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  1. John Hinson

    Ai parking same spot

    Well, I'm only telling you how Flight Simulator works, Hans. My personal choice is to not "take a sledgehammer to crack a nut" but to work within Microsoft's parameters.. Yes, Flight Simulator can crash if it is trying to place AI at what it sees as two airports with the same code (where AFDs have differing co-ordinates) but aside of that I can't see any other issues. If they share the same co-ordinates, Flight Simulator will only use the one at the highest lever so I can't see how this can possibly be the cause of apparent duplicate parking positions. Best wishes, John
  2. John Hinson

    Ai parking same spot

    You can have as many AFD files as you like for one airport in different scenery layers, the only time they cause crashes is if the airport co-ordinates differ in the AFD files (its OK to differ with the APxxx files, although I have never understood why so many developers do so instead of taking the default setting). Like other scenery items, FS9 simply reads the last to load if the co-ordinates are the same. John
  3. John Hinson

    Flightplans File Question

    Small differences shouldn't matter. John
  4. John Hinson

    why sbow?

    I don't see a "picture below" for some reason but I am going to guess you are using FS2004's default weather. Take a look through this and other forums and you will see that a lot of people are experiencing weather stuck in time for wintery conditions in the Northern Hemisphere. Word is that the Microsoft weather for both FS2004 and FSX is discontinued. The many other threads on the subject suggest alternative weather services but we do have to accept this game is a bit dated now and none of the alternatives are likely to last for ever. John
  5. John Hinson

    AI aircraft

    What makes it happen are inappropriate flight dynamics. Not a Lockheed Electra by any chance. That's the only one I recall having that problem with. But if you are using a non-AI aircraft as AI it could be another. The solution is to use flight dynamics from an AI aircraft known to work OK that has a similar performance. John
  6. John Hinson

    MAIW new military AI

    Ha ha, not wishing to malign the content of this thread in any way for it all sounds great stuff but "realistic to be buzzed by an F-16 occasionally"? Nah, not in the real world - unless you re-tune the radio incorrectly and lose contact and then they definitely send the boys out to greet you. But that is extremely rare. I get the impression they use their own separate airspace although FS, of course, makes no effort to keep us civvies out of that . . . another tap on the shoulder from your airline's disciplinary panel, methinks. So yes, you will definitely see them at joint airports but in practice rarely elsewhere, I think. Best regards, John
  7. John Hinson

    REX forward ports for downloading real weather?

    But you haven't told the full story. The REX product for FS9 has been withdrawn. Also, the FSRealFX web site at continues to say: "The shop and sale of FSrealWX is temporarily closed. We are preparing for the release and sale of FSrealWXv3." So it seems the only FS9 product available at present for FS9 is FS Global - at John
  8. John Hinson

    Afcad question. (Cargo planes at gates)

    There are lots of possible reasons. First, check if all cargo stands are full. If not, then check that sufficient stands are identified as FDX, shown as "Parking" and not "Gate" and that your Fedex aircraft have "atc_parking_codes=FDX" in the aircraft.cfg file. John
  9. John Hinson

    Airspeed suddenly goes to zero inflight

    If you used have an add-on weather programme it may have added icing issues in the FS9.CFG file, and possibly even left them there after de-installation. I had exactly that problem once and although I couldn't identify exactly what was wrong in that file, deleting it and automatically re-creating it resolved the problem. Of course, doing that will neutralise a lot of your other settings so keep a backup so you can copy sections across. John
  10. John Hinson

    FS Navigator?

    I'm sorry to say that's another "non-fact" on that website you are quoting. What actually happened at the time was that it suddenly became impossible to register the software and nobody knew why. Track back a long way on various forums and you will find lots of discussion about it and lots of "informed" reasons - the most extreme of which was that Helge had died in a motor-cycle accident which was plain cruel. Some thoughts to ponder - if a new version had been produced that didn't require registration it wouldn't be called v4.70 (unless it was a dodgy hack). And if Helge wanted to make it free, surely he would have just published a universal registration code on his web site for all to use - that would have been so much easier than spending time modifying the software. But why would he do either if he wanted everybody to move on to FSX? I don't see any other sites offering v4.70 claiming the same freedom from registration, and there are a few out there. I have no personal stake in this other than presenting the situation as I see it. You are entitled to believe whatever you wish. John
  11. John Hinson

    FS Navigator?

    That article links to the same site mentioned before. If the ONE person in that thread who claims it works without limit is telling the truth (how can we be sure?) then as I said before, it is an illegally hacked copy. Most comments in that discussion are that it does not. Let me quote the email I had from the developer on 28/1/16 when I contacted him about this: ======== John Hinson has asked me for an opinion on this subject. I am Helge Schroeder, the developer and owner of FSNavigator and FSTramp. Social networks or forums I usually stay away, so this is an exception. FSNavigator is not freeware, and in the future it will not freeware. The results from the license terms and even today it is my opinion. Sticking to FS2004 has the flight simulation very hurt and I do not support this. License key for FSNav for FS2004 are therefore neither given away nor sold by me. The flight simulation lies on the ground, compared to 2005. I can not support the causes. ======= Best Regards, Helge Schroeder Team FSTramp I do not necessarily agree with his reasons but I certainly respect his rights. FSTramp is of course the FSX equivalent of FS Navigator I mentioned earlier. John
  12. John Hinson

    FS Navigator?

    Thanks. A more-than misleading site then, raising people's hopes of a freeby only for them to be later disappointed to find it unusable. The problem is that you can no longer pay to register which means that it is only of use to those who have already registered. Hence my comment that I hope Brian still has his registration information. Best regards, John
  13. John Hinson

    FS Navigator?

    If the comment on that web site "a version that does not require registration" is true it is an illegal and hacked copy. There are many other untruths on that page, such as "there is nothing to compare with it for FSX" because the same developer has produced one although development is ongoing. That is the reason why (much to everybody's disappointment, the FS9 software was discontinued. The developer has confirmed there are no "free to use" versions of FSNavigator other than an occasional randomly generated free registration which was offered at the time as an incentive. Hopefully Brian still has his original registration information. Here is a link to v4.7: John
  14. John Hinson

    AFS2004 and AFCAD

    I have never come across anything it can't. I suggest you try ADE first as it is free - if you find it over-complicated then AFX is for you. It is a shame you can't download a trial version as I am sure most people don't realise easy it is to work with. (Or are too mean to open their wallets!). John
  15. John Hinson

    AFS2004 and AFCAD

    That's not at all true as far as AFX is concerned. It will warn you of that possibility and give you the opportunity to save the file in a manner that will not affect any features it doesn't deal with itself without losing them. I would say AFX would be good for this kind of thing as it does it just like you would be used to doing with AFCAD2. You would barely notice the difference. My own view is that ADE is more suited to greater projects, such as remodelling whole airports. It is ideal if you want to place buildings etc. It will also do the little jobs of course, but its a more long-winded process. John