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    I own a 12,000 acre cattle ranch. That's my passion. Someday I'll learn to fly.

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  1. I'm perfectly "chilled." Thank you. Windy and cold here.
  2. Ah two weeks went by to fast. If you don't want replies to silly posts don't post it.
  3. Obviously not. There are still NEW ones being posted all the time. There's 6k replies not 6k repaints. Just ignore the thread if the post count concerns you.
  4. Considering there's active requests and active paints still being posted almost daily I don't get your objection. Let the moderators worry about what needs to stop and you just go enjoy the forums.
  5. Haha the farm one is gold. The look on her face.
  6. Haha I'm simple minded love le rage comics.
  7. They're not backwards. They're exactly like the real world counterparts. Unfortunately what's good for a attack aircraft isn't good for an airbus etc.
  8. What's needed is a great le rage comic done. I lack the wit.
  9. Wow that sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear more about that.
  10. This works flawlessly so far on my short test flight. Really adds a cool dimension look forward to exploring it more thanks for this!
  11. On my way to grab it awesome! Downloading now can't wait to play with it thanks!!
  12. That stick is crazy awesome looking. But I wouldn't fly with it enough. But cool to see companies are still making great flight sim hardware.
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