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  1. Yep waste of $$$$ did that back in FSX days Waiting for A2A or Milviz aircraft.
  2. Gaming laptop. LOL Xbox series X will be superior by then.
  3. Sounds like a personal problem to fix just add a little fuel in flight no big deal
  4. That Rex addon is not impressive at all I may wait for Active Sky to come up with something maybe year 2024 if I am still alive when they add 3PA in MSFS
  5. PMDG stick to P3D and leave MSFS alone the community will fix the planes for free. Those old watered up FSX sims are in the past.
  6. I did I divorced her years ago. Less money but Happy chap now.
  7. Suggestion shut off MSFS, Fly P3D, X-Plane. FSX. or whatever and be done with it. there is goofballs in ever form of life. Get over it.
  8. You guys go help them out I'm sure things will speed up a little.
  9. Of coarse it's hit or miss just like the weather man on my local station.
  10. If you like the airport buy it if you plan to use it much, if not just move on no one is forcing anyone to buy anything.
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