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ATC sometimes forgets me and my flightplan.

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Just because you have never seen it doesn't mean it won't occasionally happen for others.


With the exact same route from point A to point B. it might or might not happen depending on which runway you take off from.


My point was just that it doesn't matter what you use to navigate with.




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Here's the bottom line with the built in ATC.  It's just not that sophisticated or reliable when it comes to IFR flight. Never has been and it likely never will be. At least not in this version of FS.  It's hard coded into the sim, and since no one has ever made it better, I have to presume that it is nigh impossible to do so.  Now, for VFR it does a pretty respectable job, but then, it really doesn't have to do all that much in the realm of VFR flight. This of course assumes that you don't have 25 AI planes trying to do pattern work at the same time and you're familiar with it's inherent limitations, i.e. if you hear a plane 5 miles out get cleared to land and you are on downwind and are subsequently cleared to land, you know darn well that if you try to land first, you're going to be told to go around, so you either land and ignore the ATC's chastisement, or you extend and fall in behind the guy on long final.   

  So your only real option for IFR flying is either on-line with VATSIM or IVAO, or off-line with a third party ATC program  As I recall, there are three of them worth the time to talk about.  RC4, VOXATC, and PFE.  In my experience, RC4 is good, VOXATC is ok, and PFE, as it is now, is very good.  I've recently been doing a number of flights with PFE, with all its' newest bells and whistles, and while there is a learning curve, I've found that it comes close to managing real world procedures well, the voices are, by and large, not robotic sounding, and it has a good selection of features for customization. You have to do some work beforehand to get it set up for a flight, but once it's set up properly, the results are very credible.  It's even thrown me a curveball once or twice on a flight, so from that perspective, it's very realistic. 
That's my 2¢, 3¢ if you happen to be one of those folks who add VAT to everything.  :Big Grin:




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