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Absolutely LOVE the new sound

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Hey,Just a quick post to let you guys know that, I think the new sound set is absolutely tops. The rumble is amazing, looking at the aircraft all fired up and ready to taxi it really does look and boy.. does it sound like the real thing. The FS9 version was good but I really think this is a massive improvement even on that. The thunder is amazing from the RR engines (mainly fly BA you see).Just thought I'd let you know!CheersCraig

Craig Read, EGLL

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Thanks Craig!Armen did an amazing job with it - to our knowlege this is the first FSX airliner to take full advantage of FSX's surround sound and positional audio system. Many others simply used their older FS9 stereo soundsets with little or no modification...The MD-11's will blow everyone away even moreso we think!

Ryan Maziarz

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Yup, the sound update in FS9 was so amazing but this is over the top. You pan around the aircraft and you can hear the change from whine to rumble. Thank you guys this is truly an incredible accomplishment and is well worth the wait. (did I just say that) :)

Mike Keigley




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>The MD-11's will blow everyone away even moreso we think!Hi Ryan,I am so happy that I bought the 744X, did my first flight and it really sounds GREAT ! I've never asked when one of your birds should be released and I never will, not even now. But please don't make me curious for the MD-11, ;-) .Best regards,PeterBelgium






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