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Andrew Hansen

Uninstalling Orbx FTX Global ........ how?

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As you mention it yourself, that discussion thread is a few years old. I just went through their FTX compatibility forum and it doesn't look as if they are trying to lock other developpers out, as long as it doesn't break anything.


Concerning the missing lagoon, did you mention it on their forum ? Normally they are quite quick at fixing their own stuff.

KInd regards


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Sorry to say I am pretty much “persona non grata” on the Orbx Forums; my posting abilities are nonexistence. I guess my critique of some of their business practices has not exactly enamoured me with the Orbx management. C'est la vie, I think I can live it. B)



C'est la vie, I think I can live it.


That should have read; C'est la vie, I think I can live with it.


This also seems like the perfect moment to mention how great it is to have an Orbx forum here at AVSIM!

Mike Mann

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Simply restore the backup textures the FTXG installation program prompted you to take care of before installation of the FTXG ones.

not so simply for me...may i ask how to do this?

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not so simply for me...may i ask how to do this?


FSX Or Prepar3D ?


The back-up Textures is only needed if you have Installed Orbx Global.   The Installer will give you an Option to Back-up Default Textures in a separate folder. The reason it does this is because Orbx Global overwrites 90% of your default Textures in Scenery\World\Textures. 


If you didn't Back Up your default Textures,  Just Re-Run the Prepar3D Installer again and Click Repair    If you have FSX,  same thing Run a Repair

Elaine Dixon 

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im using fsx...i backed up my textures at install...but i cant find a revert option anywhere...i can do it manually but im having an elevation issue unrelated to textures...global did something to the default fsx files that i cant find or undo even with removal of global


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