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    An all to common problem, enter the 757 and F-14

    The F-14 is by far my favorite child hood aircraft but lost its edge. It's old, not maneuverable and all it can claim over the super hornet is speed. The F-18 can do a lot more and do it better. It can dig fight its way to what it wants to bomb and doc fight its way back home. It's more manuverable and can just do so many roles and do them well. The Phoenix missle had a huge array of issues. It operated nothing like its mythical status suggests. It was innacurate, a maintenance nightmare and was originally conceived as a nuclear tipped squadron killer not a precision intercept missle. The F-14 was awesome for it's time but it got old and was surpassed by a better plane.
  2. Swofford

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    I'm perfectly "chilled." Thank you. Windy and cold here.
  3. Swofford

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Ah two weeks went by to fast. If you don't want replies to silly posts don't post it.
  4. Swofford

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Obviously not. There are still NEW ones being posted all the time. There's 6k replies not 6k repaints. Just ignore the thread if the post count concerns you.
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    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Considering there's active requests and active paints still being posted almost daily I don't get your objection. Let the moderators worry about what needs to stop and you just go enjoy the forums.
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    Flight Simulator Memes

    Haha the farm one is gold. The look on her face.
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    FS2crew voice addition for PMDG MD 11

    Would've could've should've has nothing to do with threatening a negative review based on your mistake. Amazing.
  8. Swofford

    FS2crew voice addition for PMDG MD 11

    Extortion over failure to properly understand what you were buying. Yeah that's a great deal.
  9. Swofford

    Flight Simulator Memes

    Haha I'm simple minded love le rage comics.
  10. Swofford


    Yeah this looks amazing. Can never have enough 737's.
  11. Swofford

    Aerosoft AES VS FSDreamTeam GSX

    Anything I can run on a seperate machine I do just because I find it easier to mess with. I don't like things popping up on my FS screen.
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    Flight Simulator Memes

    Hahaha perfect.
  13. They're not backwards. They're exactly like the real world counterparts. Unfortunately what's good for a attack aircraft isn't good for an airbus etc.
  14. Swofford

    Flight Simulator Memes

    What's needed is a great le rage comic done. I lack the wit.
  15. Swofford

    Regretful purchases for FSX

    Luckily I came to FSX very late on the game after a 5 year battle with cancer. Seems to have been a blessing, all you poor sods made all the mistakes for me and allowed me to bat a hundred thus far on my purchases. Please keep doing that so I can save having my head caved in by the wife!
  16. Swofford

    Future Product Range

    Poor customer service would be not supporting their 767, which they do. They don't owe anything for the 757 as there isn't one so no customers to service for it.
  17. Did you run markerrunways?
  18. Wow that sounds interesting. Can't wait to hear more about that.
  19. It's announced in the RAAS forum.
  20. This works flawlessly so far on my short test flight. Really adds a cool dimension look forward to exploring it more thanks for this!
  21. On my way to grab it awesome! Downloading now can't wait to play with it thanks!!
  22. That stick is crazy awesome looking. But I wouldn't fly with it enough. But cool to see companies are still making great flight sim hardware.
  23. Swofford

    Gauges won't show up?

    It works flawlessly for to many people for it to be a PMDG issue. Something specific to your machine is preventing the activation.
  24. Swofford

    777 autobrake settings "max auto"

    It doesn't use the maximum potential of the brakes it is Maximum under Autobraking. Manual braking can provide quite a bit more for emergencies I would imagine.
  25. Swofford

    777 autobrake settings "max auto"

    Just Autobrake.