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Guest patience

Haiti earthquake is a sign of 2012 destruction?

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Actually, they didn't disappear. In fact, my wife just returned tonight from Guatemala where she had been for a week on a medical mission providing health care to a lot of, and only, Mayans.This topic has brought to mind a very important event!!! Spread the word! The AVSIM 2012 convention will be a one day event on the 20th of December, 2012! That evening we'll hold one hell of a party.
Oh I would love to be at that party!Seriously though, I don't see any reason to be afraid of 2012, it's just another year. If I'm wrong, I'll be dead, so who cares!

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I reckon it means that there's money to made from gullible people. I see Hollywood already has a movie out about it. Good if it puts climate change off the front page tho. Hope the Sea Shepherd people get eaten by a ###### whale too. They're more likely to bring the 'End OF Days' than a calender that runs out.Cheers, SLuggy

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Hello,Haiti earthquake is a sign of 2012 destruction? If this true then what can we do?
"No,...........it was a sign that there can be earthquakes in Haiti. "What can we do?", at my age and according to the 'doomsday predictors' I should be dead x6 at least, by now! I have heard that the cockroaches are following this breaking story with great interest though.Best regards,Mel


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Guest anthony31fs

Destruction of the world in 2012. Does this mean I should stop worrying about global warming and how well my pension fund is doing? If so then this is great news :) .

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Guest belga1


about global warming and how well my pension fund is doing?
These are scams ... grins.gifFor global warming .. check the "glaciers joke" of the IPCC and the "emails leak" in England sgrin.gifThese are just smokescreens to hide people the terrible catastrophe of 2012, which all politicians and scientists are powerless to explain .. or maybe it's the contrary .. ? pleased.gifRegards.bye.gifGus.

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