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  1. I see no one’s commented on this, but for whatever it’s worth the only calibration tool I’ve found that will fix this for MSFS is https://heusinkveld.com/download-diview/ Maybe this will help someone else…….
  2. Here’s hoping! It looks like they finally fixed the bush trips in SU10
  3. One of my favourite addons, *NXI-Bushtrips-Enabled* no longer works properly with SU10 beta https://flightsim.to/file/25416/wt-nxi-bushtrips-enabled
  4. They are now in the sub-section labeled ‘custom content’ (last tile on the right in the ‘activities’ section on PC) Hoping things get better for you mate.
  5. I just started my world tour in a Bonanza as well, using the route that Noonan/Earhart took. (Might have to cheat a little crossing from Natal to Dakar and Hawaii to California re: fuel consumption…I’ll just pretend I have wing tanks and a back seat full of auxiliary fuel tanks) Great good fun!
  6. Hi there, I have the throttle quadrant plugged into the yoke and a second quadrant plugged into the usb port on the side of the yoke. When I test them in the joystick calibration app in windows both show they are working as they should HOWEVER when I try to assign an axis, one of the quadrants is shown going from OFF to FULL with no increments, like a switch. The other quadrant (USB) works as it should. I tested the whole rig in X-Plane and everything functions as normal. All testing I’ve done shows no hardware malfunction. (I’ve tried using different USB ports) Unhappily, the problem only seems to be with MSFS. Anyone have any Ideas? Thanks
  7. Something funny going on with bush trips (as usual) The ‘ACTIVITIES’ folder and sub-files are always set to ‘read-only’. When I try to remove the restriction it just re-activates it. Any idea what’s going on here?
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