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  1. I am afraid I'm not good with making textures, but I have been doing a bit of poking around and can see a potential problem here as from what I can see those textures are specific for a SGA cargo model so I suspect it won't display things like cabin windows properly. Does it have to be the SGA model? I have found an Aerodesigns A300 for Egyptair which looks as if it is a passenger version: Base model: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=a306americanpaintkitbasekit.zip&Author=&CatID=root Egyptair livery: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=&Name=&FileName=a306raerodesignsegyptair.zip&Author=&CatID=root I can't vouch for quality of the above as that type of aircraft is not my interest, but it might be of use? John
  2. It should, Kurt. I'm not an AI Smooth user myself, but this thread at Flightsim.com suggests the correct settings to do so: https://www.flightsim.com/forums/topic/18062-ai-smooth-111/ Hoping that helps, John
  3. It works for me, honey . . . I am on v3.999z9b, which I understand was the final version for FS2004. Traffic Zapper is certainly an option on that version. If it doesn't work for you on the default key "#" try assigning it to another, e.g. Ctrl-#. I had to do that owing to a conflict with another piece of FS software. The only other point I would make is that the Traffic Zapper feature requires the unwanted aircraft to be directly ahead of you, you can't pan about and blow aircraft out of the sky at random. Traffic Toolbox (which comes as part of the SDK) will let you remove specific aircraft on the fly (no pun intended!). John
  4. "It worked for me, honey", as they say. 🙂 John
  5. Curious URL above? Correct source at AVSIM: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=ai_airbus_a380.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search Fruit Stand model: https://www.flightsim.com/files/file/159994-fs2004-airbus-a380-base-package/ John
  6. Not sure on that, sometimes you can mix models by renaming the texture files - but easier to use the second link I gave. John
  7. Try here: https://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=tfs300.zip&CatID=root&Go=Search or here: https://www.flightsim.com/files/file/115535-fs2004-evolveai-airbus-a300b2-b4-fde/ Both easily found using a search engine. John
  8. Thanks, but before I even got that far I discovered the price. Each to their own but I'm afraid that it far exceeds what I personally spend on what is essentially for me a game. So I'll stick with what I have for now, I am perfectly happy with it. But it is interesting to have learnt of PFX, it certainly seems to have been a bit "X in the box for no publicity" against the other options. Best regards, John
  9. That post was made fourteen years ago! Web sites do come and go. Mostly go, in the case of FS2004. All is not lost, though, try here: https://web.archive.org/web/20220819173415/http://aifs2.pvdveen.net/?page_id=5 John
  10. As somebody that gets disorientated through an eyesight issue when using Virtual Cockpits, please provide a link to this product so I can learn more about it (search engines suggest PSX is the Pakistan Stock Exchange) - although I'm guessing the perfected customisation I have developed in FS9 over so many years would be hard to beat. My toes will have curled up before I spent as much time again on another product. Scrub that, found the link higher up, now digesting . . . John
  11. I don't know at what stage in FS2004's life this model was created (by 2007, at least, it seems) but quite a few early FS2004 add-on aircraft exhibited this behaviour because one specific software that could used to build them had not been updated from FS2002 to show the light splash. And some developers of free aircraft didn't update even when it became possible (probably for cost reasons) - but I would expect better of a commercial product which I it seems this is. Hans - it isn't free, only available at Simmarket as far as I can tell. But to Legion, it may be worth checking at Simmarket to make sure there isn't an update available. John
  12. Great that you are sorted. Enjoy your new work! John
  13. Possiblilties: The aircraft is referenced incorrectly in the FPs The airport co-ordinates are wrong in the FPs The airport code is incorrect in the FPs The gate sizes are inadequate At the moment I cannot think of any other possibilities - persevere, check and re-check and you will get there eventually. Distance from a nearby airport is of no concern. The changes to your revised AFD file might not show up if you save it to a scenery layer that loads before the existing one. Better to save it in the same place and only have the one file in place. John
  14. I would suggest trying some very simple flight plans to start analysing the issue. Create and compile the following: AC#1,G-TEST,1%,WEEK,IFR,0/03:01,0/03:16,370,R,1234,XSCR,0/03:03,0/03:18,380,R,1234,XSCR AC#1,G-TEST,1%,WEEK,IFR,0/03:01,0/03:16,370,R,1234,XSCR,0/03:03,0/03:18,380,R,1234,XSCR AC#1,G-TEST,1%,WEEK,IFR,0/03:01,0/03:16,370,R,1234,XSCR,0/03:03,0/03:18,380,R,1234,XSCR (change the bold test as appropriate) This should create three effectively static aircraft at your airport (they will only attempt to take off and immediately land again at a time of day when most in the UK will be snoozing). Then check whether they are visible. The result of this test should help point the direction of your next steps. John
  15. https://simviation.com/hjg/main.htm A wonderful site . . . John
  16. I can confirm these are a visual effect only, and don't prevent activity. John
  17. Was writing at the same time as Beardyman . . . The UK 2000 scenery series (8 parts) covered almost every airfield and airport in England and Wales, at the time these seemed the bees-knees but today they are a bit dated. The original parts 1 to 8 were withdrawn many years ago and made available on the UK2000 site as free downloads, but I think these disappeared altogether when the web site was redesigned. There were also some specific main airports produced, but I think they were all superseded. The "Extreme" series covers specific main airports to a much more detailed standard. There are free demos available for evaluation - I think these are what you are seeing in the AVSIM library. They are not time-limited demos but don't include all features and might include "obstructions" on the runways. The full versions of these are probably the only sceneries now marketed by UK2000 that are compatible with FS2004. Hope that helps, John
  18. Or Microsoft Windows being namby-pamby, as certain versions are rather prone to be with any file it doesn't instantly recognise. Falsely telling you nearly every file is insecure is about as secure as not telling you at all. Happy days! John
  19. Personally, I have a dedicated directory named "AFD Low" (with a subdirectory of "scenery" of course) for my own convenience, but Scenery\World\scenery is low enough to be effective. Really weird. I am out of ideas I'm afraid. It seems to be a sad fact of life that today many developers (I can't speak for Imaginesim) will either try and tie you in knots or just ignore support requests when they are in the "too difficult" category. I hope somebody finds a solution for you. John
  20. As far as those settings in the FS9.cfg, you could try: TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=4 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=4 TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=0 but this is all part of dealing with "blurries" and not to do with elevation, as has been said already. The only other thing I can contribute is that it is important when changing the elevation of an airport to put the new file in two places: At the lowest possible level - to load BEFORE the FS default airport files (APxxxx etc)*. At the highest possible level, so it loads AFTER anything else. * - some airport design software creates a small file for this that only contains the critical information All intermediate files for airport elevation and flattens should be put out of use (I just rename them xyz.bgl.oou but anything that makes sure .bgl isn't at the end of the file name will do. I don't think I can help you further as I don't have the add-ons you refer to, but it is of some concern that so many of their sceneries seem to encounter this issue and I am wondering whether it is so difficult to deal with because they are not created in the typical way. John
  21. Gavin - you might find reading the last few posts at Help with Imaginesim KEWR scenery! - The FS2004 (FS9) Forum - The AVSIM Community interesting. No answers to your issue, I'm afraid, just advice to not use the scenery! John
  22. Some anti-virus products "protect" directories in this way if they detect an issue. You can usually prove if this the case by taking your computer off-line and "white-listing" the directory concerned. If this resolves the issue, I would recommend tracing the issue through the logs rather than just leaving it vulnerable to issues. If you believe it is identifying a "false-positive", all respectable anti-virus software provides a method of sending them the file to be checked and cleared from their detection. John
  23. Er, am I allowed to correct you on that without looking stupid? 🙂 Lower left on the page, link marked "Contact" J
  24. Apologies - brain now in gear. The manual does not give that information, but I have been using it back to Windows 7, currently Windows 10. If you want to be sure, I suggest you ask at the developer's site: Welcome to PILOT'S! (pilots.shop) Hope that helps, John
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