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Orbx in the scenry configurator

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I have all the north american regions plus global, vector and Europe LC and many of their airports. Would it be ok if I unchecked the ORBX Airports that I'm not using and maybe England ? Or does it tend to mess them up ?I would keep Global and Vector always checked.

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I do that when flying for example using UK2000 specific airports as it(my Orbx sceneries) leads to OOMs in not taken out(i.e. unchecked).

Rick Almeida

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If you use SIMStarter you can create scenery sets that do just that.  You could, for example, have a UK2000 set and and Orbx set and many combinations thereof.  Then you just select the set(s) you want to fly with and woooooosh....you're off!

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I have multiple ORBX products and if I have them all activated at the same time I use to have continuos OOM (Out of Memory) problems with complex aircrafts (A2A, Flight1 B200.....)


The only solution I have found is to deactivate all the scenery I do not use on that very flight and for this I use the nice Scenery configurator program.


I have several FTX regions plus Global and vector. Usually I fly on one or two of the FTX regions in North America and have the Global deactivated.


I have a doubt with some files I am not sure if I need them to fly for instance on the Pacific Northwest Or Rockie Mountains. Those are:





Apparently having then activated or not does not change anything if I am flying in one of the regions for instance the Rockie Mountains.


Since I want to reduce to the maximum the number of files activated in order to avoid the dreaded OOM error, I would like to know if those scenery files are really needed and part of the FTX North America regions or just part of the FTX Global.


Thanks in advance.

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Just make sure that before you start disabling ORBX scenery, that you have FTX Central V2 opened first and you have selected the scenery you will be flying in.  There is a detailed PDF guide to how ORBX scenery works and how ti set everything up prior to your flight. I've been hearing a lot  of chatter lately about the usage of third party scenery configurators, which is fine as long as you set your scenery in FTXC2 first or you may have some issues in sim.



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As I understand it, the FTX `underlay` (Texture/Vector/LC) is activated by Central V2. But airports installed as separate standalone items so will remain active in the scenery .cfg unless you deactivate them, regardless of the FTX Central V2 setting (so your UK airports will still be active whether you have Europe or Global `live` according to Central). 


If that is the case (and I haven't had cause to experiment as I just don't install airports for areas I don't fly in) then I think that manually editing the scenery .cfg to switch off those addon airports might be a good idea. But as Jim says your priority should always be to set FTX Central V2 first, as I've no idea what a mistaken out-of-phase scenery .cfg might do.


As the scenery .cfg mods can be made `on the fly` in the sim with a simple rebuild, the obvious first step is to try it. Load the sim, access the menu, uncheck the addon airfields then teleport to one of them, on the active runway while the sim is running. If you have no issues and its' clearly the default then `Robert is your mothers cousin`, as we say here in the UK (Bob's your uncle`). Then you can use the selective scenery .cfg tools to your hearts content. :dance:


Do report back on your findings  :smile:

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