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  1. Guitarman

    Troubles with Airbus Configurator

    Yes it is, Bryan. As I said, if your answer is "yes" I'll purchase the SC and I just did. Thanks for your support !
  2. Guitarman

    Troubles with Airbus Configurator

    Hi Graham and Bryan, Yikes .... did I fully misunderstand what was included in the Aerosoft Airbus ? I'm so sorry !! I thought it was FS2crew but only for the Airbus. Thanks so much for your information ! FYI Bryan, maybe you can add this information on your website so that it's not confusing for other pilots ? Nearly everyday I speak English as it isn't my native language but this way you see only one word can be misinterpret and there's a situation like this, hehe :wink:. Bryan, in the meantime I created a new account on your website to purchase FS2crew for the Airbus but otherwise I saw the Special Collection and its description. Are both working with the current Airbus series and the NGX ? If your answer is yes, I'll purchase it immediately. Thanks for your reply and have a nice Sunday.
  3. Hi Bryan, I've been searching nearly every day this past week to resolve my issue with the Aerosoft A320 Extended but no luck. Today I uninstalled all about the Airbus including FS2crew (locked version) and purchased both the A318-319 and the A320-321. I installed both and still having the same trouble. First my configuration : - W7 Ultimate and voice is working perfectly (afterwards disabled so that it can not startup when booting) - FSX (SP2 installed) no FSX SE - latest FSUIPC - UAC disabled and no antivirus installed (it's a PC only for FS) - installed and started all software with admin rights - modified the panel.cfg as noted on the forum - after uninstalling the Extended version, registry cleaning with ccleaner and reboot - ran the Flight1 registry tool, multiple times before and after installing the new versions - updated to the latest FS2crew locked version (message when starting FSX) - created a hard key in FSX When I start the Airbus Configurator and when I select FS2crew Voice Control (same issue with button control), I always get the error message as in show in the screenshot (see below). After searching for about 10 hours today, I'm total loss where to search, what to do, etc. Can you help me how to get FS2crew running with the Bus ? Many thanks in advance for your support, Peter
  4. Guitarman

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    Thank you for your fast reply on my request, Ryan. I just read the pushback procedure in the tutorial. I'll do a test very soon to see how it all goes. Otherwise I still don't get it how the team could develop such nice pushback for the B-747 and the MD-11. Why isn't it possible for the NGX ? All three aircrafts are developed for FSX. Please don't take my question the wrong way. You don't have to explain the program details. It's just my curiosity when I compare your three great birds. If you like, you may always send me a PM. I'll be glad to read it.Many thanks in advance and have a great Sunday.
  5. Guitarman

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    Hi PMDG,Thanks for the SP1C, installed without issues. I'm sorry to tell you but I still have a problem since release of the NGX. At August 8th 2011 I posted a thread about the big angle when pushback, please see this topic. I hope it's not FSX related because with other aircrafts (specifically the MD-11, my fav bird) I don't have this issue at all. Can this be resolved ?Thank you.
  6. Guitarman

    What aircraft have you flown on in real life?

    Holy cow, what kinda lists you all have, :( :( B).I think I'll have the smallest list of all, B).Jets (as passenger)BAe AVRO (Brussels Airlines)Boeing 727-200 (Iberia)Boeing 737-400 (Sabena)Boeing 757-? (British Airways)Douglas DC-9 (Iberia)GACessna 152Cessna 172Grumman American AA-5 TravelerPiper Archer-II (self flown only once)Robin DR-400 Robin 3000ULMChickinoxHeliBell JetrangerStatic cockpit seatsAirbus A-319 (Brussels Airlines)C-130 (Belgian Air Force)C-5 Galaxy (US Airforce)F-16 Fighting Falcon (Belgian Airforce)MD-11 (my most favourite moment ever ... up to 30 minutes before t/o) ... don't wanna tell which Airline.Seaking Heli (Belgian Air Force)Level-D simulator (self flown)Airbus A-340 (landing)Boeing 737-400 (landing + t/o with engine faillure) one of my most memorable momentsThat's it so far. Thanks for this great topic, Ryan :(.I hope I'll ever can extend my list.
  7. Guitarman

    Concorde vs. 747 - Sunday Aug. 29th @ 1200z

    It's a great idea. I have a couple of questions with it.- Why not the opposite way with the B-747 from BOS to CDG ? You always have a lot of headwind flying West transatlantic because of the jetstream. Mach speed may be 0.85 but groundspeed can only be 425kts or less. In the opposite way the groundspeed can be 530kts or more.- Will this event be flown online and which network will be used, IVAO or Vatsim (or both) ?Just my thoughts.
  8. Guitarman

    Load Manager for 744F, a question?

    @ Chuck,A few days ago a friend of mine had the same issues but with the 744X, no extra addons installed not even another aircraft or scencery, only FSX, SP1, SP2 and the 744X. He started with Costindex 100. After a few flights he lowered the Costindex in steps and is now flying with 40 or 45. It seems that the issues were gone. I don't know if I'm right, it's only a suggestion to you. I hope it helps.PeterBelgiumFlightsimulator is not a simulation, it's a way of life ....
  9. Guitarman

    New DX10.1 in 2008

    Hi Lefteris,Thank you very much for your reply. As far as I heard Santa will bring me a NV8800GTS/640MB, ;-).Best regards,PeterBelgium
  10. Guitarman

    New DX10.1 in 2008

    Hello PMDG team,I just read this,1697,2168429,00.aspI'm still using XP but maybe next year I should switch to Vista + a new VGA card that supports DX10. So reading this, I suppose to wait much longer. Do you know more about this ? Will the B-744X and the coming MD-11 compatible with it ?A reply would be much appreciated.PeterBelgium
  11. Guitarman

    Absolutely LOVE the new sound

    >The MD-11's will blow everyone away even moreso we think!Hi Ryan,I am so happy that I bought the 744X, did my first flight and it really sounds GREAT ! I've never asked when one of your birds should be released and I never will, not even now. But please don't make me curious for the MD-11, ;-) .Best regards,PeterBelgium
  12. Guitarman

    PMDG 747-400X Release and Discount Information!

    Hello Robert and team,Thank you very very much for releasing the B-744X. I just purchased the new Queen and gonna install it right now. I couldn't resist to thank you first before the install and the discount price. I've never bought a full-addon for only 29.99 Euro including an update for the FS9. Sorry for the non-Euro people, ;(.Well, it was a very long and hard period for you all to develop it with lots of ups and downs, including a lot of mails and negative messages. I don't have to tell you, you know it much better than I do ... (what are they gonna tell now ?). So, I had no doubt about it waiting so long, I still had the FS9 Queen to fly. I'm very glad to be off duty this week so I can start studying and learning a lot.There is only one question, for the FS9 version I have a SABENA repaint (I know it was only a B-743 in real). Can this paint still be used for the B-744X ?Best regards,PeterBelgiumPS @ Robert : I e-mailed you about the MD-11 manual, do you remember ?Sorry for my not so perfect English.
  13. Guitarman

    Flying online with FSX

    Hi Matt,First I like to tell you (and other VATSIM FSX-pilots ofcourse) that I don't want to provoke a discussion about what's the best, VATSIM or IVAO. I've never been a VATSIM pilot, so I don't know anything about it and actually it's not the right forum to.But my question is, why don't you come to IVAO ? I already fly online with FSX since the release of the B-763 Leveld. IvAp v2 Full Package is the software you need for flying online. All information can be found on the website. I know it's absolutely not easy switching from VATSIM to IVAO. Just take a look at the site and make your decision. Only one thing I like to tell, I'm just an IVAO pilot, absolutely not a staffmember or PR. It's only my answer to your question for flying online with FSX no matter what aircraft you are flying.Best regards,PeterBelgium
  14. Guitarman

    18MAY07 - General Updates

    Hello Robert,After being offline for a few weeks because of working on my new house, I read the forum with the General Updates now. My congrats and many thanks for these updates.I had the same impression like Marc did on your first reply, I couldn't get your sarcastic opinion. But reading your 2nd reply, I got your joke now. You are a fair man to me. I wished I knew you personally but that's not possible...Since the first release of your B-744, I am a PMDG customer and will always be, even for the coming FSX version, NGX and ofcourse your MD-11. About your comment in reply #26, you talk about "... users always want to see drama between the developers". There will always be people who are never satisfied and like it to setup developers to each other. Ofcourse there are other people who compare packages and give their comments, ask for additions, etc. I also have the LDS, I don't wanna lie about it. But your 'birds' and the LDS are totally different aircrafts. So, don't worry at all. I know you and your team want to develop as good and as realistic as possible. Forget the negative comments and don't look back. Well, in that same reply from you, I read your fairness again to Wade and the LDS team. You are a GREAT MAN, Robert. You are "Like a Rock", a Bob Seger song.My best regards,Peter
  15. Guitarman

    "Queen" 747-400/FSX & Vista

    Hi Ryan,What about ATI cards and Vista ? I know ATI cards doesn't support DX10 yet but are they "failing" also like Nvidia's ? I'm still using XP but was thinking to switch to Vista in the near future.Thanks for reply,Peter