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  1. Tell that to a P3D user that spend thousands of dollars than realize their money was wasted and can't be certified IRL. Some folks take fake as in reality.
  2. Aircraft development for me. Following the PMDG, Fenix, FBW, Maddog X, A2A, Milviz etc. Concorde looks interesting too. I've think I had enough of the scenery and the tree (LOD) threads.
  3. I wish more GA aircraft (steam gauge cockpits) in MSFS had that effect like the DC-6.
  4. Yep some can't just leave well enough alone. Just begging for controversy.
  5. Don't do it just look and laugh at their attention seeking posts like I do. That is all it is attention and the mods let them get away with it over here. Let me go make a thread in the P3D forum and trash the sim and see what happens.
  6. Naw man let him enjoy and rave about FSX 2.0 64 bit P3D, and play his high fidelity aircraft that will never be updated again. Ha Ha.
  7. This is more of a scenery update not a sim update. read the release notes
  8. Because many people are hyped pre 15:59 zulu and many more will be ticked off around 16:10 zulu when they don't get their wishes. than the happy ones will defend against the sad ones than we will have another 10 page thread within a hour when Chaotic Beauty drops the WU6 thread, pure madness and popcorn worthy 😱
  9. Withe better scenery available and better aircraft coming I would wonder why anyone would wan't to upgrade at this point anyways????
  10. It is in Redmond,Washington where the ones "really" calling the shots are located. Anyways there is already whining and the update has not even dropped yet. LOL
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