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  1. Chris, I suggest you go to YouTube and watch a few 747-8 videos taken from passengers .... try to get a solid of impression how the engines sound in the real world, and then try to compare them to our aircraft. The intent at PMDG with any of the engine sets we have ever made is to get as close to the sound of the real thing. 🙂👍
  2. Hi Aymerick, Thanks for the feedback but there is nothing we can do in relation to your suggestions. 1 The sound system was built and provided by FSX, and in their implementation, all engine sounds are controlled by RPM - we cannot change this within the realm of the sim. 2 For the J41, yes, we did have sounds that were controlled by the Prop pitch, but that was a turbo prop aircraft that uses prop pitch to control thrust. The DC-6 engines are not turboprops, the only time pitch is significantly used is for reverse, and that has been already implemented. Cheers,
  3. The soundset for FSX / P3D version has been fundamentally upgraded compared to the XP version. The new soundset is on a completely different level of realism, fidelity and immersiveness compared to the XP version. With a decent sound system cranked up .... my concern is for your neighbours :) We have four distinct sub bass / bass layers running in parallel on this lovely bird, giving you more bass than you can probably handle! - adjust the power on one of the four throttles just slightly, and hear the bass interference patterns resonate half your house !
  4. Hi Jeganathan, The question of surround sounds for the 747 cockpit is a unique situation for us - one of the biggest new features of the 747 was the ability for us to control all the cockpit engine sounds in relation to altitude - this has significantly improved the audio realism during the climb, cruise and descent phases of a flight. We achieved this by moving the cockpit engine sounds out from FSX / P3D and into our own custom engine implementation created by the team. This means that since the 747, we cannot use the default surround sound technology provided by FSX / P3D to make the surround sound mixes, as we do not use their technology anymore. The next stage for us is to implement our own surround sound solution inside our own custom code, which is quite a challenging task. Our aim is to create a surround engine that exceeds the capabilities offered by FSX / P3D, bringing far more surround functionality, features and audio richness than can be currently achieved with what they offer ....... the bad news is that we are only in the early stages of the development cycle - so I do not expect this to be ready for some time. Once we have a solution implemented, tested and operational, then I can begin to create the surround mixes for the 747.
  5. Our aircraft does not modify the FSX engine sound volumes automatically, so if the value is set to zero then his has been done by another aircraft. For optimal sound levels, please set the FSX engine sound setting to 50.
  6. Hi Scott, Thanks for the feedback! Yes they are planned for a release in the future.
  7. Callum, Indeed we have one recording per callout implemented in the sim - the "50 above" and "Decide" callouts are the BA female voice, while the "Radio Altimeter" is the standard Boeing male voice. I think with so many airline options, it would not be feasible to provide them all in the sim, but as Richard says, if you have access to alternative callouts then there is no problem to replace the sounds that came with the aircraft. Make sure you backup the relevant folder before proceeding. Off the top of my head, the folder is in the FSX / P3D directory and the folder name is "CAWS".
  8. Thanks Wes! I really appreciate your feedback.
  9. Hehe James! Its same with many other elements of the audio - for example, the cockpit shaking sounds are also a pool of thirty sounds - each one recorded from the real aircraft and stitched together in random fashion .... and the playback volumes of the shaking sounds depend on the conditions that trigger them, so even their loudness is dynamically controlled. With this and the other sound features mean that every flight you ever make will give you a unique audio experience. Victor, I wouldn't recommend it - we make updates via the operation centre these days, so you will get the new file much sooner than on previous PMDG releases. The missing file will not impact your flight or the stability of the sim.
  10. Hi Zach, That sound is probably triggered by a system going offline rather than the shutdown itself. Do you have an example of this during a 747 shutdown on youtube? Thanks,
  11. Hi Samuel, What do you mean by shutdown alarm? The other sounds you mention in the video should be already in the sim. Can you hear the sounds of the switches and buttons ?
  12. Dear gents, Issue is already identified and will be fixed in the next update.
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