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  1. y you can create a new folder anywhere and just point the scenery library to it but the afcad bgl must be in a sub folder called scenery for the sim to read it.
  2. It would be nice for LM to fix some of the broken parts at some airports but i dont think they have that in the list of their plans as they just provide a base simulator for us to work from and its up to us to fix afcad's ( or update them if we wish ). @ Vonmar, my ADE displays the runway heading and ils both in TRUE which is not really an issue as i dont have plans to fix that airport as im mainly flying in the EU, When the runway heading is set correctly to TRUE it does cause issues with the taxi ways that join the runway. Is there a way to change it to magnetic ? @ Craig, While what you say is true we should not mess with the nav aids in the sim unless we really know what we are doing, centering up the ILS by moving it a little should not cause any harm to any of the AIRAC databases out there as we would only move the ILS in ADE to correctly line up with the center line so a full and correct ILS approach can be made the way it should be for that airport.
  3. This is an AFCAD issue not that noticeable in the sim but it still can cause an issue as the glide slope will be slightly out with the center line, i think its half a degree or something like that, the number is small. Here is a screen grab of the 06 ILS not being lined up correctly, If you notice in the runway info it has a heading 46.4900. Here is a screen grab from the 06L ILS properties and as you can see its heading differs from the runway and as that airport, well runway 06L ( based on the charts ) does not use an offset ILS approach or a LDA approach both should match. While the runway is the one that is out by half a degree i feel it would be better to line up the ILS to the runway as moving the runway by half a degree could mean you have to re align the taxi ways and as i have very limited skill with ADE that would be a bigger project than what my skill would allow.
  4. Yes ADE is Airport Design Editor but you will need to install the P3D SDK as well. There is two things wrong with the 06L ILS, the first is the heading, it should match the runway heading and the second is the position as its off center. I have very limited experience with ADE.
  5. I checked the stock CYYZ in ADE and the ILS for 06L is miss-aligned so you will need to fix that but CYTZ is working as intended with a 3 degree offset.
  6. yeah my bad, The approach at CYTZ on runway 08 could be classed as a LDA Approach with glide slope so you would be expected to perform a sidestep on to the runway or perform a manual landing based on visual rules. I do believe the Aerosoft Airbus A320 can do this type of landing providing you have the aircraft/auto pilot correctly configured and it will place you on the center line.
  7. The charts for runway 23 match whats in the sim so it could be an issue with the nav data
  8. Hi Mike, The example airport you provided ( CYTZ ) is working as intended, i would suggest you check the charts for the ILS08 approach and you will see it has a 3 degree offset on the localizer so you would need to do a Non Precision Approach or NPA which the Aerosoft Airbus can do. Check your charts before you take off so you know the type of approach you will need to make on landing :)
  9. I guess it depends if the addon has been made to allow changes during flight.
  10. remember its an old list and things change over time.
  11. I ran the Unicode version and my results where, -------------------------------------------- DxtFixerX for FS9 and FSX - by neumanix 2012 -------------------------------------------- THE FOLLOWING FILES ARE BAD: No files were altered. Everything seems to be OK!
  12. If you check event viewer you can check the crash reason. Paul
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