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So Dang tired

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Sorry folks but I have just about had it with FSX and its CTDs , and all the other stuff you have to deal with  this program, .


it has been nothing but a problem since it came out.


I cannot enjoy this Software like I did in the past , why all of a sudden am I having so much problems .


its as if FSX does not work as the software advances .


As more time goes by FSX gets worst , not better .


IM tired of all the things you have to do to run a piece of software.


IM a 58 years old with a background in computers and this is not the way software is suppose to work.


Just think about it you have a CTD just for FSX , what's that about , you have a forum for FSX just for crashes to desktop, and there all about tweaks and software to add to make


FSX run Better , after 6 or more years, this is not enjoying FSX , I have more experience in tweaking than flying.


You even have a program that shows all of the errors of FSX and , and you can look at the list and determine what is going wrong.


I thought when you have a software failure you look in Manage and see what is going on, I cannot even get a good answer for what the problem is.



I know when im in this forum im going to get shot down for saying these things , but I don't care I have been building and running flight Sims since they came out.


been doing this for 25+ years.


And FSX is the uttermost worst user unfriendly software ever that I have ever used , and at the same time I love it.


I have all generations of FSX , I even framed the old CD,S and put them on a wall.


That's how much I love this Microsoft flight sim.


Please forgive me gentleman for ranting im due.


So what am I going to do again


First I will tell you my system.


Com 1= 3770k @ 4.5 , 8 gigs 1800, MSI Z77A-G45 MB, GTX 285 PNY 1024 mem,  three 18" monitors , 1 24"mon. , and 1 17" touch monitor.

W7 64 , with all updates , sp1. 



I have updated all net frame and such and all that is needed , even did the vista ullcore thing and put it in the FsX folder.


Everybody has fixes but not for sure I know fixes.


It works today but not tomorrow , it works tomorrow but not today.


So im going to reload windows again , and put in all the updates , im going to make sure I have all the latest and greatest updates.


And when im done with that Just where do I go from there.


So what I need is what and how do I load FSX to work correctly with all of the tweaks that you folks seem to use that is working.


Do I have to go through all the tweaks that that is proscribed in some forums including this one.


Don't mind doing that if it works , going thru to see what is running in the background and all that.


this takes hours , and a whole lot of headaches , and then when you finally get FSX up and running you get this heart breaking crash.


So My Good folks before you shut me out of here tell me what course to take before you Ban me.


Im well versed in getting around the computer , but as to getting FSX running correctly I have FAILED.


This is not against you or anyone that is tring to help me, im just fed up with all the work I must do again to see where I went wrong.


In fact you are doing a great job in helping and thank you.


Thank YOU .............Robert










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Sorry to hear that you are having issues with FSX

It is probably no consolation but I have never had FSX crash on me, this install of Windows 7 + FSX has been in place since Windows 7 was first released without any issues.


This is with most of Europe covered with third party airports and photoscenery and a lot of Goflight hardware connected and a second system networked for ATC and Weather ect.

System is an i5 2500K @ 4.6ghz with a GTX 570.


Careful choices of what third party stuff you install is very important

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Robert, I feel your frustation soo much. I have an MSI motherboard that automatically overclocks my I7-860 cpu to 4.3MHz and 16 gb of g-skill ram or 8 gb of patriot ram, an 850 watt power supply from corsair. I do need to get some ssd harddrives though. I have built all of my own computers for at least 15 years now along with my sons and daughters computers. They don't seem to want to learn how to do it or for that matter perform any proper preventative maintenance on their computers. Bring them to Dad when they are broke or slow or infected with a virus. I keep telling them they need to learn, because I am now 70 years old and won't be here forever to rescue them. Like talking to a brick wall. I am rebuildoing my sons fsx computer again right now. I have been working on it for over two months trying to get everything just right, even though He won't understand what or why I am doing things a certain way, and He will probably corrupt the system again within 6 to 8 months. This has not left much time at all for my own system. So it just goes on and on. Geez, believe me, I feel your frustration and pain. I too, love fsx. I fall in love with every new plane that comes out. When I graduated from high school in 1957 I missed the test to become a navigator on a B-52 by 1 point. They told me to come back in a year and take the test again, but I opted for guided missile defense programs in the US Army instead. Always wanted to be a pilot or at least be in aviation some way. I suppose fsx is as close as I will ever get. You are not alone in your frustrations and disappointments with fsx, but it is still the best we have. I suppose there are many of us with these feelings. Well anyway Robert, try to have some good enjoyable flights now and then whenever things seem to want to work properly on your computer. This is Robert signing off and going to tweak my sons computer some more for now - - he is really chomping at the bit.



Tipp City, OH


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To the OP Robert,


What you're describing to me sounds like a hardware problem and not so much FSX. Hardware can do funny things when there is a piece on it's way out or bad from the get go, especially RAM.


The best advice I can give is to run your machine with memtest86. Download this and run it over night when you go to sleep and when you get up in the morning check the screen. If you have one error then you more than likely have a bad stick of RAM. If no errors then that's a good sign, let it run for another 10-12 hrs.


If you pass the above test, download Prime95 and do what you may already know of as a burn-in test. This will max your CPU cores for a given period of time so you can monitor voltages and temps etc. and make sure your overclock is stable.


Honestly I would exhaust every possible hardware test I could and give myself peace of mind knowing my system is stable and rule that out.


If you pass all the hardware tests then that's great, then you can move onto piecing your FSX together.


I'd get one of the many great guides floating around the web today. Avsim has a very in-depth guide located here: http://forum.avsim.net/fsx_guide.pdf


Get FSX installed and up-to-date with SP2, or Acc or what ever you have. Test just FSX for a day or so, make some flights.


At this point you should have FSX tweaked and running good. Start adding one thing at a time and start FSX and make a flight. I would do this with each major add-on that you use until you find what ever it is that is causing a conflict. Could be something as simple as a badly installed simobject or scenery.. who knows at this point.


Good Luck!

Jon Preston


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To the OP I might suggest a modular approach......


Installing an addon, then testing system stability before installing the next addon.


For instance, I would be cautious about two traffic controller programs running together.


We tend load an awful lot of stuff onto poor FXS's plate, and the wonder to me is that it doesn't choke more often.

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Thank you Gentleman for your feed back especially Robert from Ohio , thank you for not making me not so alone out there , I to miss my calling to become a pilot and this is it for me to continue the dream.


And I will start from scratch and do all those test as prescribed .


After all that is part of the fun...Thanks again......Robert .

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