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PMDG 737 -800NG for FS9 in FSX

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I have a copy of the 737 800NG for fs9.

It runs excellent in fs9 but I would like to be able to run it on my FSX.

I can load the aircraft but not the cockpit.If I remove the gauge pmdg ng main panel then the cockpit will open up with no gauges or click spots.

Is it possible or will I have to spend a load more dosh on the NGX version.

I have read of people who have made it work but they dont sat how!

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To my knowledge, it can't be copied/ported over to FSX.


And I don't quite believe that some 'addon converter' is able to achieve that.


I tried a demo version of such a converter on other airplanes which did not work in FSX after the so-called 'conversion'.


There are FS9 planes around which work quite nicely in FSX. The PMDG NG, as far as I know, is not of that type due to its complexity and external coding.

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The NGX will blow you out of the water, so you don't need the fs9 version 

Alex Ridge

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There is extensive custom code in the FS9 NG so a converter won't work. Lots of past discussion on this in the FS9 NG forum. Try doing a search and you should find answers to all of your questions.

George Morris



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I ported it over to work a few years ago to try and hold me over until the NGX came out. Granted most of it worked fine, it was not worth the effort and was worse using it in FSX than using it where it is supposed to be used in FS9. There was a thread somewhere, maybe here in Avsim which outlined the steps to take to make it work, but I wouldn't bother if I were you. I ended up deleting it after a few flights in FSX and just waited for the NGX.


My advice, just buy the NGX and you will me MORE than happy with it!! in fact, after you use the NGX you will probably not want to ever use the original version in FS9 again, that's how good the new version is.



Sean Campbell

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Thanks for your advice fellas.

Looks like I have to buy the NGX or stick with my good old Airbus for jets and my favourite Connie package if I am feeling nostalgic.


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In all honesty - the FS9 version is 10 years old. The NGX is (at least until the 777 releases) what all of us here consider to be our masterpiece - it makes the old FS9 one look like a toy.

Ryan Maziarz

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at least until the 777 releases


And that is?!..  -_-


(Caution: Sense of humour used!) 


- Luke Pabari

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