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  1. I couldn't figure out what people were talking about with this 'dune' thing. I finally realized they were referring to one of the splash screens on startup. You know things are going well when that is what people are complaining about. I usually start the sim and go get a coffee or whatever. If not, I'm going over the flight plan while the sim is starting up. I guess some people just stare at the splash screens when they should be multi-tasking.
  2. Things will get better once AI becomes self-aware.
  3. Seems to be a steep learning curve to go from developing aircraft for FSX, P3D to developing for FS2020/24. Even larger, experienced teams seem to struggle with it. It would appear the task is almost herculean for small, part time teams. I doubt the issue isn't that people are not berating them to 'hurry up' enough.
  4. I remain very surprised (in a good way) that Microsoft has resisted the urge to make FS2020 a subscription service. It is nearly unheard of today for a product that is frequently updated and constantly being worked on. We'll see if that changes with '24. High level bean counters really like to see constant revenue streams. There are ways they could do it both ways, by offering more goodies to subscribers.
  5. Disappointing. I was hoping to recreate some World War II flights using the actual weather at the time.
  6. How are people determining that the turbulence is 'correct' or not? Is it an opinion or based on a real world flight comparison for that day?
  7. If you listen to live ATC, like KJFK tower as an example, they will give the winds and conditions to each aircraft as they clear them to land and it's always changing slightly and certainly somewhat different than the ATIS or metar. There is no weather service feed that is going to tell you precisely what it looks like out the window. I think the expectations of what any 'in game' live weather is going to show is far too high. Comparing it to photos and live cams is ludicrous. You could have 10 airports with essentially the same ATIS and, unless it is clear skies, they will all look somewhat different outside.
  8. If a doctor gives you a placebo pill and your headache goes away, do you really care that it was a placebo? In FS, your brain is already in a mode of creating reality out of a computer screen, so it is more than ready to accept that any little tweak made things better (or worse). Just make sure you keep track of what changes you are making so you can go back to where you started if things go bad.
  9. Glad to hear that PMDG finally fixed the problem. Troubling that they had it coded wrong in the first place.
  10. Do you have rolling cache turned on? If so, try a test with it off. That was a huge stutter problem for me (and others). Many say it causes no issues for them. My bandwidth is such that I haven't had any issue not using it. FS2020 is odd in that there seems to be a number of things that some can't do without issues while it doesn't affect others. Even with high level hardware.
  11. A lot remains to be seen with FS2024. The initial previews showed it morphing into an arcade game where you score 10 points for rescuing little Johnny from the cliff, much to the delight for some and horror for some others. They backed off on that a bit and said it will still be true to flight simulation, only better with 'missions'. We'll see. With compatibility, it is one thing that an fs2020 aircraft will work in fs2024 and another that it will be taking advantage of the aerodynamic improvements offered by the new platform (let's be positive and say such improvements will exist). So, the aircraft still may have to be upgraded or risk being left behind by new aircraft being developed from the ground up on the new platform.
  12. It's rarely a good look to root for others to fail.
  13. The 787 and 747 is there for free. It's up to each person to decide if a payware aircraft is worth it to them. It's just the nature of people to want the best quality at minimal price, but that is not how it typically works. If someone bought the 737-700 on release, it has cost you 10 cents per day. The cost of all these payware aircraft and fs2020 itself is almost unbelievably cheap considering what goes into them and that they also get updated and improved regularly.
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