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  1. Well I still don't think 40aud is expensive as most people in this thread have spent more on addons they don't use or use once in a blue moon which makes less sense than openlc eu costing 40aud. At least with openlc if you buy for the region you like to fly in it will get constant use. No hobby is cheap these days and if people are not happy with the price of addons do not buy them and take up knitting instead as it's cheaper than simming, besides there is other sims on the market like X plane or flight gear so it's not like you don't have a choice.
  2. I think some of if comes down to exchange rate, going from Australia dollars to UK pounds does work in my favour at about $1.80aud to the pound works quite well for me so openlc eu is not expensive and global works out to be not that bad on its pricing as well. Once I have fixed my pc I will buy eu as that is the only region I fly in now.
  3. Hiflyer to me it just seems that some people want flight simming to fail based on some of the posts in this thread. I think it's great someone is trying to put new life in to the old sim and I'm happy for them if they make some money along the way good on them.
  4. Here you go So if true they will not really develop fsx past what it is but use it more as a place holder to show they are serious about the flight sim platform until they have a new version out. If they do what they have done with train sim then you could expect the next major version upgrade for free. I brought train sim 2012 on steam for £1.25 i think and they have always given me the next version for free which is 2014.
  5. The only issue with a steam version of fsx would be nothing, as it wont break anything unless DTG lock the ability to use custom content. The one issue if you wanted to call it an issue would be with manual install of addons but then if you have issues browsing to your steam common folder then you should not use a PC. Steam allows you to make full backups, set custom drives etc.. so its all good. If i brought fsx through steam my manual install would be something like.. E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\fsx Not complicated As DTG cannot update the graphics engine all they are allowed to do with fsx is fix some bugs so a fully dead sim platform has been given a new lease of life which is soemthing a lot of us has wanted for a very long time. I dont have issues with DTG taking over fsx as someone needed to and if they make money from it.. well good on them. If they take the path flight did then at least we know they will set themselves up to fail and they only have themselves to blame. We need to remember the most important part of all this this thread, you dont have to buy what DTG has to offer. Those with the genuine MS version your product activation wont be effected if you live in Europe as they passed some silly laws which prevents company's from stopping you using your software for no reason. I will assume this is the same else where. They can release an update to prevent online activation and then take the fsx activation servers offline though but they would never do that.
  6. Stick with what you got to me its a much better cpu and those extra cores will help smooth things out, Im thinking about getting the i7-5930K as its rumoured release date is is September. On my current motherboard i have had two to the dimm slots die so i need a new motherboard so going to save up for a while and see if it gets released. The price i have seen on them at the moment is $550usd but that could change.
  7. gandy

    A first glimpse at Prepar3d v2.3

    Yeah the one i was watching was a recorded live stream on twitch so i dont think the flight was faked with the playback at a low speed to do that magic as the two of the dev's was giving him some guidance on his flight. If anyone wants to look at the smoothness of the stream and p3d v2.2, its a 3 hour recording and software to broadcast to twitch server was on the same pc It was a great stream btw.
  8. gandy

    A first glimpse at Prepar3d v2.3

    Hi Rob, i didnt have bad ram but faulty ram slots on the motherboard ( i have read its a know issue with the mobo i have ), but i have heard and read that using ram that is not compatible with your motherboard may cause stutters but its rare and having badly set up ram can cause stutters but this is with fsx not p3d. I have not heard that overclocking can cause stutters but i guess if you have a really bad overclock its possible just as certain older sandforce controllers built into ssd drives are know to cause stutters out side of the sim but then you would see the stutters in other games and apps. To me i do feel the main cause of stutters is a badly configured pc and sim ( with the addons we use and the settings we choose ) and as i see p3d as a memory sensitive app as i use to have a pretty stutter free sim with 2.2 ( i would say 96 to 98% stutter free and the other stutters could be addon related ) until my dimm slots started to fail then i started to see stutters. To me there is to many outside things that can effect the sim in a bad way which is why i dont like to blame any one thing for them but rather a group of possibility's that might cause them.
  9. gandy

    A first glimpse at Prepar3d v2.3

    I was watching a replay of the ADX Orbx Dev interview on twitch and while they was flying around PNG it was about 99.9% stutter free, that included a 3 hour flight while the interview happened. That was a really smooth flight. I was getting some stutters in P3Dv2 right up until my dimm_A1 and dimm_B1 slots failed on my motherboard so it was good for me to find the cause of my stuttering. The only downside is i now need a new motherboard and i have to buy compatible ram to go with it as well so when i get them i reckon i will be 99% stutter free
  10. gandy

    Why can't I install the 737 600 and 700's?

    No, the 600 and 700 is an expansion pack you have to buy to use, they could of done a promo years ago but im not sure so i could not comment on such a thing but the 600 and 700 expansion pack is listed for $24.99usd on the pmdg website
  11. gandy

    NGX SP2

    If you want to know if a bug is going to be fixed then that is what you should ask as you can always get a yes or no answer from the pmdg team as that is all that matters.
  12. gandy

    Having a Few Issues With P3D

    Hi Jesse, There is a few things that i notice that might causing what you see. Your graphics card, what one are you using as you do not have that in your pc spec's and if you really only have 1gig of gpu ram that is not enough to run p3d effectively so you want to make sure that things like tessellation is turned off and volumetric fog and keep your AF and AA low. With regards to the blurries you see, if you are using complex scenery addons and you have the correct Affinty Mask for your cpu you have to lower the scenery complexity slider as that can be the number one cause of blurries apart from using the wrong affinty mask setting. In fsx it would be normal to leave one core free for other things but in p3d you need to use all cores, this will be corrected in 2.3.
  13. gandy

    Carenado C185 Bush

    you dont need the migration tool for the 185 bush, you should be able to use the installer and install to a fake folder ( name it what ever you want ) and just copy the contents of that folder and paste in to P3D, if it says it cant find fsx just put a fake fsx.exe in there by creating a new text file and rename it to fsx.exe.
  14. gandy

    Turning off my over clock

    Before you start increasing it run memtest86 to make sure you dont have a faulty ram module, test one stick at a time, once that is done and if they pass boot in to windows as normal and run prime95 for an hour or so to make sure your hardware is running as it should be as it pointless trying an overclock until you know your cpu and ram is fine.
  15. here is a few, Both of them i believe you can fly the Dash 8 with.