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  1. This may not be relevant, but I couldn't move or delete files in MSFS because it was installed in the WindowsApps folder. I reinstalled the whole in thing in a different folder I named FS2020. Now I can delete or move files to my hearts content.
  2. Really nice update. AA looks terrific. Was able to back off TAA to 6x, maybe even lower. Everything very smooth, except for the turbulence, which seems very good, if that has changed. My old 1060 card seems to handle things well. Am going to take a look at the night lighting now.
  3. Versus the "over-priced and eternally complaining"? Lol Seriously, (and I know this should be self evident), but they are not targeting the system junkie market. Although that won't stop people from demanding they change.
  4. "so maybe check your settings!" Thanks, I'm good. I'm not going to upgrade my card just for v5, when I can run MSFS just fine on high settings. If they go DX12 down the road, we'll see.
  5. Well, the "push" for me would be to go all in on MSFS, if they expect everyone to have to get a top-o-the-line vcard just to be able to run E.A. I was planning on keeping v5.
  6. If I were using X-Plane I would have bought it long ago I guess, but a bit late now for me.
  7. The view commands are somewhat difficult to get used to. I'm doing this from memory since it's been downloading all day, but go to Cockpit View, and select "Cockpit Look Left" and map that to your joystick hatswitch left, and do the same for right, up for forward and down for back. Then do the same for external view. It will tell you they are already mapped but validate anyway, and it will do it.
  8. Thank you Carlos for taking the time to post. Your business model has always been very generous and we certainly appreciate that. Also your product quality has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and I always look forward to your next airport. Glad to hear that will continue into the new sim. KABQ fills a void in the USA coverage and I will be a buyer. KGEG? 🙂
  9. I'm sure many are aware of this, but Flickr is a great resource. The "Explore, Recent Photos" page features daily notable photographs from around the world, and I've started cataloging places to fly based on some of those. There are also a few aviation pics scattered among them.
  10. The more the merrier, but I'll wait and see. Have become a bit disillusioned with performance of some products and their attitude. I'll just say I'm not sorry to leave the stutters behind.
  11. It's surprising to me I have almost the opposite experience, especially with my i7-6700K and GTX 1060 6GB. I don't get all of the stuttering and pauses that I had in v4.4, and fps are incredibly high in big cities. The topper for me is the new Enhanced Atmospherics. So much so that I'm gradually dismantling v4.4. I know it's still beta and needs a lot of work, but the difference is amazing. Having said that I have to watch the GPU counter like a hawk. If I'm getting near the limit I have to back off on settings before I get an OOM. Not much help I know, but if 4.5 is working so well, stick with it! I'm sure LM is going to iron out the kinks in v5, and hopefully get the VRAM usage down a bit (I know, DX12 and all that). I think this will all be a moot point on the 18th, but I am keeping v5 just to fly the hoard of aircraft and scenery I have.
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