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  1. I'm getting ready to format and install Windows 10 on my C drive (currently on Win 7). Question is I have two other internal hard drives mainly used for storage (no OS). Will they be recognized on the new system? Thanks
  2. We have world-wide AI shipping now, thanks to Henrik Nielsen. It's fabulous. Also if you are using an AI traffic addon or your own compiled stuff, you are seeing "live" traffic, since they are using real-world flightplans. But if MS is including this massive amount of work with the sim, more power to them. But I hope it's not going to be priced sky high ('scuse the pun).
  3. I think we are trying to mix ATC and AI Traffic as being one in the same. I can maybe see MS implementing Real ATC, but then you would need AI Traffic to go with it, which is no small thing. You would need models for all the regional, domestic and international stuff, then all the liveries, which would be an enormous amount of work. And the models would have to be AI specific, i.e. multiple LODs, lower poly count, optimized, etc. Otherwise your frame rates would come to a standstill. And then all those airlines would need flightplans to be written. The data may be out there, but it has to correlated into FS specific plans. Again, no small thing.
  4. For those worried about too much enthusiasm going on here (worship? really?), there's so much time for hand-wringing and fussing about if it will run or not. Just allow me my moment of wow. 😄
  5. You've ruined my P3D! Here I was, all content with the sim for who knows how long, ready for years of updates, enjoying my clinical hording of addons and you came along with your new sim out of the blue. I'll be honest here, I'm an eye candy guy. I've been in the visual arts for decades, and always with an eye toward the sky and aviation. My main focus in the sim is always chasing the perfect visuals with the right cloud, lighting and sky textures. I want it to look as real as possible. So here you are now with visuals that absolutely blow out of the water anything I've been trying to achieve. Of course I'm not really complaining. I just didn't think that anything like this was possible for maybe the next 10 years or so. And I really don't understand how you can extrapolate the buildings in the vertical like NYC. That is just mind blowing. I did a little reading on photogrammetry and my eyes glazed over. To me it's just magic. And so it will be when I get to fly this thing. (disclaimer: this is not a campaign for beta tester, I'm not even on Win10 yet, so stop rolling the eyes). But I will still keep my P3D for using aircraft and sceneries that may not be compatible with FS2020, or whatever you want to call it. But please MS don't do any drastic changes to the look of the new sim. The bloom, lighting, Rayleigh effect, water reflections, etc, etc, are gorgeous.
  6. Where do you get 2-3 airliners? Based on FSX? The only definitive thing we've seen is the A320.
  7. I'm not sure what is meant by Live AI. I can't believe that MS will provide accurate worldwide flightplans and all the models to go with them. This would be enough for another whole addon, such as UTLive. I think we have to remember the cost and surely they don't want to price the sim out of the market. They could possibly do as in FSX, use the default models (we need a 737) and generic flightplans. I find it interesting that I see what looks like all Airbus's in a hybrid factory scheme at KSFO. Is this the French influence?? 😁 I will be more than happy if I can carry my FSX native AI horde over to FS2020.
  8. Words are failing me at what is coming from MS. This is just epic stuff. I can't remember being this excited for the release of anything. I think if I could fast forward ahead 9 months or so, I would, just to start flying in this gorgeous virtual world. I think I will probably have a sick day or two on release. 😄
  9. Thanks so much for posting these. This is just insanely epic.... And it certainly looks like generic airliner traffic at the airport.
  10. Perhaps you should be totally right before discounting another opinion. Do you build your own AI?
  11. I would echo AI and ATC, although I wouldn't expect MS to provide all the AI, just enable it so we can build our own with multiple bgl traffic files or purchase an addon. Being able to use our own FSX native AI collection would be wonderful. But ATC would be necessary.
  12. I could go for this as well if they fill up the ramps with Boeings. Right now it looks kind of bare.
  13. My previous response is gone as well. I noticed in the latest video of the Skyhawk launching from Renton, that the grass alongside the runway is generating during progression down the runway. I'm assuming this is procedural and the result of shaders? If this is automatically calculated across the planet, it will certainly add more dimension to bush strips. This will be a whole new ball game (for flightsim at least). Dave, I'm still using your clouds and sky, nothing better (Todd from Orbx forum). (I don't think the missing posts were accidental).
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