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First, a few usefull ressources :
Outerra wiki, a good start if you want to learn more about it
Outerra users mods subforum
OuterraMods, a nice database of mods (not all of them are listed)


Let's start with some awesomeness : Outerra has currently no MFD or dynamic textures support. But we do have Uriah (devellopping the AeroKinetics mod), and Uriah is crazy.
So he came up with his own solution to display dynamic data on texture, using meshes and hide/show scripts reading JBSIM data.

Without render to texture, I had to make multiple meshes per number/letter to be displayed. Each mesh has a different material/texture applied to it and all the meshes are hidden by the script except the one matching the current alphanumeric value of the variable. If you just need to display numbers, each digit requires ten meshes, with materials for numbers 0 through 9. If you need to display just letters, each requires 26 meshes, A through Z. If you need it to display numbers and letters, 36 meshes, 0-9, A-Z, and symbols, etc. This method can be used for more advanced display elements, such as a Heading Indicator (horizontal compass), or Attitude Indicator. The complexity is greater because the hide/show logic needs to account for X, Y, Z rotation/translation coordinates, and hide elements as they move "off screen". I already have a working Heading Indicator, but it has a few bugs that needs to be fixed.

Forum post here
He is working with Levi to add this feature in his upcoming F-117 port  :yahoo:

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Uriah, going crazy... again :lol:



Current Upgrades include; landings lights, cockpit lights, navigation lights and engine glow, as well as automatic drogue parachute which pulls open the main braking parachute.

The lights are placed according to reference images, but since I cannot determine exactly what Mig-29 variant this is, I included all of the navigation lights for a number of variants to display the potential of the new Outerra lighting system.

 Also, I wrote a script, which should change the color of the engine glow from orange to blue as the speed increases, but I am unable to update the color change. I tried including the lights in both the initialize section and the update section, and neither were effective, however the lights worked in both sections. Of course the Light Switches must always remain in the update section, and you can modify them to work with key controls, I don't know how to map the controls to the switches yet. It would be great if we could update the light parameters. If this is possible I can make strobe lights, color changing lights, etc.

Research of the Mig-29's braking parachute system provided accurate date for the FDM. The main parachute is deployed by the small drogue (auxiliary) parachute. It is setup for the chutes to deploy automatically, IF the wheels touch down, AND the throttle is zero AND you are above a specified velocity. This prevents deployment during taxi and takeoff (Levi's idea!). The drogue chute is deployed IF there is more than 0.1 ft of compression on either of the rear landing gear shocks, AND the throttle is zero, AND the velocity is above 100 kts. The main braking chute is deployed IF the drogue chute is deployed, AND the front landing gear is compressed, AND the velocity is above 15 kts, AND the throttle is zero. IF the throttle is NOT zero, OR velocity is less than 15 kts, both parachute-reef_norms are set to zero.





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That bird looks absolutely amazing, Outerra is really starting so shine! Thanks for the updates HiFlyer and Acetone  :smile:

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Levis newest release!!!  :lol:





[Release] F-117A Nighthawk
WikipediaThe Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk is a single-seat, twin-engine stealth ground-attack aircraft formerly operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) developed from the Have Blue technology demonstrator and produced by Lockheed's Skunk Works. It is the first operational aircraft to be designed around stealth technology.
Download v1.0
(February 24, 2015)


This is an unofficial conversion for the F-117A Nighthawk from AlphaSim/Virtavia. The conversion is done withPhil Perrott's Permission at

Version 1.0 released on February 24, 2015

- The code that display digits on the panels is an improved version of Uriah's code (thank you for providing it). It's now shorter and much easier to add new numbers.
- New and better technique for making complex animations, such as the landing gear retraction, using axis integrators.
- Most of cockpit stuff such as buttons, switches, etc are completely remodeled, and other parts have been corrected and optimized.
- Number of textures have been drastically reduced from about 260, down to 28 (without gauges, which are 25 textures). 

Some features:
- Four versions:
    Black                  | Carries two GBU-10 bombs.
    Camo                  | Carries two GBU-31 bombs.
    Grey                   | Carries two GBU-10 bombs.
    StarsAndStripes    | No weapons.

- Up to eight different camera positions (use 'V' key).
- Avionics:
    Radar Altimeter + red light on, when altitude above ground level is below 100 ft.
    RMI (Radio Magnetic Indicator).
    Drift Angle Indicator.
    Angle of attack (AoA) Indicator.
    GForce Indicator.
    Airspeed Indicator.
    Vertical Speed Indicator.
    Left MFD display - ADI data:
        Heading rose + digits.
    Right MFD display - ENG data:
        Throttle position.
        N1% (left & right engine) displayed in digits and bars.
        N2% (left & right engine) displayed in digits and bars.
    Engine panel:
        N1% (left & right engine) displayed in digits.
        N2% (left & right engine) displayed in digits.
    Fuel quantity panel:
        Total fuel displayed with a needle + digits.
        Left & Right tank displayed in digits (This needs some changes though. There are 3 tanks in FDM, but the digits only shows the content in the left tank)

- Lighting System:
  Note: You can turn most of the lights Off by editing the script (ALT+E). The Control panel for lights is located at the top of the script.
        Landing & Taxi Lights | Turned on only when gears are extended.
        Rotary Beacon Light   | Turned on only when gears are extended.
        Navigation Lights.
        Nav GPS blue light on.
        Ambient green light.
        Instrumentation/panels/gauges lights.
        Canopy light.
        Landing gear position lights | each light corresponds to the actual gear position.
        Warning lights based on AoA and Overspeed(more than 536.177 knots).
        Chute deployment && Jett. lights.

- Fully animated Landing Gear (locked when the aircraft is on the ground).
- The maximum steering angle on the nose gear changes dynamically based on the aircraft's velocity.
    This allows you to make sharp turns (87 degrees) at low speeds (very useful when taxiing).
    At high speeds, this allows you to make precise corrections when taking off/landing, due to the limited steering angle.

- Animated Flight Control Surfaces.
- Animated Cowl Flaps (closed at speeds above 40 knots).
- Extendable weapon racks (use 'FLAPS' key).
- Working Drag Chute | FDM + deploy and wind (a fake and random one) animation. It deploys when all wheels on ground, throttle <= 10% and speed >= 50 knots.
- Animated Cockpit Controls:
    Rudder Pedals.
    Throttle lever.
    Gears lever.
- Extendable Tailhook (waiting for extended keyboard functionality).
- Animated canopy + it's handle + shade flaps (opens when the speed is less than 0.5 knots, and brakes are applied.)
- Sounds:
    5 samples for each engine (when outside the cockpit).
    4 samples for each engine (when inside the cockpit).
    Cockpit electrical[?].
    Gears (retract/extend).
    Touch & Roll | a sound event for each wheel.

Release Video:


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[WIP] Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor


Picture posted by Uriah509 with the teaser "Coming soon"


Since he's instrumental to the tech, I'm going to assume we are going to see further development of glass cockpits for Outerra..........  ^_^



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