTC time and when your sim's UTC time goes off course, FSRealTime inject correct UTC time into your simulator. Time Zone Fixer is working in different way. Flight simulator's default Time Zones are not correct and with Time Zone Fixer, all those faulty default Time Zones will be replaced by new fixed Time Zone definitions so it doesn't have any external application. It is a part of your flight simulator and when you fly, your flight simulator uses correct Time Zone definitions and in this way you will have correct local time in entire your flight. Time Zone Fixer can be used stand alone or beside FS Real Time (If you already have FS Real Time you can still use it without any problem) although Lockheed Martin announced, UTC Movement problem has been fixed in their Prepar3D V4.
  4. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    Yes. It is correct. Install Time Zone Fixer once and run Real Time Flight Manager before running your flight simulator. You will have correct time in your entire flight.
  5. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    Hi, As I wrote in my post, This Real Time Flight Manager only sets your Departure time and if you have Time Zone Fixer addon, you will have correct time during your flight (from departure to destination) In most cases everyone runs different programs (weather, ...) before or after flight simulator. Running Real Time Flight Manager is only a double click task on program's shortcut. It is really simple and won't take any time. It finds your departure time automatically and this part helps you a lot and save you time. For example if you want to depart from Tokyo in Japan. If you want to depart at current real time then you have to search and find Tokyo's current time and set it manually in your flight simulator. With Real Time Flight manager, you only run it and it sets Tokyo time for you automatically.
  6. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    Hi, Time Zone Fixer is very cheap but RealTime Flight Manager is free at the moment! Anyone can make a new account in SimElite website and use it for free.😉
  7. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    Hi, I checked KTEB time and it is correct with Time Zone Fixer V1.4.1_Beta4. It is UTC-4h0. Local time was 13:25 and UTC was 17:27 In Prepar3D, always check UTC and Local time from your flight (Not from Scenario page) for this, load your flight and the go to top menu, World--> Time and Season you can see UTC is 4 hours ahead of your local time in KTEB. If you have wrong time, check your Time Zone Fixer settings once again.
  8. victorpapa

    Great new Time Manager program

    My friends, Let me explain how exactly this new "SimElite Solution RealTime Flight Manager" tool and "Time Zone Fixer" addon work together and clarify the situation for those who are confused. As you know flight simulator has a Time Zone Scenery layer which define Time Zone(offset from UTC) for each coordinates on earth. If those Time Zone definitions are correct, it means you have correct local time (based on departure time) in every point your airplane is. With Time Zone Fixer, when you load your airplane at your departure airport, your simulator calculates correct (Not current) local time based on correct Time Zone definitions in your entire flight from departure to arrival. Time Zone Fixer can't set your departure time automatically and you have to set it manually. Because of this you have correct (NOT current) time in your entire flight. For example if real current time in New York is 10:00Am now, you load your flight and set your departure time 8:00Am (Instead of 10:00AM), your flight simulator will calculate time based on 8:00Am departure time and if you fly to Ottawa in Canada your flight time is 1h30m (New York and Ottawa both have UTC-4h0 time now) and you will land at Ottawa airport at 09:30AM (current real world's time in New York and Ottawa at the end of your flight is 11:30AM but because you set 08:00AM for your departure time your arrival time is 09:30AM instead of 11:30Am) Without Time Zone Fixer (with simulator's default Time Zone definitions), Ottawa has wrong Time Zone in Spring and Summer. It has UTC-5h00 instead of UTC-4h00 and it means in our example if you start your departure at 8:00Am in New York airport you will land at Ottawa airport at 8:30AM (Instead of 9:30AM) new RealTime Flight Manager program is made to only set your departure time based on current real world's time and it doesn't have anything to do with keeping your Time Zone or local time correct because Time Zone Fixer is already doing that perfectly. In our previous example if you run RealTime Flight Manager program before your Flight Simulator, it sets your departure time at New York airport exactly 10:00Am (whatever current real world time at New York airport is). Combination of Time Zone Fixer and RealTime Flight Manager can lead to the best result and you will have current real world's time in your departure airport and then your Time Zone Fixer will take care the rest of your flight and you will have correct current real world's time in your entire flight from departure to arrival. Please ask any questions regarding this matter and I will answer them all.
  9. I sent you this email once again from a Gmail account. I hope you receive it correctly.
  10. It's strange because I sent you the email yesterday (from "" to the email address I received your first email) Anyway, I sent that email once again minutes ago. If you haven't received the second email either please reply to this message and I will forward you that email from a Gmail account.
  11. Paul, we are working on our FSTrackers project (Flight Simulator Tracking System) these days and it will be ready to use very soon (Maybe next week) and then we will decide how to work on this season fixer project. I prepared and sent Scandinavian countries (Sweden,Norway,Finland,Denmark) season fixer files to Richard and I am waiting for his confirmation.
  12. The snow coverage for Sweden on November 5,2017(Today) is like this: Snow Coverage I will set your Sweden season like this (Winter in the south part and Hard Winter in the north part) until 22 December and after that there will be hard winter in whole Sweden!
  13. Hi Richrd, As you know the whole simulator is based on layers(mesh, terrain, autogen,...). The season has it's own layer and it shows appropriate textures for that area. For example if you set a hard winter season for November in Sweden, it will show textures with snow prepared for that area. When I tested, there wasn't any autogen definition for Fall in Arlanda airport(the area I tested). But as you can see in my demo, winter is appropriate season for this time of year. I can do another test for you (with wider area that suit your needs) because you started this topic and it will be absolutely free of charge! We are trying to make simulator better and money only is needed to cover our expenses. Please tell me what exactly you are looking for in Sweden and what is a good setting for you? what is the correct season for each month? If you like you can send me an email to: and we can discuss the details there.
  14. Hello my friends, As I promised yesterday, I prepared a demo to show you guys it is possible to fix flight simulator seasons based on the real worlds conditions. Although there is one limitation in this matter. As they stated in the SDK, seasons change 1st of each month (definition is monthly basis) BUT I have a solution to solve this problem too! If I decided to work on this project, I will tell you what we can do for it. This demo is made for Arlanda airport (ESAA) in Stockholm_Sweden. Visit flight simulator season demo here.
  15. Hello my friends, I am from SimElite Solutions team and good news is we can adjust the flight simulator seasons for those who have problem with soon/late season change in in some countries inside flight simulator. I will share you guys a demo and explain more tomorrow.