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  1. hello, when going to the FPL, normally on the right side (RSK3) is a menu text, if you click the button, you can choose a flightplan .rte file from the folder (e.g. ex simbrief). function works fine, just no text there. cu
  2. Hello radio COM/NAV1, when tuning frequency, 95 to 00, the main number increases by 1 - I'm not shure if thats right. radio COM/NAV2, when tuning 95 to 00, main number does not change - I think this is the correct behaviour (like in the standard LJ35). both radios should work the same way. FMS: NAV unable to follow FPL, only ARM and CAP, but CAP makes the plane turn completly away from routing, starts 360's to the left). KCOS example from earlier post does not work sucessfully for me. When I startup with RXP GTN750 (works fine) and change inflight to the FMS version - I get LRN green - follows to the next point, then starts 360's left again and does not follow FMS FPL FMS itself seems to work fine, entered a few routes with SID/STARS/airways. [p3d v5.1 + fms1.1]
  3. Hi SR and 1/2 are not indicated with a light when the button is pressed. or are these functions not implemented? thank you
  4. Hi Great plane for short flights to small regional airports. RXP GTN works fine for me. But I have some issues with the anti-ice system and its alarm system. Engine shutdown: I can only do it with the fire handles - I think thats not standard procedure...? Would appreciate some more infos on power setting (throttle/prop/EEC/feather switch) for different flight segments. cheers
  5. site offline. is there a possibility to have that tool as excel file? recommended alternatives? PFPX? thanks and greetings
  6. Hi the download link is invalid - any chance you could make the repaint available again? thank you
  7. Hello Any chance you could include a PRINT button in aurasim so the calculated data could be printed out on a small thermal POS-printer? Thank you
  8. Hello Please don't forget legendary CROSSAIR liveries - any repaint artist that could make it happen, please? http://www.airliners.net/search?aircraftManufacturer=29&aircraftBasicType=11153&airline=17921 and more here http://www.sr692.com/fleet/crossair/index.html my favorite livery http://www.airliners.net/photo/Crossair/Saab-340B/1695391/L Thank you
  9. more CROSSAIR pictures http://www.sr692.com/fleet/crossair/index.html http://www.airliners.net/search?aircraftManufacturer=29&aircraftBasicType=11153&airline=17921
  10. Hello CROSSAIR was a very popular airline across europe with Saab 340 / 2000. So it would be very cool if any repaint artist could design one of its liveries Examples can be found here: http://bsl-mlh-planes.net/browse/type_id/412/operator_id/16/ Thank you very much!
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