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  1. I've been using the 8800 GTX since it came out and have not had any of those symptoms you described but am still interested in your opinion on this card under FS X. Hope it works out.
  2. Hi. I've lost my document with the Order No. for ASV6 Upgrade. I have Activesky 2004.5,ASV5-upgrade which I have already installed but am unable to do the same for ASV6. What's the procedure to find out the Order No. I really don't want to fly anywhere without it.:-) Thanks
  3. What's the difference between these two. Phil Taylor talks about this on his blog. I see that mine states DDI.9EX.Thanks
  4. Hi. I uninstall the program. I'm now using Vistas built in burner for my backups.
  5. Same thing happened to me as well. FS won't even load at all. It stayed at around 35% for ages until I found out that it was Nero 7 that was somehow affecting it. Once that was deleted all is good again. This fixed it for me but may not be the caes for everyone else.Cheers
  6. Davis.Those are awesome setups you have there :-cool
  7. ...Sorry forgot to add that I'm also using Vista. Could this have an effect?
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm using the 8800 GTX. FSX runs fine with SP1 with the odd stutters and of course blurries but nothing show stopping, just that now I'm noticing the shimmering a lot more. Will try some of the options presented here and see if it helps.
  9. Is there a way to lessen the effect. I know there's an option within FS9 so is there one within FSX hidden somewhere?
  10. ...also hope that they do something about those awful autogen trees. I know this is subjective to the viewer but to me they just don't look right and out of place in the sim. I've also put any other purchases for FS X on hold untill this comes out.I remember when I first loaded up GE PRO for FS9...WOW!
  11. Same problem here.Well,not really a problem,just annoying having to do that. Hope someone knows a "fix".
  12. Thanks Ryan. I went through your link and it's there. I usually go through Google links but for some reason wasn't working. Now I'm off for some sun,sand and ...um Bird Watching.:-beerchug
  13. Can someone verify this as I'm interested in the TNCM scenery. All I get is a blank page with the word "loading" but nothing happens
  14. Same problem here on the X800 PRO.Went back to 7.1 and all is good again.
  15. What great timing for this thread. I just got my 24' from Dell today and it's mindblowing. FS is just amazing on this. FSX I hear fully support widescreen so there should be no distortion if this is the case. Read the reviews on the web before making your decision on which one to buy. I don't think you can go wrong with a widescreen monitor on your desktop.
  16. Thanks Gary. That cleared up a few things for me. I'm looking forward to looking at the FS world in "cinemascope" ;) Take care
  17. Just the post I'm looking for at the moment! A couple more questions, Would there be a need for AA with a res as high as 1920 X 1200 and Magic man mentioned resizing the 2D bitmap,would this eliminate the stretching as it does look terrible and I tend to use 2D a bit more than VC.Thanks
  18. Does FS X support WS as I'm thinking about replacing my 17' LCD with a WS version. The model I'm looking at is the DELL 2407WFP.Thanks
  19. Don't know if these are that new but there are some in here that I haven't seen before.http://www.microsoft.com/games/flightsimul...reenshots.html#
  20. Hi Andrew. Have a look at these ones. Let us know what you think.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...d=241156&page=2
  21. I'm using X800PRO 4xAA,8xAF with CAT 6.8,HQ textures & mips.
  22. I wonder if this only happens to ATI cards. What annoys me is when the aircraft is far away the lines along the fuselage looks jaggy. Like you, I've tried all settings but no luck. Hope we get some insight to this.
  23. ...and check out that mousepad! Ahh...brings back memories.
  24. Thanks for the tips. I'll try to update the alpha channel and see if that helps.I put these files in the "Dream Manager" and perform the the required actions to install the new paint. I must have missed a step along the way. Paint work in 32bit looks so much better,thankfully my pc can handle it without any hit on FPS.Cheers
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