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  1. It doesn't. John Edit . . . sorry - we posted simultaneously. J
  2. There are lots of references to DCOM errors on the internet if you use a search engine. I cannot vouch for it, but this one seems one of the most helpful: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows10/comments/409a4a/problem_solver_slow_cpu_and_no_indication_as_to/ Beware the sites that offer a quick fix by downloading their software. John
  3. I read it in the FS9 forums! 🙂 There doesn't seem to be any problem watching them at airports. AI traffic is just an illusion. I don't claim to understand AI perfectly, but I think that sometimes the aircraft that arrives at the destination is not the same one that actually sets off from the start. (You can actually see this happen using FS Tramp). Of course there is the factor that traffic only exists within a certain range of the player aircraft but I think there is more to it than that. I have certainly occasionally known aircraft on a similar route to me to be present at departure, then vanish en-route, and then re-appear towards the destination airport. My guess is that when being chased, they don't disappear when they otherwise would, but don't know what to do or where to go. An illusion is good enough for me! Best regards, John
  4. I am pretty new to FSX but have been playing with FS9 long enough to recognise this issue and I doubt there is any change with the way FSX works. AI planes do not like being chased! Leave them alone and they will do what they should. If you want to confirm the flight plan works, sit at the destination airport and wait for them to roll in. They will. John
  5. Just to confirm I have heard from MAAM-SIM today and have been able to download the aircraft. In case anybody else wonders about how it is delivered, a 72-hour link comes by email. John
  6. Thanks. I don't live in that country, though, so a call would be expensive. I will try other avenues first. John
  7. Does anybody on hgere know how to download purchases from MAAM-SIM? I made a purchase two days ago which was shown as only availablke by digital download. But there were no instructions on how to downlad, I have received no emails from them and I have tried to contact them three times through their enquiry form but these seem to be being ignored. If I have to, I will get my bank to retrieve the money paid by card but I would obviously rather prefer to get what I have bought. John
  8. Generally speaking, the black screen indicates a more fundamental issue than specifically Flight Simulator, even if it is only occurrng with the one piece of software. It could be a graphics incompatibility of some sort.. It may be worth checking all your drivers are up to date - or if one has recently updated try rolling back to the previous version. It could indeed be an automatic update that has started this issue. John
  9. You are assuming that is the problem without any evidence. When Flight Simulator crashes, Windows usually puts up a box that tells you "xxxx has stopped working" or similar, according the the version of Windows. Don't ignore it. That window will usually have an option in small print for more information. That should show you what DLL has caused the problem. Cross-refer that to my site at https://www.adventure-unlimited.org/faultfinding.php and you may find the cause and solution is quite different. John
  10. Install in its own directory - outside Flight Simulator. You should have just two files in there: MSVBVM60.DLL sync.exe Run sync.exe after starting your flight. Click on the Sync button when you are ready. John
  11. Flight Simulator 2004 has huge abilities these days with modern computers which are far more pwerful than what existed in the days when it was first released. You can use most non-AI aircraft for AI if you don't overdo it. Be aware, though, that advanced models may have performance features that are incompatible. I have seen the odd aircraft that won't take off but continues in a straight line across the ground at the end of the runway, and indeed ones in the air that just won't turn in accordance with the controller's instructions and keep getting repeated instructions to change course. Both can probably be fixed by exchanging the air files, or certain content of the aircraft.cfg with an aircraft that flies properly. The answer on behaviour is to try it and see for yourself. John
  12. Intellectuial property and all that. John
  13. Sweet and simple: F S Time Stnch https://github.com/mastertheknife/FSTimeSync John
  14. No need to beg for illegally shared files. Available here: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/content.php?93-Must-Have-Files John
  15. I can't help directly with the problem but I can confirm that all works correctly for me with Internet Explorer 11 as the only version of IE installed (and not my default browser) - so that can be ruled out as the direct cause of the issue. John
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