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Reactivation of P3D

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I did an OS up reinstall of my PC, kind of a spring cleaning, which I do yearly. I was in the process of reinstalling P3d and got stymied when I went to activate it, it told me I had reached my activation limit.


I have the academic license(which apparently only allows one install), after a brief period of four-letter frustration, I sent an even-toned email to the activation email address at about 3am.


Lo and behold at 7 am the next morning I had a pleasant and informative response email explaining to me that I had only the one license, and that P3D had detected that the computer was not the same as the PC I first installed P3d on(It was exactly the same....but the hard-drives got renamed E--> D and vice versa, which apparently made my PC look different to the installer).


Anyhoo, I got the program activated and up and running with no problems. Once thing I liked very much was that the support person mentioned to me that if I have a reinstall up-coming, say after getting a new PC, that I could inform them and they would tune things on their end to make it run smoothly.


There's alot of people who go online to complain about services from various vendors, I suppose it's human nature that problems get reported while complements are forgotten. But I just wanted to give an attaboy to the people over at P3D for making this as smooth as humanly possible and giving me tips for making it even smoother next time.

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Gees, I'm glad you posted this. I am restoring my computer after a C: root drive failure, and had to get a shop to do a Win7 install (I don't have disks but the system had a partition with Win7 but that of course gets lost). Anyway, I have reinstalling my software and applications etc.


I also have P3D but haven't yet made it to re-installing as I have so much other stuff to install and test out. I suspect that I will have the same issue so this helps.

Bryan Wallis aka "fltsimguy"

Maple Bay, British Columbia

Near CAM3

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I hit the activation limit ( due to a faulty hard drive ) and the speedy service i got from LM was great :)


Being in the UK i thought i would have to wait till the next day but a few hours later i got an email saying they sorted it for me :)


Very speedy team at LM :)


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I just upgraded my CPU and MB this last week, and when I turned it back on P3D no longer recognized my setup... Same thing emailed them about 7pm Thursday night and before I even got to work the next morning I had an email letting me know it had been reset. I wouldn't mind hardcore copy protection like this industry wide, if every company had as great customer service.

Tyson Rose

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Fantastic service from P3D. I emailed them about my intentions as I was about to build my new rig and got a reply the next day that the activation is all good to go, just as I was putting the final pieces together. Can't get any smoother than that.


Nice one P3D!

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Nice to have a sim the developers havn't thrown under the bus!! Support isn't a person named Peggy starring at answers in a block diagram on a computer :) "Iz komon problm"


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