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  1. Why can't they both be great what's the problem? they both get the job done on a desktop sim and are sold as "entertainment (education) products".
  2. Please you are flying a default Asobo Baron. Why should we take this serious as to apposed something like the FSW C414 or Milviz C310 with more accurate flight models to actual live weather reaction in the sim? flying with no controls I sure would not want to fly with you sir. If that Baron is heavily modified by a reliable modder than I apologize for my post otherwise its Asobo rubbish and whats worse you have to spend another 30$ to get the Deluxe version to even fly it.
  3. How so and why would you attempt to fly a Baron in a Hurricane in the first place? As of now I only fly the MD82 a few times a week.
  4. Do you use MSFS I thought you gave up and went back to (LM) a few months ago. What's your interest here?
  5. Is it supposed to be 100% realistic, that's a far fetch on a desktop app and no one claimed it was perfect not even a RWP and the likes of Blackbox711 (A320) pilot who stated flaws in the new weather updates. Its better than pre SU 10 though with that on rails feeling. Do we want to go back to the FSX effect.
  6. People still having stutters like that may need check on their hardware or settings addons etc? FBW should not stutter like that.
  7. Than I suggest you can pick up the PMDG 737-600 for $35 U.S. or $54 AUD.
  8. Well there are choices just turn off live weather all together and set it as you please or use a preset. Why **** with live weather with some whack sliders you guys are not making Asobos job any easier.
  9. If its an Airliner, Jet or anything in the speeds over 200kts I could see wanting higher fps in the 60 range. No need for that flying a Cessna 152 that's ridiculous. A smooth locked 30fps would be good for that type of flying. Anything over 60 is overkill (well maybe not for VR) and only needed in 1st person shooter types of games. Its only chest thumping at this point.
  10. Kind of like you suggested in this post before. "Bobsk8 Suggestion for how to label the slider On Rails >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>50%>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Feels like a real aircraft"
  11. I just don't understand why people just don't turn off live weather and customize the weather as they see fit. I have done it many of times in the past.
  12. He is a "claimed" P3D user with much input in the MSFS forums Lately and not "P3D" that are very critical that's all I have to say.
  13. Don't even bother with his post. He has an agenda and don't even use MSFS as Abrams called him out a few pages ago.
  14. What business doesn't? MSFS was designed to run on a XBOX which uses AMD hardware.
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