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"WhatIsHang" freeze report question

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     Here's a report generated by "WhatIsHang", 10 minutes into a flight from PANC to KSEA. I had AS2012, FSinn, Vatsim, Ultimate Terrain X running, and was using the PMDG 777, as I usually do. I was using an average of 2.5 gigs of the available VAS limit of 4 gigs, and had VC frame rates of 50fps. The CPU and GPU were both running no higher than 50% on average and there was no CPU temp problem. 

     Recently, I completed an 11+ hour flight from KDEN to RJAA using all the same parameters and programs, with no freezes at all. I have the UI Automation core, and highmemfix installed.

     Can someone interpret the report below and give me an idea what the problem is? Thanks!



Hang report for C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe
Generated by using WhatIsHang on 9/27/2013 12:19:57 PM
Web site: http://www.nirsoft.net

* The program hangs in a single system call. You can look in the call stack and  stack data to find out which API function cause this hang.

Strings found in the stack:

Modules found in the stack:
C:\Windows\syswow64\KERNELBASE.dll , Microsoft Corporation , Microsoft® Windows® Operating System, Windows NT BASE API Client DLL
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\API.DLL , Microsoft Corp. , Microsoft® Flight Simulator X, api dll
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\terrain.dll , Microsoft Corp. , Microsoft® Flight Simulator X, terrain dll

ThreadID: 3576

Execute Address:
77A4FD91  ntdll.dll!NtDelayExecution+0x15

Call Stack:
03A5FD3C  762A4498  KERNELBASE.dll!Sleep+0xf
03A5FD4C  200F5213  API.DLL!Ordinal307+0xf7b
03A5FD74  200F62EE  API.DLL!Ordinal248+0x46
03A5FD88  20D96A7D  terrain.dll+0x56a7d
03A5FDBC  20D969FD  terrain.dll+0x569fd
03A5FDC8  20D96BB9  terrain.dll+0x56bb9
03A5FDE0  20D98975  terrain.dll+0x58975
03A5FE08  20D96BA1  terrain.dll+0x56ba1
03A5FE20  20D98C87  terrain.dll+0x58c87
03A5FE54  20D98072  terrain.dll+0x58072
03A5FEAC  20D570E2  terrain.dll+0x170e2
03A5FEF8  20D56ADE  terrain.dll+0x16ade
03A5FF6C  200F4F7A  API.DLL!Ordinal307+0xce2
03A5FFA8  200F4E8C  API.DLL!Ordinal307+0xbf4
03A5FFB4  75D1BFA2  kernel32.dll!CreateFiberEx+0x20c
03A5FFEC  75D1BF5A  kernel32.dll!CreateFiberEx+0x1c4

Stack Data:
03A5FCD4  77A4FD91  ntdll.dll!NtDelayExecution+0x15
03A5FCD8  762A3BC8  KERNELBASE.dll!SleepEx+0x65
03A5FCDC  00000000
03A5FCE0  03A5FD18
03A5FCE4  8914B08B
03A5FCE8  00001A8D
03A5FCEC  77E8AF28
03A5FCF0  02E45294
03A5FCF4  00000024
03A5FCF8  00000001
03A5FCFC  00000000
03A5FD00  00000000
03A5FD04  00000000
03A5FD08  00000000
03A5FD0C  00000000
03A5FD10  00000000
03A5FD14  00000000
03A5FD18  FFF85EE0
03A5FD20  00000000
03A5FD24  03A5FCE4
03A5FD28  FFFF0000
03A5FD2C  03A5FDB0
03A5FD30  762C6FF0  KERNELBASE.dll!IsNLSDefinedString+0x4da
03A5FD34  FC9DC7FF
03A5FD38  00000000
03A5FD3C  03A5FD4C
03A5FD40  762A4498  KERNELBASE.dll!Sleep+0xf
03A5FD44  00000032
03A5FD48  00000000
03A5FD4C  03A5FD74
03A5FD50  200F5213  API.DLL!Ordinal307+0xf7b
03A5FD54  00000032
03A5FD58  00000000
03A5FD5C  02E270C0
03A5FD60  71394270
03A5FD64  0ACFFB84
03A5FD68  00000000
03A5FD6C  00001A8D
03A5FD70  03A5FD84
03A5FD74  03A5FD88
03A5FD78  200F62EE  API.DLL!Ordinal248+0x46
03A5FD7C  02E45294
03A5FD80  77E8AF28
03A5FD84  71394270
03A5FD88  03A5FDBC
03A5FD8C  20D96A7D  terrain.dll+0x56a7d
03A5FD90  77E8AF28
03A5FD94  86E7933D
03A5FD98  00000000
03A5FD9C  71394270
03A5FDA0  71394270
03A5FDA4  71394270
03A5FDA8  20E11F6C  terrain.dll+0xd1f6c
03A5FDAC  0000016E
03A5FDB0  03A5FE48
03A5FDB4  20DFCDAD  terrain.dll+0xbcdad
03A5FDB8  00000003
03A5FDBC  03A5FDC8
03A5FDC0  20D969FD  terrain.dll+0x569fd
03A5FDC4  000067E2
03A5FDC8  03A5FDE0
03A5FDCC  20D96BB9  terrain.dll+0x56bb9
03A5FDD0  00000001
03A5FDE4  20D98975  terrain.dll+0x58975
03A5FE0C  20D96BA1  terrain.dll+0x56ba1
03A5FE24  20D98C87  terrain.dll+0x58c87
03A5FE4C  20DFD018  terrain.dll+0xbd018
03A5FE58  20D98072  terrain.dll+0x58072
03A5FEA4  20E00A91  terrain.dll+0xc0a91
03A5FEB0  20D570E2  terrain.dll+0x170e2
03A5FED4  20D59E02  terrain.dll+0x19e02
03A5FEF0  20E01260  terrain.dll+0xc1260
03A5FEFC  20D56ADE  terrain.dll+0x16ade
03A5FF0C  77A52280  ntdll.dll!RtlLeaveCriticalSection
03A5FF50  20E0F9CC  terrain.dll+0xcf9cc
03A5FF64  20E02418  terrain.dll+0xc2418
03A5FF70  200F4F7A  API.DLL!Ordinal307+0xce2
03A5FFA0  201ED819  API.DLL+0x10d819
03A5FFAC  200F4E8C  API.DLL!Ordinal307+0xbf4
03A5FFB8  75D1BFA2  kernel32.dll!CreateFiberEx+0x20c
03A5FFE0  75D940E5  kernel32.dll!RegSaveKeyExW+0x474
03A5FFF0  75D1BF5A  kernel32.dll!CreateFiberEx+0x1c4

Processor Registers:
EAX: C0000034
EBX: 02E45294
ECX: 00000000
EDX: 00000000
ESI: 03A5FD18
EDI: 00000000
EIP: 77A4FD91  ntdll.dll!NtDelayExecution+0x15

Pete Locascio

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 I have the UI Automation core, and highmemfix installed


Which version of UIAutomationCore? You should test version other then you have now, and see of problem persist. Restart PC every time after replacing UIAutomationCore to see effects. And don't try to put UIAutomationCore anywhere else then FSX main folder(where you have FSX.EXE), just drop it there. 

 From what i know, it could be related to UIAutomationCore, see this thread http://forum.avsim.net/topic/421820-wrong-version-of-uiautomationcoredll/

I'll try to find out more about WhatisHang reports, didn't used this before. But interesting that i have downloaded WhatisHang a couple of days ago, si i had intention to learn about it anyway :)


Links to different versions:



here you can find 6.0.5840.16386:



and 6.0.6001.1800 here http://downloads.precisionmanuals.com/file_library/UIAutomationCore.zip


It's seems that only one of them is good for each system, but you must test both and see which is for you.


I'm going to read about AppHang WhatIsHang...

Zeljko Budovic

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It says that your settings are set too high and some external app/program function is taking up too much VAS causing your app to crash.  Do you have any photoscenery installed?  Photoscenery will bring down your computer faster than anything else.  Like I have been telling everyone, you need to disable any addon scenery that you will not be using during a flight as there is a lot of photoscenery built into just scenery (Orbx/FTX stuff is an example).  You will not be able to fly very long if your have FSX constantly trying to load scenery all over the world during your flight.


You could send this to some programmer at Nirosoft (as they suggest) and maybe they would be able to give you more info but I doubt he/she would be able to understand it completely.  You see, it is not going to tell you if and when you are running low on VAS.  AppHangs are simply too high settings and/or scenery loading that is taking up VAS.


Best regards,


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I have a program that monitors the VAS limit in real time, and it NEVER comes close to the 4 gig. limit. I don't have any photoscenery installed and I only get freezes, not CTDs. I tried to disable the UTX scenery in areas that I'm not using, but if you disable one you disable them all, I checked. I really think this is a random anomaly that just rears it's ugly head every so often, for whatever reason. I installed the latest UIAutomation core fix exactly where it said to in the directions. If it was a true VAS problem, wouldn't this occur all the time, since I run FSX the with the same scenery settings and addons whenever I use it?

As I said, I ran an 11 hour flight a few days ago with no freeze problems. Must be gremlins.


Pete Locascio

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if you have time, i'd like to test some theories :) 


Enable simconnect log like here(backup your original simconnect.ini becouse you will need to disable log after this): http://forum.simflight.com/topic/45074-fsx-help-logging-simconnect/   Don't forget to set your real patch to "modules" there.


Just run FSX once, load the flight, rune it a couple of seconds and close FSX. After FSX is closed completely, go to "modules" folder and copy "SimConnect0.Log" and  "FSUIPC4.log" and post them here, or atach to your post. They are probably most underestimated diagnostic tools for FSX.



I have fixed my freezing with 777 this way, i had some simconnect conflicts which makes EZDOK to freeze whole FSX. Errors will be in log, and we can fix that easily, if you have any. It's worth a shot :)


Reasons for freezings are many, i though that in your case may be uiautomationcore.dll, becouse of your WhatisHang report. Try this thing with simconnect and take a look at some of mine older post, those settings can realy add some stability to your FSX: 








From second link, you don't need to disable DEP if you don't want, and you don't need to go to simforums for windows 7 tuning. Better type in google "tweakhound" and tune windows 7 like there. I found huge difference in stability and performance. Great website! 


I hope some of this things will help you, there is allways some reason behind crashing and freezing which allways can be fixed, if you have enough time :)

Zeljko Budovic

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