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  1. It's great to see someone really digging into the whole atmospheric visual mechanism in MSFS, great job! That's one area that I'm really not satisfied with, and it really is a problem of a green color shift in the whole sim. My suspicion is it may have to do with an environmental mapping texture, much like we had in FSX and P3D. I've seen screenshots of aircraft sitting on tarmac at an airport, and has horrid green reflections on the underside as if they were sitting on grass. But it's pervasive through the sim, as I take screenshots into Photoshop to do a color correction pass, and it always eliminates the green cast. Some of the ReShade settings available on fs.to also do the same thing, but I can't use them since I bought the sim from the store, not Steam. I'm really surprised no one at Asobo has touched on this yet. I think if you are in the visual arts it's pretty obvious.
  2. So some people are "spoiled" because they may not have the same opinion as you? Should we just be grateful for anything thrown our way, regardless of the effort that went into it? I see why they put it on sale right out of the gate.
  3. Disappointed. Really subpar for Orbx. Will make me think twice on another purchase.
  4. CS sent me a new 777 installer, make of that what you will. See my previous post.
  5. Yes, totally normal, because that's what it's supposed to do.
  6. I've noticed that using Bijan's Terrain Mask kills the green somewhat.
  7. I got the 777 for MSFS and I keep getting a virus warning when trying to install. Defender shows the info and the file is m744.dll in the temp folder. Following the info link to Microsoft it looks like a legit, known trojan. At this point I am NOT turning off Defender as CS suggests. Getting any help from them is problematic at best.
  8. Fun??? I thought this was all serious stuff?
  9. I'm not sure I'm going to install any cargo flightplans yet, since I don't think most airports, except for maybe a few payware, are set up for cargo spaces. You might have cargo aircraft populating your passenger stands.
  10. I've been an AIG user for years now, and yes, there is a bit of some user setup involved, but for those that pride themselves devouring systems manuals it shouldn't be all that daunting. As far as waiting for Asobo to resolve bugs....well...a bird in hand.....also kudos to Kai and the crew for getting this out to us to enjoy, for free no less. Amazing the amount of work that goes into this stuff, and it will only get better as Asobo solves some AI issues.
  11. He already has for the Sea Hawk. I believe they're at fs.to as well.
  12. He just released his native F2H Banshee as well. Wonderful stuff and very generous.
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