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  1. Geez, it's probably a quick shot that was on hand from one of the developers when they were testing the model in the sim. Instead of a pre-planned announcement screenshot. Who cares... stop making mountains out of ant hills.
  2. Same. I am a little bit sad that this one will be the X+ with Garmin 5000 suite instead of the awesome "old school" Primus 2000. Had a lot of fun with the Eaglesoft Citation X back in P3D and FSX.
  3. Yes, at least one of them does: https://www.airhistory.net/photo/216254/C-FWZV
  4. This is some very flawed logic. There is rarely just one way to do things in the cockpit. If the "correct way of the real aircraft" is selecting the airway from a menu, and there is no other correct way, it should be impossible to enter airways directly in between the brackets. So that would still make the addon improperly done. More likely is that both ways are possible in the real aircraft, and it varies per operator or pilot how they use it. It is the same on my aircraft, where some people only enter direct-to's by copying the next waypoint over the current waypoint by means of the leg page, and others use the dedicated direct-to page of the FMS. Both ways work and are "correct". What might also be likely is that the ATR and the CRJ share some code, as the CRJ has a similar bug with entries in the FMS locking up the whole aircraft. I don't know, that seems like a way more likely explanation than "everyone is just using it wrong".
  5. Hey JR! I think part of your information is outdated. The CRJ (or at least the ones I fly) has demonstrated the capability to fly RF Legs and is able to do so when coupled to GNSS as navigation source with AP on or FDs on. It also needs FMC *-28 software or later, and it should show such approaches in the FMS. Still not authorized for RNP-AR, I think this may also have something to do with the required commanded bank angle below 400' AGL. But if/when you find RF legs outside of such -AR procedures, the CRJ should able to fly them if you meet these requirements. I can not find those bank limits in any of our FCOMs or AFM on the CRJ9, it just mentions things like "1/2 bank limits to 15 degrees of roll" and "1/2 bank limits to half the normal bank limit for the selected lateral mode" which would logically lead me to 15 and 30 degrees. Just curious and wanting to find out more about it.
  6. Black Square has its niche since no one else has been doing a steam gauge King Air, Bonanza, Baron etc. And the Asobo PC-6 is much worse than the Milviz as I understood. Plus, I believe the Asobo PC-6 was a freebie? People will mostly feel something free is worse than what they pay for. But given two payware aircraft of the same model, most people will wonder why pay more? So competition gets very hard then. And Asobo can "subsidize" a smaller or non-existant profit margin with the income of the Marketplace. Blackbird/Milviz can not.
  7. So many people raving about the low price, but forgetting that it is only possible because it is basically sponsored by income generated from taking a cut of every Marketplace transaction. Meaning it kills competition because other developers can not compete on price and Asobo puts out an inferior product that saturates the market by low pricing. Even if Blackbird would continue now with their ATR, seeing that they could maybe do a much better job for example, most of the users just see two ATRs, one more expensive than the other, so it would be a hard sell for Blackbird. People, low price is not always good, I'm telling you.
  8. He does make a pretty solid point in the end though. Asobo/MS made it seem like they would make a complex addon out of this by labeling it Expert Series and involving Hans Hartmann. This made developers like Blackbird/Milviz halt their ATR development due to possible market saturation. They simply can not compete on price because this Asobo version is practically sponsored by the income generated through the Marketplace. For the Expert Series to be relatively half baked in systems simulation is quite sad then. I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy it and the price is great. But it sounds like it has the same issue as the CRJ had... It may look and sound quite like the aircraft it is trying to simulate, but it definitely does not work like one, especially for those who know how it should work. And also read his post from that point of view. This guy was probably looking forward to getting a high quality rendition of the airplane they fly in the sim. And then for it to be lackluster is a crappy feeling.
  9. Aerosoft is not involved, but it is done by the same developer who was the main, if not only developer for the CRJ. So I think it is not unreasonable to expect similar quality for the system fidelity. For me personally that means that I am likely not going to purchase this until it has had a few patches.
  10. The RealAir version was/is one of the best and most complete simulated GA twin engined aircraft for those sims and its time, in pretty much all ways. Sound, visuals, systems, performance, flight model etc. Just a blast to fly, especially the turbine version which can quite easily be described as overpowered. Source: Wikipedia Nothing quite like blasting off from a relatively short strip somewhere and climbing out like nobody's business. Edited to add that this will be a day one buy for me, like many others I suppose. I'm having a lot of fun with the analog King Air at the moment, and it makes me think the systems side is covered for sure. If he puts the same time and effort into modeling, texturing and sounds, this will be awesome.
  11. I mean, it has been like this since World Update 1... Launch Xbox app/Steam, update MSFS launcher if required, open game, download game update, then add the World Update to your game from Marketplace. Has been the process since WU1.
  12. A bit offtopic, and I know this might be blasphemy to ask, but why are some of you running 4K monitors only to need to run the game at less than 1440p via render scaling? Could probably save a bunch of money going for a good 1440p monitor then.
  13. This discussion... Complaining about this stuff like it is censorship and limiting your rights or opinions or oppressing you PERSONALLY. We are playing in someone else's house and backyard. They get to set the rules and we get to play by them, developers and customers alike. Deal with it.
  14. I'm still waiting for their "early adopter access" phase to end before I purchase any of the 737s 😅. See if they will fulfill their stated goals/promises.
  15. Not saying I don’t like the Dash 8, but take my post in the context of reacting to someone complaining that the dev should have done the Dash 8 instead of just enjoying another quality plane coming our way 😁. Autothrottle and VNAV are not so much the defining thing for me. It’s more the full glass, FMS style flying that is the boring part. You drop in your route, fire it up, engage nav mode and done. The more we see of more analogue planes, with basic GPS, the better IMO.
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