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  1. Admittedly, I don't usually have the problem of airport vehicles driving on runways mostly because I have a knack for finding things that are not actually runways to land at. I particularly recall the strip I found out in Tasmania that had a tree at the end of the runway. Was going to file a bug report on it when I looked up the actual air strip . That... wasn't. It might have been one at some point in the past but not any more. The tree right off the concrete? Yeah, it was real.
  2. It really is. I did a number of mission in Flying Circus by pilotage and dead reckoning, with no minimap, and I do remember what the world looked like from all of them, but for the flight around Tasmania I did in the Flying Iron F6F with a GPS unit, I remember the magenta line, not the flight. I think given all of that, I'll start with the dual radio setup, and figure out how to handle limitations when I need to. I gather the Bonanza is good at grass field lands anyways.
  3. Picked up the steam gauge Bonanza, and figure it's time to learn IFR and start doing those globe trotter flights I've wanted to do for a while. Thing is, it's got a lot of options, and I figure I should probably start with a configuration and stick with it. My prior background is WWI/WWII combat sims, so while I've got pretty solid stick and rubber skill, and a decent grasp of pilotage, my experience with GPS and even radio nav is basically nill. From what I see, the radio options are com 1 can be either a GTN 750, a GNS 530 or a KX155 radio, while com 2 can have either a GNS 430 or another KX155 I'm curious about the pure radio nav system, but from what I'm reading, it seems to depend on VOR ground beacons being working, which seem to being going away, and not necessarily global. Is it possible to do navigation across the globe using just the dual KX155 radios? Or is that going to lock me out of some regions? And how do the different GPS units stack up to each other? Since the point of this is to see the world, I also don't want to set myself up in a system that incentivizes keeping my head inside the cockpit when I'm VFR. I worry that GPS will be so effective that I'd spend most of my time watching the instruments, even when it is possible to fly by eye. Thoughts? Harry Voyager
  4. I'd strongly recommend going through Moore's Law is Dead: @G-RFRY Zen 4 efficiency is taking a beating on desktop because it's running in maximum performance mode. Apparently if you cap it at 45W, you still get about half the performance. The difference is, it can run >4x it's sweet spot to push it up to >5.8Ghz. Given it is thermaly limited, I actually wonder just how high it can automatically boost with a sufficient cooler. I suspect what we will see in practice is low power usage in most of our applications, with the ability to go bonkers for stuff that really needs the extra juice.
  5. I recommend checking your BP a bit more often than that. 120/80 feels pretty much the same as 200/160, and you probably want to catch that before you have a problem. Just saying...
  6. Really depends on what you're doing. Long slow cruises where I'm not doing much, 30fps is ok, though I do find myself getting a bit of a headache after longer flights. For things requiring a lot of scanning, I find I really prefer 60fps, otherwise I can see a lot of ghosting. For dogfights and probably acrobatics, I've come to the conclusion that 90-120 is probably necessary to clean up double images. That said, I doubt many people are doing either in MSFS.
  7. They shipped review samples out about a month ago to reviewers. Today was the day the review embargo ended.
  8. @enright It *is* more expensive. The 5800X3D came out about a year and a half after the 5800X at the same retail price the 5800X did at launch. Any time you add a die to a system it will be more expensive. Especially one that requires novel precision packaging. We should expect to see that cost hit with the Zen 4 Vcache chips. That the 5800X3D was priced as a 5800 is mostly because it was launched to counter Alder Lake, and was a bit of a stop gap prototype, with some real limits we won't see on the Zen 4 chips. On CPU usage, I'd expect the Vcache chips to remain king of Dx11 work. Given that Dx12 is still not fully implemented, and we're very GPU limited too, I'm thinking out best bet is to wait until the next gen of GPUs hits retail, and MSFS's Dx12 implementation gents out of beta to see. I know right now in Dx12, on my 5800X3D, I see way high CPU usage, and way longer CPU frame times than I do in Dx11. In DX11, I'm usually getting sub 9ms CPU frametimes, with only ~15-20% usage, but DX12, I'll see 100% CPU usage for a 15ms frametime. But that's really probably down to drivers and maturity.
  9. Does anyone have a good reference on how turbo prop engines are operated? Basically what are the power and condition levers actually doing? I get the prop pitch/mixture/manifold throttle of piston engines, and I know the basic theory that turbo props use, but I'm having trouble understanding what the various levers and stuff are actually doing. If it's different for different engines, I'm looking at the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 and its varients. The BlackSquare King Air refit has gotten me curious in going to non-piston planes. Thank you, Harry Voyager
  10. Well, it will depend. In the GPU costs more than $2K to build, it can't stay below that for long before companies exit. I doubt we will see scalping like we did in the 30/RDNA2 generation, but we may see retail prices climb for the top end parts.
  11. There is a reason EVGA just exited the market. I've been seeing BOM cost estimates that these things cost close to $2k USD to make. I'd expect the $1599 to turn into a fake MSRP.
  12. Before you look at headsets, be sure to measure your IPD. I've got an IPD of 71mm, which was totally fine in a Rift CV1, but absolutely did not work in an HP Reverb G1. But if your head is a more normal size, the Reverb G1/2 would be fine. If you've got a really wide eye placement, you'll have to look at something like the Valve Index or even the HTC Vive Pro 2. (I've got the VP2, but given the likely changes coming, I'd say the Index is probably a more balanced and reliable pick.) But on GPUs? Wait until the RDNA3 reviews come in. This GPU generation is going to be pretty nuts. The 4090 is expected to be extra toasty high power, but RDNA3 is likely to deliver considerable performance much more economically, and likely more performance for AIBs that are willing to push it to its limits. Combine that with the over production of Ampere cards and the crypto crash, and it will be a buyers market by the time we see the next gen of hardware.
  13. Yes. Especially right at the edges of the flight envelope. I still vividly remember the first time I mushed a plane into the ground. It will also be good for Asobo to get access to his experience with forced induction aircraft as well. Not many modern pistons use turbo or super chargers (you'd just go to a turbine if you really need that) but before jets and turbines came around, forced induction was huge in piston engines.
  14. What happens if you enabler Long File Name support in Windows 10? I've noticed my Community folder is behind such a long string of random characters that I can't directly install stuff there but end up having to do some funky things to add 3rd party modules.
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